Kofax: Data Capture at the Point of Origination


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Kofax: Data Capture at the Point of Origination

  1. 1. Data Capture at the Point of Origination-next Era of Scanning?Jan KaanSales Account Executive - Kofax
  2. 2. Todays agendau  Who is Kofaxu  Trends in the Capture marketu  Benefits of Distributed Captureu  Trend summary 2
  3. 3. Leader in Capture Enabled BPM Batch image capture Batch content capture Enterprise capture Top ranked BPM software2010-11 Report on the Worldwide Market for Document Capture Software, Harvey Spencer Associates 3
  4. 4. Leader in Forrester’s Multichannel Capture Wave™ Highest position! Strongest market presence!
  5. 5. Trends in the Industry
  6. 6. Enterprise Capture Evolution Decision Management Business Process AutomationAutomation Value Scan to Process Process Initiation Scan to Archive Distributed Capture Intelligent Integrated Integrated Document Forms Document Workflow & Business Capture Processing Recognition Rules Mgmt Intelligence Time Slide 6
  7. 7. Distributed Capture Evolution EndEarly Customer2010s FieldEarly Agents2000s Field OfficesMid Regional1990s Offices Corporate HeadquartersEarly1990s
  8. 8. Further needs to capture source content Paper documents SocialPaper collaboration FaxEmail SMS Mobile XML applicationsOffice PDFSocial Electronic formats 8
  9. 9. Without Kofax- Companies spend extra resource…Paper FaxEmail SMS Understand Decide XML AlfrescoOffice Portal ERP/LOB/CRM PDF ECM/RM DatabaseSocial What is it? What do I do with it? 9
  10. 10. Kofax believe in Point of Origination Capture Paper Fax Email BPM SMS Understand Decide XML Alfresco Understand Office INFORMATION CAPTURE Portal ERP/LOB/CRM Decide PDF ECM/RM Database Social•  To improve processing times & Customer satisfaction•  To drive automation & save costs•  To improve governance & risk compliance 10
  11. 11. Point of Origination – Extending Systems & Processes Point of Origination Electronic Smart phones & tablets FAX Systems & Processes Smart phones & Production tablets scanners Desktop scanners & web portals MFPsField Customer Remote Centralizedworkers locations Branch offices Back office 11
  12. 12. Summary on Capture Trendsu Central vs Distributed vs Hybrid processingu Inhouse vs Outsource vs Hybrid solutionu Single Process vs Multi purposeu Single location vs Multisite 12
  13. 13. u Questions? 13
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