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How marketing is changing in the digital era, with perspectives on how consumers and buyers interact with brands,the shifting role of social media and some considerations for the future. As presented at Marketing Week Live in London in June 2014.

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  • Note: organic search not shown on chart as off the scale
    Org Search LTV +54%, CPC +37%..... Twitter -23%
  • e.g. Email on Acid gives previews in 81 devices/browsers
  • e.g. Email on Acid gives previews in 81 devices/browsers
  • 90% of commercial emails go to the ‘Promotions’ tab
  • >100k subscribers to, >100million emails diverted from Inboxes
  • Some debate that educating people is not worthwhile…
  • (it’s like Pinterest for your Inbox!) -> arguably, the image is now more important than the subject line!!!
    Infinite scrolling means people will scan through images and emails very speedily
    Join the field trial at
    (same grid now in use on Twitter new design pages)
  • Collect feedback on why people unsubscribed, promote social media presences, say thank you, be polite
  • Email Marketing

    1. 1. Cut Your Emails Through The Clutter with Allister Frost Course Director, CIM 13,201
    2. 2. Allister Frost
    3. 3. 1 Why Email? 2 Design for Success 3 New Considerations
    4. 4. Why Email?1
    6. 6. Why Email (Really!) Matters 3.6 billion email accounts (forecast to reach 4.3 billion by 2016) 66% of marketers say the ROI of email is ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ Sources: Econsultancy, Adestra Email (done well) is unobtrusive, easy to consume and allows asynchronous response Powerful, granular controls through ESPs Simple and affordable
    7. 7. Email Valued Through The Buying Process Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit, Mind The Marketing Gap Report 2013
    8. 8. Email: “Bringing in The Business Since 1971” Source: Custora analysis of 72 million people buying from 86 US retailers, Q2 2013 PLUS Customers acquired through email marketing have a lifetime value 12% higher than average
    9. 9. Why Email Still Works Wonders
    10. 10. Data source: Adestra Common Email Worries
    11. 11. Design for Success2
    12. 12. Customer Maximisation Through Email Product Delivery In-Use
    13. 13. Case Study: Microsoft Office Lifecycle Source: Adapted from ExactTarget Contact Strategy Presentation Welcome emails, new user off-limits to other marketing Supported by tailored ‘how to’ advice through first five months presented by Microsoft employees Targeted online ads encourage ongoing use RESULTS: Open rates 50% above avg CTR x22 63% video completion
    14. 14. Email Preview Tools Screenshot: Litmus Email Previews tool Your email service provider can verify that your email will render correctly on all common devices and browsers, check for code issues and give recommendations to help you prevent your email being caught in spam filters. Test drive an email rendering tool like (7 day free trial) Check Render and Spam
    15. 15. Email Preview Tools
    16. 16. Five Levels of Email Personalisation 1 None 2 Format 3 Salutation 4 Content 5 One-to-One Broadcast / spam Text / HTML Dear Kandi,… Tailored to preferences, interests, attitudes and behaviours Uniquely tailored, dynamic personal message
    17. 17. Creating Dynamic, Custom-Built Emails NAME EMAIL PET FOOD BRAND DISCOUNT Charlie Brown goodgrief@peanuts. com dog Pedigree 5 Dr. Claw m cat Iams 10 Jim Henson frog Reptil 15 Shaggy Rogers zoinks@scoobydoo. com dog Bakers 7 Walt Disney mouse FortiDiet 20 Mike Tyson m cat Iams 10 Data Email Template Image source:
    18. 18. New Considerations3
    19. 19. We Use Mobile When We Are Source: comScore, Mobile Future in Focus, August 2013 Share of Browser-Based Page Traffic by Hour by Platform
    20. 20. Email Clients Are Getting Smarter Screenshot: Gmail’s tabbed inbox Your goal should be to ensure your email is classified correctly by the recipient or automatically by their email client. If your emails deliver genuine value they are more likely to stay out of the junk or ‘read later’ pile. Stay in the right folder
    21. 21. Tools like Break The Rules Screenshot: subscription editor is a free email subscription manager that can collate all non- essential emails into a single, regular Rollup email and allows 1-click unsubscribe. It works with email clients including Gmail,, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail and iCloud. Try it free at Alternatives: Explore other clever email management apps like Unsubscriber at Email Management v2.0
    22. 22. How to Stay Out of the Promotions Folder* Create great content that recipients will be expecting Focus on the most engaged contacts and target intelligently Create an email series e.g. How to Save Money, Part 3 Send time-sensitive offers (or use other scarcity drivers) Educate recipients so they know how to keep receiving your emails * although staying in the Promotions folder might be better for you
    23. 23. Gmail’s New Grid View (in field trials) Screenshot: Gmail’s new grid view Join the field trial at Ensure your featured image is at least 580px x 400px, keep sender name short (<20 characters) and subject line brief (no more than 75 characters, but 28-39 is optimal). Use Google’s approved markup to specify which image should be featured or use your company logo or avatar from your G+ Page. How To Look Great In The Grid
    24. 24. Time of Open Personalisation Early bird offers Countdown clocks Day of Week offers Real-time stock levels Time of Day promotions Tailored to device in use Live A/B/C/D… testing of images Location aware, e.g. travel time to nearest store Latest social content from an account or hashtag News or weather contextualised recommendations
    25. 25. Which Channels Influence When? Cool Free Tool! The Customer Journey to Online Purchase customer-journey-to-online- purchase.html Learn how different digital channels influence buying behaviour. Filter data by Industry and Country (UK, USA, Brazil, France, Canada, Germany, Japan)
    26. 26. Consider this… Real permission is different from presumed or legalistic permission. Just because you somehow get my email address doesn't mean you have permission. Just because I don't complain doesn't mean you have permission. Just because it's in the fine print of your privacy policy doesn't mean it's permission either. Real permission works like this: if you stop showing up, people complain, they ask where you went.” “ Source: Seth Godin, Permission Marketing
    27. 27. Love Your Unsubscribers! People who pay no attention to your mails have no value to you… People who no longer want your mail would rather not receive it… People who never asked for your mail are never going to buy from you Make it really easy for anyone to unsubscribe, no barriers, just one- click, no fuss Actively encourage unsubscriptions, at least annually Use your unsubscribe confirmation page intelligently “ ”
    28. 28. Smart Campaign Scheduling Create a simple flow chart showing how one email contact point leads to another This flow defines your contact frequency and timing rules Develop this for every campaign, and overlay broader business campaigns to avoid conflicts WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 FIRSTEMAILSEND Open, click, subscribe Open, click Abandon subscribe Undelivers Non open EMAIL2–EXTRAINCENTIVE Open, click, subscribe Open, click Abandon subscribe RESEND Unsubs & Undelivers Non open EMAIL3–EXTRAINCENTIVE “LIMITEDAVAILABILITY” EMAIL5–LOYALTY EMAIL4–SURVEY DM TELE SALES Open, click, subscribe Open, click Abandon subscribe Unsubs & Undelivers EXAMPLE: RECRUITING NEWSLETTER SUBCRIBERS Source: Adapted from Smart Insights
    29. 29. The Future of Email Towards a Segment of One
    30. 30. Intellectual Property All training materials provided by CIM Learning and Development remain the intellectual property of The Chartered Institute of Marketing or its partners, who assert their right to worldwide copyright unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing. © Wild Orange Media Ltd and The Chartered Institute of Marketing 2014 If you have any questions arising from this talk, you can email me via: