Hybrid App Development Using RAD Tools A Buzzword For Enterprises


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Enterprises are looking to leverage mobile applications across multiple platforms in order to address the need for mobile applications. Appealed by the value added features of Hybrid Architecture, enterprises are racing ahead to gain the most out of this trend. Hybrid Architecture supports Rapid Application Development and portability of HTML5 Web apps with a native container (which facilitates access to native device features).

Gartner says that a major growth driver for all mobile application development platforms is the need for speedy application development and short update cycles which organizations are fighting to get aligned with their digital business plans. Hence, hybrid app development is not only concerned with offering a standard way of mobilizing web apps but it also fosters innovation and creating difference by leveraging APIs for device capabilities like the accelerometer, camera and other systems. Hence, analysts and hybrid mobile apps supporters see a strong trend towards hybrid app development becoming the norm.

Rapid Application Development

Business always demands new and rapid application development process but IT is unable to deliver them. Many custom development projects are unable to keep pace with growing needs. Hence, rapid application development is quickly becoming a necessity.

RAD is well suited for delivering systems with differentiation and innovation. Staying ahead with current market scenarios, Rapid Application Development projects demands a greater level of business involvement. RAD fosters using a methodology to build new applications quickly and emphasizes in releasing frequent prototypes.

Rapid application development tools improve speed and agility of IT teams hence enhances productivity and improves project outcomes. RAD enables IT teams to deliver in days and weeks instead of months and years, therefore, enterprises are trending more towards RAD.

* Reduction of Risks – Quick work allows business to review functionality earlier in the application lifecycle. This helps in avoiding reworking up to greater extent and on time completion of projects.
* Improved Quality – As requirements can be validated based on user feedback, the testing throughout the project lifecycle improves software quality
* Faster time to market – Availability of faster production-ready apps means that it’s going to benefit businesses exponentially.

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Hybrid App Development Using RAD Tools A Buzzword For Enterprises

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