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What's new in alfresco 3.3
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What's new in alfresco 3.3


Introduction to Alfresco 3.3 presentation deck from Alfresco Software

Introduction to Alfresco 3.3 presentation deck from Alfresco Software

Published in Technology
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  • 1. What’s New in Alfresco 3.3 Paul Hampton Director of Product marketing Alfresco
  • 2. Enhancements in the Last Year Records Mgmt & Compliance IMAP & Email Mgmt Forms & New Metadata Greater Breadth in Share Support for Types and Aspects Portal Support & SSO Extranet, Group & User Mgmt In-line Editing
  • 3. Focus of Alfresco 3.3 Web Alfresco Content Integration Share Management 3
  • 4. Web Content Management ● New Alfresco Web Editor ● New content management and deployment options ● New Rendition API Web Content Management 4
  • 5. The Web Platform Vision Web Application CMIS, REST Alfresco Web Delivery Runtime Repository Deployment Alfresco Web Alfresco Web Alfresco Web Producer Editor Preview Alfresco Editorial Repository Work Packages, Renditions
  • 6. Content Services Platform for Web Applications ● Web Applications o Custom web applications, leading frameworks, Alfresco content feeds and services o Java – Spring / Surf o .NET, PHP, cloud – Alfresco services ● Straight Through Publishing o Bulk loading, small changes, quick deployment and runtime performance ● Intranet and Portals o Content-centric services to support collaboration, social context, records, search, etc. 6
  • 7. Alfresco Web Editor ● New in-context editing of web based content ● Allow ‘non-technical’ content authors to edit content from the website ● JavaScript Framework – Can be extended 7
  • 8. Sample Web Application Alfresco Editorial Web Browser Repository Header.html Greenenergy.jpg Nav.html Body.html Copyright.html User can edit here... ... Or here 8
  • 9. Component Management ● Can edit o Online o Download / Offline o Via CIFS (Network Drive)
  • 10. New – Inline Edit Alfresco Web Editor Framework Component Edit from Editing selection list
  • 11. Edit Content
  • 12. Toggle Content Markers Can toggle content markers
  • 13. Deployment and Formatting Transfer Service Rendition API ● Used to publish content to ● Allow for content delivery servers repurposing ● Publish to Alfresco DM ● Automated content/format runtime conversion for different delivery channels ● Maintains rich content structures, relationships ● Can string conversion steps for flexible content ● Configurable permissions manipulation ● Support dynamic content, ● Support for existing search and user developed Freemarker and XSLT content templates 13
  • 14. Alfresco Share ● Move from Collaborative tool to complete DM ● Repository wide access to content (both Repository and Share Sites) ● Multiple navigation options ● Comprehensive DM features ● Checkin, Checkout, Version Alfresco Control, Share ● Custom Types, Aspects and Metadata ● Full Permission Management 14
  • 15. Navigation ● Users can navigate by: o Documents filters o Repository folders o Document categories o Content tags 15
  • 16. Security Repository ● Added the ability to control permissions... o Within the Repository o AND Share Sites ● Provides a more granular security for project files ● New simple interface Share 16
  • 17. Manage Permissions
  • 18. Permissions Screen
  • 19. Turn Off Inheritance
  • 20. Select User
  • 21. Set Role
  • 22. Collaboration Lists ● Ability to track project ● Examples: based lists o Project Task Lists o Item Lists ● List types can be extended o List of Event o List of Locations ● Can page, sort and filter o Contact Lists list content o Issue Log 22
  • 23. Define New List
  • 24. Create an Item
  • 25. List View Multiple lists per project
  • 26. Rules and Actions ● New interface for ● Available for Share managing Rules and Sites and Repository Actions ● Used to automatically ● New Rule Library perform actions on o Manage Rules from one content location – update once o Transform o Reuse Rules across multiple o Move spaces o Copy ● Error handling o Notify ● Set Execution Order o Drive storage policies o ...and many more 26
  • 27. Define Rule Transform content into PDF rendition... When content is created or added to this folder
  • 28. Rule Summary Order of Rules can be defined... Simply drag to set order
  • 29. Linking an Existing Rule
  • 30. Linked Rule Can see which folders have rules applied
  • 31. Google Like Search ● Can use Google like ● Examples: operators to search for o Type – content type:document ● Can combine search o Property – criteria modified:today o AND, OR, NOT o Date – created:“2009-01-01” o Text – text:“alfresco faq” 31
  • 32. Example – name: plan
  • 33. Example – modifier: phampton Will return any object – Blog posts, Documents, Folders, Forum posts, Wiki pages, etc.
  • 34. Example – name: plan AND modifier: phampton
  • 35. Theme Management ● New Admin function to change theme ● Sample themes o Default o Green o Yellow o High Contrast ● Can add custom themes 35
  • 36. Integration ● Full CMIS 1.0 Specification ● Integration with IBM Social Software Integration 36
  • 37. CMIS 1.0 ● First implementation of CMIS 1.0 specification ● Includes: o CMIS Query o Access Control Lists (ACL’s) o Change Logs o Renditions o PLUS – Alfresco extension for Aspects (query, get and set) ● Available bindings – Web Services and REST ● CMIS test compatibility kit 37
  • 38. Seamless Integration with IBM Lotus ● Easy integration for document, image and records management ● Works with Notes, Quickr, Connections, XPage and Websphere Portal ● Easy script-based portlet and applet development ● Open to OS, DBMS, Language and Browser ● Domino and Java through Lotus services & CMIS
  • 39. Benefits for Lotus Users ● Leader in Open Source Enterprise Content Management ● Easy to use, zero-footprint software for Files, Mail, Quickr and Connections – Just like a Shared Drive! ● Affordable control, access and discovery of enterprise content ● Content Application Server with fast script and Java development ● Low-cost, Open Source, Open Standards alternative to SharePoint
  • 40. Publish to ECM
  • 41. Notes Integration
  • 42. Lotus Enterprise Explorer (via CMIS)
  • 43. SharePoint Protocol Integration
  • 44. Records Management “without the tears”
  • 45. Summary Alfresco 3.3 Availability Community – Apr 2010 Enterprise – May 2010 Web Alfresco Content Integration Share Management 45