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Introduction to Alfresco 3.0
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Introduction to Alfresco 3.0


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Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.0 will include: …

Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.0 will include:

Microsoft Office SharePoint protocol support requiring no additional client installation
Alfresco Surf platform for building dynamic, REST-oriented web applications and collaborative web sites
RESTful API delivering content and collaboration services for customizing and developing Alfresco applications
Preview of Alfresco Share, a new social computing application
Document library which scales to over 100 million documents

Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.0 builds upon the solid foundation that previous versions of Alfresco have presented. Alfresco is still 5 times faster, and up to 10 times cheaper than proprietary Enterprise Content Management solutions. But version 3.0 goes a step further. Alfresco 3.0 includes Alfresco Share - giving you Facebook features for the Enterprise.

Key features of Alfresco Share include:

Collaboration areas for Teams, Projects, Communities of Interest
Personal and Site Dashboards
Activity Service
Social Tagging
Thumbnails and Previews
Rich Personal Profiles
People Finder
Site Finder

Alfresco 3.0 is strongly positioned as the Open Alternative to Microsoft SharePoint:

Not Microsoft Only
Use your existing Database, OS, App Server, Portal
Plug-compatible with Office
Lower Cost of Ownership
Re-use existing non-Microsoft hardware and software
Use existing development & DBA skills
Scale to enterprise on much fewer machines

The social computing features for the workplace include:

Drag-and-drop layout
Web 2.0 controls
Community-based features
Browse by tags
WYSIWYG editing
Publish to external blogs
Wiki and calendars

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Dr. Ian Howells CMO A l fresco September 2008 Alfresco Labs 3 Briefing See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 2. Agenda
      • Market Dynamics and Drivers behind 3
      • Release History
      • Alfresco Labs 3
        • Microsoft SharePoint TM Protocol Support
        • Alfresco Share
        • CMIS
        • Surf
        • Repository
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 3. Content Management Market Dramatic Change Getting into 21 st Century See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3 Social Networking CMIS Open Source Traditional ECM WCM SharePoint
    • 4. The New World of Content Management See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3 CMIS Applications and Repositories SharePoint Mixed Environment No SharePoint SharePoint 100% Microsoft
    • 5. Rapid Innovation In Open Source Time
      • 06/2005 Preview Release – Repository and Web Client
      • 10/2005 Release 1.0 – Document Management & CIFS
      • 12/2005 Release 1.1 – Enterprise Security
      • 02/2006 Release 1.2 – Developer - JSR-170, Templating & PHP
      • 06/2006 Release 1.3 – Platform for ECM Apps – Scripting & Scalability
      • 09/2006 Release 1.4 – Business Process – jBPM & Records Mgmt, Kofax Integration
      • 01/2007 Release 2.0 – GPL, OpenSearch, WCM
      • 07/2007 Release 2.1 – Web Scripts and Office Integration
      • 02/2008 Release 2.2 – Web Farm Management, Email Integration, JMX
      • 07/2008 Release 3.0 – SharePoint Protocol Support, Collaboration Social Computing, CMIS
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 6. Alfresco Labs 3
      • First Microsoft Office SharePoint protocol support
        • No Additional Client Installation
      • Alfresco Share
        • New Collaborative Social Computing Dynamic Web 2.0 Application
      • First CMIS Support
        • New Content Management Standard supported by Alfresco, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, OpenText, Oracle
      • Alfresco Surf WCM platform
        • Build dynamic, REST/CMIS-oriented Webapps and Collaborative Web Sites
      • Scalability
        • Multi-tier Lightweight CMIS/REST Architecture
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 7. Questions
      • What do you Mean by SharePoint?
      • What requirements does SharePoint place on my Enterprise software infrastructure?
      • What is the SharePoint Protocol?
      • What is SharePoint Protocol Support?
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 8. SharePoint at a Top Level Content Management Perspective Collaborative Document Management Windows SharePoint Services Content Repository Office SharePoint Server 2007 ECM Suite User Interfaces Office SharePoint Server 2007 Core ECM Services Microsoft Office Client Applications Microsoft SharePoint Portal Web Services Records Management Web Content Management eForms Management Workflow Metadata Library Services Policy Management Search Security Excel Services Slide Library Information Rights Management
    • 9. Content Collaboration CIFS/WebDAV Shared Drive Office Outlook See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 10. Alfresco Content Collaboration ECM Enable CIFS/WebDAV Repo ECM Enable Office ECM Enable Email See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 11. SharePoint Protocol End User Experience SharePoint Site Office Check In/Out Version New Workspace Pane See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 12. What is the SharePoint Protocol
      • Microsoft is extending Office
      • By Embedding into Office a New Proprietary Protocol
      • To Offer Content Management Functionality
      • That Only Runs against a SharePoint Repository
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 13. Implications of the SharePoint Platform
      • Forces Users to use a Microsoft Stack
        • Windows, SQL Server, IIS, .NET, C ♯, IE+, MS Office, SharePoint Portal
      • No
        • Oracle, DB2, MySQL
        • J2EE JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere
        • PHP, Java, Adobe
        • Portal
        • Firefox-
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 14. Which SharePoint
      • WSS
      • MOSS Standard
        • Social Computing
        • ECM – Workflow
        • WCM
        • Portal – MySites
        • Enterprise Search
        • Management
      • MOSS Enterprise
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 15. The Good News
      • The EC broke the Monopoly
      • Forced the protocol to be Published
      • Alfresco is the the First ECM Vendor to Support the Office SharePoint Protocol
      • Break the Monopoly and return Choice and Control to Users
      • Escape CALS
      • Lower TCO
      • Reuse Existing Skills
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 16. Alfresco SharePoint Compatibility Office thinks it’s SharePoint Check-InOut Version Control
    • 17. Demonstration
      • Access from Microsoft Office TM
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 18. Alfresco Share
      • Sites
      • Dashboards
        • Site, Personal
      • Site Components
        • Document Library
        • Blog, Wiki
        • Search
        • People
        • Activities
        • Calendar, Discussions
      Activities People See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 19. Document Library
      • Bulk Upload
      • Thumbnails
      • Flash Document Viewer
      • Meta-Data, Tags
      • Multi-Select
      • RSS
      Thumbnails Web 2.0 Controls Bulk Upload See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 20. Flash Document Viewer Extendable DAM
      • Automatic Generation of Flash Renditions including:
        • Word, PowerPoint, Excel
        • OpenOffice
      • Pluggable Rendition Engine
        • Flash Video/Audio
      • Reduced Bandwidth
      • High Performance Viewing
      • Remove Client Application Dependencies
        • Office 2003, Office 2007
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 21. Simple Administration and Configuration
      • Simple Administration
        • Quick Install
        • Delegated Site Admin
      • Simple Configuration
        • Drag Drop Layout
      • Open Gadget Framework
        • Open Web Script Components
        • AJAX YUI
        • Friendly urls
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 22. Demonstration
      • Marketing Launch
      • Dashboard
      • Marketing Site
      • Product Marketing
        • Wiki Product Information
      • Marketing Communications
        • Presentations and Documents
        • Discuss
      • Invite Team
      • Review Material
      • Schedule Calendar Event
      • Blog
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 23. CMIS First Draft CMIS Implementation
      • SQL for the Content Management Industry
      • Content Management Interoperability Services
      • Alfresco, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, Oracle and SAP
      • Usage
        • Write-Once, Run Anywhere Application
        • Integrate Multiple Repositories
        • Business Process Across Repositories
        • Learn One UI for ALL Repositories See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 24. REST API
      • Site
      • Person
      • Invite
      • Activities
      • Rendition
      • Thumbnail
      • Tagging
      • Preferences
      • Discussion
      • Blogging
      • Comment
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 25. Alfresco Surf Web Application Presentation Framework
      • Page Model
      • UI Content Component Model
        • YUI, Adobe Flash – Dynamic Upload, Preview
      • Lightweight Web Scripting and Templating
      • Open
        • Portal - Web Part in Microsoft SharePoint Portal
        • Wiki, Blog
        • XML, Freemarker, JSP, HTML, Java
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 26. Alfresco Surf Applications
      • Alfresco Share
      • Alfresco Enterprise Network
      • Alfresco Web Studio
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 27. New Products and Protocols Sites People YUI Collaboration Components Components Pages Templates MS Office SharePoint Protocol CMIS REST & Web Services API CIFS, WebDAV, FTP & NFS Java Alfresco Repository Alfresco Surf Alfresco Share JavaServer Faces (JSF) Alfresco Document Management via Microsoft Office Alfresco Web Content Management
    • 28. Surf Scalability Multi-Tier Web 2.0 Architecture Alfresco Web Studio Alfresco Network Alfresco Share Ajax Flex REST API Alfresco Surf Alfresco Repository Surf-based Apps Non-Alfresco Repository
    • 29. Alfresco Enterprise Network Completion of Phase One
      • Alfresco Knowledge Base
      • Alfresco Call Tracking (ACT)
      • Alfresco News
      • Documentation and Downloads
      • Support Handbook
      • User Management and Single Sign On
      • Check-In Feed Dashlet
      • Alfresco Share Dashlet
      • Add-ons Library
    • 30. 3.0 Repository Enhancements
      • Performance & Scalability
        • Version Store Refactor
          • Significant reduction in storage
          • 2x faster to create, 10x faster to version
        • Audit Properties Refactor
          • Reduced DB storage requirements Multi-valued Properties Refactor
          • Unlimited group sizes
        • Permission evaluation performance
        • Remote OpenOffice Transformation Service
      • Integrity
        • Remove Lucene Dependency for Person Service
          • Clustering resilience
      • Multi-Tenancy for DM
      • Updated Installers
        • Windows
        • Linux
      17/07/08 See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 31. Alfresco’s Road Map
      • Continue to Invest in Document Management, WCM and Repository
      • Enterprise Social Computing
      • Rich Internet Applications Interfaces
      • Enterprise Performance and Scalability
      • New APIs and Interfaces
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 32. Alfresco Labs Next Steps
      • Download
      • Alfresco Labs
      • Installing Labs 3
      • Join Content Community
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 33. CMIS Next Steps
    • 34. DC and Munich Events
      • Meet the Experts
      • In Depth Presentation and Training on Alfresco 3
        • SharePoint Protocol Support
        • Share
        • Surf
        • CMIS
      See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3
    • 35. See the recorded webinar here: http:// tinyurl .com/alfresco3 Introduction to Alfresco 3.0