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Share v4.0 now gives developers, partners and implementors the ability to customize & extend the Share Document Library without having to either write or duplicate large amounts of code. This session will highlight the changes made to both the Repository and Web tier webscripts and show how new actions and custom metadata can be configured, often without touching a line of code! Some familiarity with the workings of the Document Library will be beneficial, as will general knowledge about configuring Share.

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CUST-1 Share Document Library Extension Points

  1. 1. Share Document Library Extension Points Mike Hatfield • Senior UI Engineer • twitter @mikehatfield
  2. 2. Agenda1  Overview: What were the Swift goals?2  Data Webscript Refactoring3  Share Refactoring4  Indicator icons5  Metadata templates6  Actions7  Evaluators
  3. 3. Overview: What were the Swift goals?•  To give developers, partners and implementors the ability to customize & extend the Share Document Library without having to either write or duplicate large amounts of code.•  Allowing modules such as Web QuickStart and Records Management to be fully isolated from “core” Share code.
  4. 4. V3.4 Unofficial Extension Points Custom UI New Filters New Actions Custom UI New Filters New Actions Custom UI New ActionsNew Actions New Filters
  5. 5. V4.0 Extension Points•  Repository tier o  All node properties & aspects retrieved o  Custom property decorators•  Web tier o  Definitions appear ONCE in Share config! o  Status indicators o  Metadata templates for custom property rendering o  Actions redefined and regrouped
  6. 6. V4.0 Extension PointsCustom UI (New Actions) (Custom Metadata)Custom UI New ActionsNew Filters Custom Metadata New ActionsNew Filters Custom Response Custom Property Decorators
  7. 7. Repository Tier: Refactored Webscripts•  “documentlibrary-v2” data webscripts•  evaluator.lib.js o  Much smaller o  Only handles links and working copies•  filters.lib.js still in use, but “path” queries no longer use Lucene•  Most of the work done via o  org.alfresco.repo.jscript.ApplicationScriptUtils o  and SlingshotDocLibCustomResponse
  8. 8. Repository Tier: Property Decorators•  applicationScriptUtils bean o  <property name="decoratedProperties"> <map> <entry key="cm:creator"> <ref bean="usernamePropertyDecorator"/> </entry> … </map> o  Augment JSON response for that property •  userName •  firstName, lastName, displayName
  9. 9. Repository Tier: Custom Response•  slingshotDocLibCustomResponse bean o  <property name=”customResponses"> <map> <entry key=”vtiServer"> <ref bean="doclibCustomVtiServer"/> </entry> … </map> o  Populates custom JSON response in metadata / custom section •  port, host •  or null if the module is not installed
  10. 10. Web Tier: Indicators•  Configured & evaluated on web tier <indicator id="google-docs-locked" index="10"> <evaluator>evaluator.doclib.indicator.googleDocsLocked</evaluator> <labelParam index="0">{}</labelParam> <labelParam index="1">{}</labelParam> <override>locked</override> </indicator> o  evaluator(s) - Bean Id of existing or custom JSON evaluator o  labelParam(s) - Substituted at runtime from node o  override(s) – deactivates existing indicator
  11. 11. Document Library: Metadata Templates•  Two predefined templates <metadata-templates> <!-- Default (fallback) --> <template id="default"> <line index="10" id="date">{date}{size}</line> <line index="20" id="description” view=“detailed”>{description}</line> <line index="30" id="tags” view=“detailed”>{tags}</line> <line index="40" id="categories" view=“detailed” evaluator="evaluator.doclib.metadata.hasCategories">{categories}</line> <line index="50" id="social" view=“detailed”>{social}</line> </template> <!-- Working Copies --> <template id="isWorkingCopy"> <evaluator>evaluator.doclib.metadata.isWorkingCopy</evaluator> <line index="10" id="date">{date}{size}</line> <line index="20" id="description" view=“detailed”>{description}</line> </template> </metadata-templates>
  12. 12. Document Library: Metadata Templates <template id="isPhoto"> <evaluator>evaluator.doclib.metadata.hasExif</evaluator> <line index="10" id="date”>{date}{size}</line> <line index="20" id="exposure” simpleView=“true” evaluator="evaluator.doclib.metadata.hasExposure"> {exposure exif.label.exposure} </line> <line index="30" id="description”>{description}</line> </template>•  Optional label (space-separated)•  Optional line-based evaluator•  Simple and/or Detailed view
  13. 13. Document Library: Metadata Templates•  Metadata placeholders can be: o  Node property names •  cm_description (can omit prefix for “cm”) •  exif_fNumber o  JavaScript renderer, e.g. {exposure}"registerRenderer", { propertyName: "exposure", renderer: function exif_renderer(record, label) { return "..."; } });
  14. 14. Document Library: Actions•  Configured & evaluated on web tier <!-- Edit online --> <action id="document-edit-online" type="javascript" label="actions.document.edit-online"> <param name="function">onActionEditOnline</param> <permissions> <permission allow="true">Write</permission> </permissions> <evaluator>evaluator.doclib.action.onlineEdit</evaluator> </action>
  15. 15. Document Library: Actions•  Three main action types: o  “link” – external link or link to content o  “pagelink” – to another Share page (e.g. details) o  “javascript” – client-side action o  Configurable javascript actions •  onActionSimpleRepoAction e.g. Simple Workflow approve/reject •  onActionFormDialog e.g. Transform (to image), Run Action –  Not assigned an actionGroup OOTB
  16. 16. Document Library: JavaScript Actions•  Sometimes client-side code is required o  e.g. gathering user input•  Register a custom action handler"registerAction", { actionName: ”onActionGeotag", fn: function geotag_onActionGeotag(record) { … } });
  17. 17. Document Library: Action Groups•  Reference & order actions <actionGroups> <actionGroup id="document-browse"> ... <action index="200" id="document-edit-online" /> … </actionGroup> <actionGroup id="document-details"> <actionGroup id=“folder-browse”> ...•  Override label, icon for action re-use
  18. 18. Document Library: Action Groups•  Default groups <actionGroup id="document-browse"> <actionGroup id="document-details"> <actionGroup id="folder-browse"> <actionGroup id="folder-details"> <actionGroup id="document-link-browse"> <actionGroup id="document-link-details"> <actionGroup id="folder-link-browse"> <actionGroup id="folder-link-details">•  Group name calculated in overridable web tier “calculateActionGroupId” function
  19. 19. Document Library: Action Examples•  Completely disable an action <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibActions"> <actions> <action id="document-upload-new-version"> <evaluator>evaluator.doclib.action.disableAction</evaluator> </action> <actions> </config>•  …or conditionally (e.g. WCMQS site) <!-- Publish document: Disable for non-WCMQS sites --> <action id="document-publish"> <evaluator negate="true"> wcmqs.evaluator.doclib.action.isWebsiteContainerType </evaluator> </action>
  20. 20. Document Library: Web Tier Evaluators•  Simple Java class: extend BaseEvaluator, implement evaluator, return boolean•  Predefined evaluators: o  Has aspect o  Always false o  Is mimetype o  Value-based o  Property Not Null o  Metadata value o  Site Preset o  Is browser (type) o  Site / No Site o  Is Portlet mode o  Container type o  Node type Also evaluator chaining
  21. 21. Client-side Extensions•  Include via config extension <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibCustom"> <dependencies> <css src="my-custom-action.css" /> <js src="my-custom-action.js" /> </dependencies> </config>•  Relative to /share/res servlet•  Included after OOTB code to allow for customization and extension
  22. 22. Client-side Extensions•  Custom template"registerRenderer", { propertyName: "exposure", renderer: function exif_renderer(record, label) …•  Custom action"registerAction", { actionName: "onActionGeotag", fn: function geotag_onActionGeotag(record) …
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. Summary•  All indicator, metadata template and action config centralised & extendable.•  Completely refactored Document Library web tier actions config – not backward compatible with pre-4.0.•  However, old Remote API “doclist” data webscripts still in-place.
  25. 25. Questions?
  26. 26. The open platform forsocial content management.
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