Experience buenos aires bygone era at algodon mansion


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If you want to step back in time and experience a sophisticated slice of the Argentinean life, a part of Buenos Aires bygone era, simply slip in to the regal neighborhood of Recoleta.

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Experience buenos aires bygone era at algodon mansion

  1. 1. Experience Buenos Aires Bygone Era at Algodon MansionIf you want to step back in time and experience a sophisticated slice of theArgentinean life, a part of Buenos Aires bygone era, simply slip in to theregal neighborhood of Recoleta. The largely residential neighborhood hitits stride at the end of the 19th century and in to the roar of the 1920s whenthe architectural boom caused the construction of a number of chateau-likeresidences built that were reminiscent of those in the Loire valley inFrance. Everything from fixtures to chandeliers, lamps and mirrors werebrought over from Europe to meticulously authenticate the look of thatEuropean lifestyle.Today the largely residential neighborhood is peppered with classic oldschool coffee shops that provide windows in to today’s local lure. Peoplevie for just the right table, then gather for hours over very expensive cups Email: gbeck@algodonmansion.com Website: http://www.algodonmansion.com/
  2. 2. Experience Buenos Aires Bygone Era at Algodon Mansionof coffee and animated conversation. Tourists tend to soak in the localambiance en route to one of Buenos Aires most visited spots, the iconicRecoleta cemetery where their own Eva Peron was buried.The French classically designed Algodon Mansion building is a wellnoted landmark building in Recoleta dating back to 1912. It was recentlyre-imagined and redesigned to be in step with this chic and contemporarytime. Each of the unique suites comes with its own private butler on callfor 24/7 attentive service. Some come with a fireplace and all are equippedwith Italian Calcatta marble and French limestone in the lavishly designedbathrooms. Be prepared to be properly spoiled.If you like more than a room of one’s, perhaps a suite of ones own or evena mansion to yourself, you are in luck. Algodon can be rented in itsentirety. You can have the mansion and the exquisite staff all to yourself,which many a famous face has done. No names are mentioned, but bighint, many of them sing…in front of very large crowds. Email: gbeck@algodonmansion.com Website: http://www.algodonmansion.com/
  3. 3. Experience Buenos Aires Bygone Era at Algodon MansionThe Algodon’s Cognac Bar is frequented by jet-set guests and luxe localsalike who go to see, be seen and served by celebrity mixologist Ines delosSantos. All the tip-top cognacs are available as is a unique wine list thatexemplifies the Argentinean wine portfolio, including award-winingvintages from their very own Algodon Wine Estates in the nearby region ofMendoza.If looking to experience Santo’s famous sips, go for the signature tipple,the Algodon Manhattan made with Dewar’s, Johnnie Walker DoubleBlack, Pacharan and Algodon’s own house bitters. For a bit of bubbles optfor their Exotic Free Bellini made with sparkling wine and exotic fruits,locally sourced from their farmers market. For an American nod, the RoyalKentucky made with Jim Beam Bourbon, ginger and lime and sparklingAlma 4 Chardonnay is just the winter ticket.Chez Nous’s restaurant is overseen by Chef de Cuisine is Hernan Gricciniwho reinterprets traditional Argentinean dishes with a French twist. Heutilizes the freshest ingredients acquired locally, including estate-cultivatedfruit, vegetables, olive oil, and other essentials from their plantation atAlgodon Wine Estates, in San Rafael, Mendoza. Email: gbeck@algodonmansion.com Website: http://www.algodonmansion.com/
  4. 4. Experience Buenos Aires Bygone Era at Algodon MansionIf you find that you are still dragging your jetlag through Algodon’s doors,slip in to their Spa on the rooftop for a quick fix. You will feel you have itand the staff all to yourself. You just might.Be sure to indulge in their signature services and their signature skin lineCL45, which is simply divine. Your skin will look so youthful and dewyand the nap taken throughout the relaxing facial will you have ready toface the sleek and chic soaking up the rsun and ambiance at the rooftopsDavidoff lounge.In true cinematic style, the Hollywood penthouse like pool party will befilled with all the beautiful people of Buenos Aires. Now that you have hadthat fresh facial you are ready for your close up. So, strike that pose.For More Details about Algodon mansionVisit Here http://www.algodonmansion.com/ Email: gbeck@algodonmansion.com Website: http://www.algodonmansion.com/