Lorenzo saucepan pp original corregido


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Lorenzo saucepan pp original corregido

  1. 1. Lorenzo always is dragging a saucepan. The saucepan fell over one day.
  2. 2. He doesn’t really know why. Because of this saucepan, Lorenzo is not quite like the others.
  3. 3. He needs a lot of affection. Sometimes it’s almost annoying. Lorenzo is very sensitive.
  4. 4. and has a great artistic sense. He loves listening to music
  5. 5. He has a lot of qualities. But often people only see that saucepan trailing everywhere.
  6. 6. And people find it weird... even a little disturbing.
  7. 7. Besides his saucepan makes l difficult his life. The saucepan get struck everywhere...
  8. 8. and prevents progress. Few people realize that Lorenzo
  9. 9. has make twice the effort than others to arrive. And when he fails, he gets terribly angry.
  10. 10. And then screams or swears,
  11. 11. or sometimes even hits... and of course punish him.
  12. 12. Lorenzo would like to get rid of that saucepan... but that’s impossible.
  13. 13. The saucepan is there, and that is hopeless. One day, he is so sick that decides to hide.
  14. 14. Gradually, people forget about Lorenzo... And don’t ask To think of it this way, things anything or ignore him. will be easier.
  15. 15. But things are not so simple, fortunately. There are extraordinary people
  16. 16. to regain removing the saucepan from the head.
  17. 17. She taught to smarten up his saucepan. She shows his strengths.
  18. 18. She helps him express his She thinks he is very talented. fears.
  19. 19. Lorenzo returns to be cheerful. She makes him a bag for his saucepan.
  20. 20. And then separated. The saucepan is still, but is more discreet.
  21. 21. and all, no stalls and everywhere! Finally, Lorenzo is playing with others.
  22. 22. Now others will find a lot of qualities. However...
  23. 23. Lorenzo remains the same.
  24. 24. This is a short story with a great message. In it, through a simple metaphor, will reveal some important aspects of people’s lives: the value of all of the above conditions and capabilities, they all have their strengths, and with the right support we can all improve our lives. So from here I invite to be a one of those extraordinary people who appreciate all “LORENZOS” dragging a saucepan over the world.
  25. 25. HOW IS LORENZO? How is Lorenzo? Lorenzo is sad.
  26. 26. How is Lorenzo? Lorenzo is angry.
  27. 27. How is Lorenzo? Lorenzo is happy.
  28. 28. Why is Lorenzo happy?
  29. 29. Why is Lorenzo angry?
  30. 30. Why is Lorenzo sad?
  31. 31. How are you? Have you ever felt like Lorenzo? Why? Who helped you? How did he/she help you?
  32. 32. How are your friends? You know someone who needs help as Lorenzo? What's the problem? How would you help?