Cloud9 Company Overview


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  • How about we call this Cloud9 Enterprise Management SystemTake out the word reporting
  • Instead of run a report Collective Intelligence System
  • Need titles at top of form
  • Cloud9 Company Overview

    1. 1. Welcome to Cloud9
    2. 2. Portfolio Strategy
    3. 3. IntroductionWhat makes Cloud9 Remarkable ?In only 14 months……Completed Phase 1 of product development and secured 4,500 new Subscribed userswhich will be coming onto our new platformDeveloped Portfolio Strategy: We are not going to be yet another vertical application company. Going all around the world pitching a clinical HIS or PC app. eHealth market has become much more savvy and the expectations are massive and demand sophisticated solutions. At the same time, price points are lower.We have the luxury of say to ourselves “ if I could do it all over again, I would do it like this”Unique International Experience
    4. 4. Portfolio – Phase 1Development Background of Clarity a) We inherited an existing footprint in Primary Care (Monet) b) We would develop a new code base that gave us extended capability – with at least the same functionality as Monet c) Development of Practice Management & Patient Administration d) Development of Clinical e) Development of full PAS functionality
    5. 5. Portfolio – Phase 1Developed the Cloud9 Platform a) Security is handled at the center piece b) CDR c) Agree on format for data interoperability d) build EMPI services
    6. 6. Portfolio – Phase 1Developed the Synchronicity a) Cloud based integration platform b) Integration Event Processing, incorporating CEP c) Very high performance transaction processing
    7. 7. Portfolio – Phase 2• Looking into the next 12 months• Using the same proven formula, we’ll focus on extending our product portfolio further into the continuum – LIS – RIS – Pharmacy – Ambulance/ Mobile emergency – Telehealth and Air Ambulance
    8. 8. Portfolio – Phase 2• Timeframes for the development We are looking at a combination of development locations along with Sydney for 15 to 18 month development team.• Building the Support Delivery capabilities
    9. 9. SolutionsExisting situation • Complex product set • Difficult to explain succinctly
    10. 10. SolutionsThe way forward: 1. Refine our messages 1. Target Market segments – Enterprise – Regional Care – Systems Integrators 1. Execute our Go To Market Strategy
    11. 11. Solution Architecture
    12. 12. Portfolio StrategyBringing it all together - creating component based solutions • Central Reporting • Ambulance • Community Care • Health Assessments
    13. 13. User Login Cloud9 Enterprise Management System
    14. 14. Home Screen / Main Menu Cloud9 Enterprise Management System User Management Collective Intelligence System
    15. 15. User Management - User Registration Window User Management Current User Access Level Role ID Given Name Surname Role Access Level Last LogonValues:Access Level: 0 – 5Role: Administrator Executive Business Manager Payroll Officer
    16. 16. Collective Intelligence / Select Sources & Query Cloud9 Enterprise Management System Site: Report:  Aged Debtors Report (Detailed) Central  Aged Debtors Report (Summary) Central  Aged Payments Site Report  Applied Prepayment Report Central  Bank Deposit Slip Central  Banking Variance Central  Clinician Billings Month End by Schedule Central  Clinician Disbursement Billings (Detailed) Central  Clinician Disbursement Billings (Summary) Central  Clinician Disbursement Receipts (Detailed) Central  Clinician Disbursement Receipts (Summary) Central  Items By Schedule Central  Kinetic Aged Disbursement Billings (Detailed) Central  Kinetic Aged Disbursement Billings (Summary) Central  Kinetic KPI Figures Central  Kinetic Medical Screener Incentive Report Central  Kinetic Patient Billing Report (Summary) Central  Kinetic Receipts (Detailed) Central  KPI Figures Central  Month End Billings by Doctor  New Patient Report Central  OH Receipts (Detailed) by Bank Account  Old Kinetic Clinician Disbursement Billings (Detailed)  Patient Billing Report (Summary) Central  Practice Income Billing Exception Report  Prepayments Received Report Central  Receipts (Detailed) Central  Receipts (Summary) Central  Reversed Receipts Central  Scanning and Results Status Report Single Site  Write Off Central  Kinetic Clinician Disbursement Summary (WA Cancel Select
    17. 17. Run a Report / Parameter Entry Cloud9 Enterprise Management System Enter Report Parameters: Clinician: All Clinicians Start Date 1/1/2011 End Date All Clinicians 31/12/2011 Cancel Run
    18. 18. Run a Report / Display Results Cloud9 Enterprise Management System Close Print Export