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  • 1. NETWORKING 01:00 PM Mrs Syed Nasir give us a short briefing on networking 01:20 PM Tutorial leader CP3T18 Timothy Lampung asked us to decided who will be doing wiring and searching for tutorial of networking 01:30 PM Four laptop have been used to doing set up Four student choosen as wiring ( Timothy Lampung,Evan Ang,Uzaida,Jeremy) Others was searching for tutorial
  • 2. 01:35 PM The four laptop was try to connect at the access point Student that use Premium,Ultimate,Professional,Starter and home basic does not used 01:40 PM One student from CP3T17 make a list the window’s that student used The wire was not arrange properly,so Mrs Syed Nasir told us to improve it
  • 3. 01:50 PM The four laptop still not connect 02:00 PM All student still struggling for connection because at first some student use windows 8 that will disturb the connection
  • 4. 02:05 PM One laptop is connected 02:10 PM One laptop is being changed with another student’s laptop 02:15 PM Only three laptop are connected
  • 5. 02:20 PM Administrator check every student’s laptop in the laboratory To make everybody connect one by one Administrator give us the password and teach how to connect 02:25 PM Only eleven laptop connected including the four laptop that connect to access point Other laptop failed to connect after many times tried
  • 6. 02:30 PM Student open the homegroup Start to share file with the homegroup Enjoying watching other files
  • 7. 02:40 PM  Conclusion, if windows 8 want to connect,it must be a leader