CASE-6 Structured Content Authoring and Publishing through Alfresco and Componize


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This session provides a technical overview of implementing a complex publishing solution using Alfresco and Componize—open source enterprise publishing product built on Alfresco. We will discuss how a client publishing solution based on traditional word processing software and proprietary DITA publishing tools was redesigned and, much more simply, implemented through Componize and Alfresco. This session will not only demonstrate the power and flexibility of the open source model to solve these types of business problems, but also highlight key usability advantages of the Aflresco/Componize solution.

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CASE-6 Structured Content Authoring and Publishing through Alfresco and Componize

  1. 1. Structured content authoring and publishing through Alfresco and Componize! Choosing Better Ingredients!
  2. 2. Who Are We?! Armedia LLC Enterprise Content and Information Management Professionals
  3. 3. Evolution of the Mullet (future presentation?)!
  4. 4. Agenda!•  The Challenge•  The (first) Solution•  Issues?•  The (alternative) Solution•  The Issues Compared•  Demo (of course)
  5. 5. The Challenge!•  Client is in the Publishing Business•  Reliance on one person to write large parts of content•  They use Word and email•  Perl scripts to convert content to XML•  Specific people with knowledge to generate PDF’s
  6. 6. The Goal!•  Structured Authoring•  Content stored in ECM •  Security and role based access!•  Workflow and Process Management•  Choice of PDF generation •  Draft, Layout, Final etc.!•  Other output formats
  7. 7. The Solution!•  Proprietary ECM already purchased•  Proprietary Publishing tool already used •  For creation of PDFʼs!•  Basically, "Ready, Steady, Cook" •  build a solution but you must include the above ingredients!•  Costly software! We built a working solution.
  8. 8. Typical Content Structure!
  9. 9. Review of the Process!Step 1 – create content types and modelsStep 2 – get content into systemStep 3 – extend UI to allow custom types to be PDF’edStep 4 – apply security constraints to manage who can do whatStep 5 – create mechanism to send content from ECM to publishing applicationStep 6 – store result as rendition of selected content
  10. 10. Issues?!•  Custom import required for each publication type •  Manuals, Updates, etc.!•  Large import of content takes a loooooong time •  1000+ pieces of content/links could take 1 hour or more!•  Not easy to add new content to existing publication
  11. 11. Typical Content Structure!And it continues on
  12. 12. Issues?!•  Not easy to retype existing content•  OOTB link management poor, would need to be custom implemented•  Java exec required to invoke DITA OpenToolkit – nasty •  Used Open Toolkit to create intermediate RDF document!
  13. 13. Getting More Crazy!You get the idea ….
  14. 14. The Alternative Solution!•  Choosing better ingredients•  Your proprietary content repo sucks!•  Leverage open source products where possible •  Alfresco! •  DITA Open Toolkit!•  Leverage standards where possible •  DITA! •  XProc! •  Xlink! •  RDF!•  And use Componize (to tie these all together)
  15. 15. The Issues Compared!•  Standard Alfresco Import •  Previous - Custom import required for each publication type!•  Initial import took less than 20 minutes •  Previous - Large import of content takes a loooooong time!•  Import not tied to specific application per publication type •  Previous - Not easy to retype existing content!•  Need to add a section, go ahead – no duplication. •  Previous - Not easy to add new content to existing publication!•  Componize have implemented a link management! •  OOTB link management poor, would need to be custom implemented!
  16. 16. The Demo!•  I cannot show the proprietary solution•  But I can show the alternative (and better) solution
  17. 17. Whatʼs Next!•  Focus on the Business Need•  Develop Process Flow •  Look forward to using Activiti!•  Integrate other departments
  18. 18. Questions?!
  19. 19. Armedia Services Overview?!1) ECM, Case & Records Management2) Investigative Case Management solutions3) Implementation and Advisory Services;4) CMMI Level 3 appraised5) 8(a)/SDB thru 2014, Veteran owned, MBE, and LDBE thru 20146) 60+% of federal staff carry a TS clearance7) Easy to access - GSA IT-70, Sole Source, etc.
  20. 20. Industry Recognition!EMC Developer Challenge: 30 days to design and build a content management application using Documentum 6. 200 entries. Armedia’s Incident Management System took the $50,000 first prize.Designed For EMC Best Platform Utilization award given to Armedia for C3, our Flagship software product offering software configuration management.The Well Project Web Portal Stevie® Website Of The Year InfoWorld 100 Award
  21. 21. Typical Armedia Solution Patterns!•  Case Management•  Capture and Imaging•  User Experience / Information Architecture•  Green IT (e.g.- Virtualization)•  Business Process Management•  Analyst Solutions•  Publishing Solutions•  Information Sharing (e.g.- NIEM, SOA)•  Electronic Records Submission to NARA•  CPIC and related CIO advisory services
  22. 22. End to End Services! Intermediate   Capture   Document  Control   Collabora5on   Deliver   Processing  Caliente OCR Document Document Review Delivery File Server Zonal OCR Management Document Approval Web Content Database Language Records Content Sharing PDF / PrintScan Translation Management Wiki User Interface Design Kofax Web Services Case Management Blog Search Captiva Entity Relationship Web Content Social Networking Fast (InputAccel) Processing Management Calendaring Lucene Email Auto Redaction AutonomyWeb Crawl Categorization Analytics and Reporting Business Objects Cognos i2 Analyst Notebook Palantir Workflow  /  Business  Process  Management   Security: Access Control, Authorization, Audit Trails, E-Signatures Program Management: Business Process Re-Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Regulatory Compliance, Virtualization Operations: Performance Management, Production Support, Information Lifecycle Management (including- data management, archiving)
  23. 23. Success Through Repeatable Methodology! Industry expertise in Document / Records /Case Management strategy and solutions CMMI Level 3 appraised Strong project management discipline • SCIO - Strategy Coordination Implementation Operation! • Developed out of lessons learned over years of combined experience! • Designed to follow the Content Management deployment lifecycle!
  24. 24. Customers!
  25. 25. Thanks!!