Algodon wine estates a new experience


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Imagine playing golf on a beautifully sculpted golf course, touring a producing wine vineyard and learning to cook delicious Argentinean meals, all at the same place. Now envision being able to own a part of these surroundings.

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Algodon wine estates a new experience

  1. 1. Algodon Wine Estates: A New ExperienceIn San Rafael Mendoza HotelImagine playing golf on a beautifully sculpted golf course, touring aproducing wine vineyard and learning to cook delicious Argentineanmeals, all at the same place. Now envision being able to own a part ofthese surroundings. Welcome to Algodon Wine Estates.Algodon Mendoza Golf Resort is an upscale, luxurious experience forthe tourist and local alike. Nestled in a valley of the majestic Andesmountain range, outside of San Rafael Mendoza Hotel Argentina, it is aplace that brings elegance, sport and divine cuisine together in onelocation, year round. Email: Website:
  2. 2. Algodon Wine Estates: A New ExperienceIn San Rafael Mendoza HotelThe fusion was created by owner Ricardo Jurado, a native Argentineanwhose family history is interlaced with professional golf. Both hisgrandfather and father were golf pros; his grandfather made historylosing to Tommy Armour at the British Open in Carnoustie in 1931. Hisancestry helped Ricardo to recognize a missing niche in the San Rafaelregion and decided to combine two of my passions, golf and wine. Aswe were related with the golf world, we thought golfers would love toknow San Rafael and would enjoying coming incontact with the wine world.”Mendoza is the Spanish word forcotton. Ricardo’s idea for the name came fromthe qualities of material; the pureness of thecotton is transferable to our style of life, withsimplicity and sophistication. Algodon means tolive intensely, looking for the best in the pastand future, while living in a deep and respectfulpresent.To live 100%”These ideals are present in the vibe of the resort. When creating thebusiness, Ricardo involved the people that had been living on the land,offering them caretaking positions and homes. Showing respect to theinhabitants of the area has proven wise. The caretakers have put theirheart and back into the once arid landscape to create a thrivingvineyard.The soil now supports nine different varieties of grapes. Thesegrapes yield the delectable wines produced on the property bodegaand served at the upscale resort restaurant.The savory wines are just one aspect of the luxuries offered atAlgodon. The current Mendoza Golf course offers golf lessons and a proshop. The house chef and lodge manager, Diego Coll Benegas, offers atraditional Argentine cooking class that intertwines creative design and Email: Website:
  3. 3. Algodon Wine Estates: A New ExperienceIn San Rafael Mendoza Hoteltime-honored cooking methods, such as barbecuing with a wood fire.Tours and excursions of the area are offered to guests. For entertainment, there is a monthly golf tournament combined with live music and an art gallery. To help entice the traveler, they offer a fifth night free to visitors staying in the newly remodeled lodge. Algodon also has impressive plans for the future. There are currently five new suites being added to the rustic lodge. In March, further expansion plans will come into effect with an additional nine holes being added to the existing golf course.Two Polo courts and eight tennis courts are also being constructed onthe property. In the not-so-distant future there are plans for an 18-holecontinuation of the golf course, which will make it the second 36-holegolf course in the nation.One other aspect that is being added this year to the Algodon Resortthat is unique is the ability to buy in. The Real Estate Argentina allowsthe wine connoisseur or average Joe to become part of a profitable,transparent business. Algodon will be offering individual lots and otherproducing vineyards.The administration is also available for propertymanagement for the absentee owner. Ricardo’s belief is that theindividual lots and farms will show what it means to live theArgentinean lifestyle, combining major sports and the enjoyableproduction of wine, fruits and olive oil.Algodon is a rare find for the tourist and a unique opportunity for aninvestor. Ricardo’s ability to combine the pleasures of golf, wine and Email: Website:
  4. 4. Algodon Wine Estates: A New ExperienceIn San Rafael Mendoza Hotelbeautiful scenery is a concept ahead of its time and just might be thefuture of luxury in Argentina.Quick Info about Algodon San Rafael Hotel: 1. Price per room US$150, for two people 2. Low season is June, July and August 3. There are three suites available and five more currently being constructed 4. Located two hours from Las Leñas, twenty minutes from San Rafael 5. The Valle Grande and Canyon Atuel are located twenty minutes from the resort 6. Horseback rides, trekking and neighboring vineyard tours are offered 7. The variety of wines available include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Sirah, and Bonarda for reds and Semillon, Chardonnay, Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc for whites.For more details about Algodon Wine Estates: A New Experience In SanRafael Mendoza Hotel visit here Email: Website: