CUST-12 What’s New in Share Extras


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Share Extras provides a collection of thirty popular add-ons for Alfresco Share, from custom dashlets to full-blown site pages. With Alfresco 4.0 marking a turning point in improving Share Extensibility, this presentation looks at what has been achieved over the last eighteen months and how the project is now moving forward, including a showcase of some exciting new Social add-ons.

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CUST-12 What’s New in Share Extras

  1. 1. Whatʼs New in Share Extras" Will Abson, Senior Solutions Engineer
 @wabson" Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer" @jeffpotts01"
  2. 2. What is Share Extras?"•  A collection of popular add-ons for Share 3.3+•  Not just dashlets! •  Admin Console Components" •  Document Library actions" •  Themes" •  Pages" •  and more"•  Easy-to-install JAR files
  3. 3. Motivations for Share Extras"•  Add additional capabilities •  ʻHole-fillersʼ" •  Demonstrate mash-up capabilities"•  Demonstrate best practice for developing, documenting and packaging extensions •  Using sample projects"•  Show how far Share can be pushed •  And discover itʼs limitations"
  4. 4. Where are we now?"•  1 year old!•  4 contributors •  Will Abson, Peter Löfgren, Florian Maul, Romain Guinot"•  37 add-ons, including •  3 sample projects"•  7,000 downloads •  Currently around 1k/month"•  Most initial goals have been met, for now
  5. 5. Where to next?"•  4.0 changes everything •  New opportunities for development" •  Some add-ons have been pushed upstream, others (partially) duplicated"•  Update of all relevant add-ons•  New features also planned•  Share Extras 2.0
  6. 6. Existing Add-ons"•  Almost all add-ons need some updates to work (best) with 4.0•  Changes may well break 3.3/3.4 compatibility•  1.0 branch will allow developers to maintain backwards compatibility
  7. 7. New Features / Roadmap"•  Social add-ons•  More Document Library actions•  Data List extensions•  More themes•  More page definitions•  First custom site component•  First language packs
  8. 8. Social Add-ons"•  Integrate to social providers via OAuth •  Yammer" •  Twitter" •  LinkedIn" •  Flickr"•  User-specific connections •  Complements 4.0 Social Publishing"
  9. 9. The OAuth “Dance”"
  10. 10. Demonstration"•  Yammer Dashlet plus DocLib action•  LinkedIn Dashlet•  Twitter Dashlet•  Language Packs
  11. 11. Document Library Actions"•  Demonstrate different types of action•  Test the limits of the new system•  Ideas?
  12. 12. Data Lists"•  Lots of interest in this area!•  Data list actions•  Import from CSV
  13. 13. Themes"•  Themes can now be site-specific!•  Existing OOTB themes are limited•  Ideas?
  14. 14. Pages and site components"•  Test out the new Extensibility features•  Make use of sample templates•  What are the limitations?
  15. 15. Other changes"•  Moving from Subversion to Git
  16. 16.