Tech talk live alfresco web editor [compatibility mode]


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Tech talk live alfresco web editor [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Alfresco Web Editor TTL – 9th April 2010 Ben Hagan WCM Product Manager
  2. 2. Agenda ● Design Requirements ● Alfresco Web Editor ● Web Editor Framework ● Component Overview ● Example Architectures ● JSP Support – Tag Library ● Demo - Getting Started ● Documentation
  3. 3. Design Requirements Semantic Content Editor Presentation Content Editor
  4. 4. Alfresco Web Editor ● Alfresco 3.3 – Community available NOW for download! ● Evolution of Web Studio Agenda ● Consists of: ● AWE - Spring Surf application incorporating the Alfresco Forms Engine ● WEF – Web Editor Framework ● Edits core repository content (non AVM) ● Deployed either: ● Stand alone ● As part of your Surf application
  5. 5. Web Editor Framework (WEF) ● Provides a common JS client side framework ● Renders a toolbar Agenda ● Used by Alfresco and Spring Surf ● Accessible – graceful degradation with JS and or CSS ● Based on Yahoo’s YUI ● Extensible, pluggable ● Drop in new components - Create custom tabs, buttons etc.
  6. 6. Example Architecture Application Server Web Browser Web Application Web Editor Framework (WEF) AWE Tag Library JSP Support (AWE.jar) AWE.war Alfresco.war
  7. 7. Component Overview Web Editor Framework (spring-webeditor.jar) CSS Web Scripts JavaScript Java Beans Alfresco Web Editor (alfresco-webeditor-plugin-3.3.jar) AWE.war CSS Web Scripts JavaScript Java Beans AWE.war = Spring Surf Forms Service + Forms Service (alfresco-forms-client.jar) + AWE + WEF CSS Web Scripts JavaScript Java Beans Spring Surf
  8. 8. JSP Support - Taglib ● JSP Support – tag library ● Helper, decorating the page with HTML and JavaScript Agenda ● Provides the hooks to the AWE JavaScript ● Other languages ● PHP, Freemarker etc ● Documentation ● Template Developer ● Add “Edit Content” placeholders ● Available stand alone for use outside of an Alfresco environment ● Graceful Degradation - JavaScript and CSS
  9. 9. JSP Support - Taglib ● startTemplate ● Agenda The startTemplate tag bootstrap's the WEF via a "script" element that executes a webscript, this tag should therefore be placed in the "head" section of your page. ● markContent ● The markContent tag indicates an editable area of the page. The tag renders an edit icon that when clicked displays a form for editing the corresponding Alfresco content and/or properties. ● endTemplate ● Responsible for initializing AWE with details of all the marked content areas on the page. It also renders a "script" element that executes the WEF resources webscript which starts the process of downloading all the assets required to render and display the toolbar and all configured plugins, this tag should therefore be placed just before the closing body element.
  10. 10. Getting Started ● “Customer” web application ● Demonstration Agenda
  11. 11. Extensions ● Custom Tabs, buttons, controls etc ● Packaged as a single JAR file Agenda ● Sample in the Spring Surf repository ● Spring-Surftrunkspring-webeditor-pluginsspring-webeditor-plugin- sample
  12. 12. Thanks ● Alfresco Web Editor Agenda ● ● Web Editor Framework ● Install and Configuration Guide ● st_3.3 ● Getting Started Guide ● editor/getting-started/