Contract	  Management	  Solu0on	      Webinar	  Presenta,on 	              July	  26,	  2011	  
Agenda	  •    Business	  Issues	  •    Solu,on	  Overview	  •    Solu,on	  Components	  •    How	  to	  get	  started	  • ...
Business	  Issues	  •  Standardized	  Contracts	  •  Edi,ng	  documents	  during	  workflow	  •  Managing	  the	  Approval	...
Solu,on	  Overview	  
Document	  Crea,on	  &	  Edi,ng	               The	  user	  clicks	  the	   Open	  from	               Alfresco 	  link	  ...
Document	  Crea,on	  &	  Edi,ng	                 (1)	  Opening	  the	  document.	  1.  Select	  the	  document	  	  2.  Cl...
Document	  Crea,on	  &	  Edi,ng	                  If	  the	  user	  removes	  the	  	  	  	  from	  the	  MaUer	          ...
Document	  Saving	  When	  the	  Save	  to	  Alfresco	  window	  opens,	  it	  will	  be	  pre-­‐populated	  with	  the	  ...
Document	  Approval	  Workflow	  
Incoming	  Executed	  Document	  
Setup	  for	  Review	  
Add	  Appropriate	  Proper,es	  
Dashboard	  –	  Review	  Document	  
Review	  Documents	  
Access	  Document	  From	  The	             Dashboard	            The	  document	  	  does	  not	  appear.	  	  
Search	  -­‐	  Advanced	  
Search	  -­‐	  Advanced	  
Search	  -­‐	  Results	  
How	  to	  get	  started	  •  Iden,fy	  External	  System	  Integra,ons	  •  Iden,fy	  Document	  Template	  Inventory	  •...
Alfresco	  Components	  •    Workflow	  •    Rules	  &	  Behaviors	  •    Aspects	  •    Kofax	  Release	  Script	  
Key	  Project	  Components	  •    Solu,on	  Requirements	  •    Migra,on	  Of	  Exis,ng	  Contracts	  •    Contract	  Crea...
User / Business Efforts                             Solu,on	  Methodology	                                                ...
Document	  Capture	  Methodology	  
Thank	  Your	  for	  Your	  Time	  •  Jason	  Jolley	      –  Director,	  Applica,on	  Development	      –  Office	  Phone:	...
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Contract management from creation through execution and monitoring 26 july 2011


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Contract management from creation through execution and monitoring 26 july 2011

  1. 1. Contract  Management  Solu0on   Webinar  Presenta,on   July  26,  2011  
  2. 2. Agenda  •  Business  Issues  •  Solu,on  Overview  •  Solu,on  Components  •  How  to  get  started  •  Ques,ons  and  Answers  
  3. 3. Business  Issues  •  Standardized  Contracts  •  Edi,ng  documents  during  workflow  •  Managing  the  Approval  Process   –  Electronic  Signatures  (Database  and  Physical)  •  Tracking  Documents  during  the  process  •  Managing  Executed  Contracts   –  When  to  start  the  next  review     –  Expiring  Documents   –  Execu,ng  Renewals  
  4. 4. Solu,on  Overview  
  5. 5. Document  Crea,on  &  Edi,ng   The  user  clicks  the   Open  from   Alfresco  link  to  access  Alfresco.  
  6. 6. Document  Crea,on  &  Edi,ng   (1)  Opening  the  document.  1.  Select  the  document    2.  Click  Open   (2)  NOTE:  By  default  the  document  will  be    checked  out  .  
  7. 7. Document  Crea,on  &  Edi,ng   If  the  user  removes  the        from  the  MaUer   Document  checkbox,  they  will  have  the   ability  to  navigate  through  all  folders  and   sub  folders  where  they  have  access.  
  8. 8. Document  Saving  When  the  Save  to  Alfresco  window  opens,  it  will  be  pre-­‐populated  with  the  loca,on  the  document  was  opened  from   (1)  as  well  as  the  proper,es  that  were  previously  entered.    The  user  can  then  update  the  proper,es  or  comments                  .  1.  User  clicks  Save  
  9. 9. Document  Approval  Workflow  
  10. 10. Incoming  Executed  Document  
  11. 11. Setup  for  Review  
  12. 12. Add  Appropriate  Proper,es  
  13. 13. Dashboard  –  Review  Document  
  14. 14. Review  Documents  
  15. 15. Access  Document  From  The   Dashboard   The  document    does  not  appear.    
  16. 16. Search  -­‐  Advanced  
  17. 17. Search  -­‐  Advanced  
  18. 18. Search  -­‐  Results  
  19. 19. How  to  get  started  •  Iden,fy  External  System  Integra,ons  •  Iden,fy  Document  Template  Inventory  •  Solu,on  Requirements   –  Required  Workflows  &  Func,onal  Roles   –  Security  Matrix  (ACLs)   –  Solu,on  Taxonomy   •  Document  Proper,es   •  Document  Storage  or  Folder  Organiza,on   –  Iden,fy  Document  Intake  Needs   –  Scanning,  Faxing   –  E-­‐mail  
  20. 20. Alfresco  Components  •  Workflow  •  Rules  &  Behaviors  •  Aspects  •  Kofax  Release  Script  
  21. 21. Key  Project  Components  •  Solu,on  Requirements  •  Migra,on  Of  Exis,ng  Contracts  •  Contract  Crea,on  Process  •  Staged   Goal  Live  -­‐  Phases  
  22. 22. User / Business Efforts Solu,on  Methodology   Functional Requirements Test Plan Education Requirements Training Agenda Traceability Workbook Document Material Presentation Workspaces Matrix Education Review Define Key Test Focused Education Requirements and Project Taxonomy Functionality Solution User Workshop Workshop Preparation Prototype Needs Functionalty TrainingEducation Preparation Business Process Users are provided Users, usually via a - Inflows Utilizing the The information Utilizing test plans Training is usually with a business level conference call, are - Creations information gathered during the and scripts created segmented by education of the informed of what will be - Outflows gathered from the requirement workshops from the functional role, solution that will be covered in the Education - Work Efforts workshops, screen and the information requirements enabling it to be delivered as well as Workshop as well as the prototypes are from the prototyping will document, the more focused. the process. The Taxonomy Requirements created. provide the information solution will be put education Workshop(s). - Structural / File for the Functional through both user workshop(s) cover Storage Requirements and technical Project Preparation various topics such - Document Document. testing. as Web Content, The appropriate team Identification Document, Digital project team members (Metadata) Asset and Records will review and identify Management. Security Policies overall project team Document Capture members, scope, - Functional Roles topics will also be - User Groups communication plan and covered initial meeting schedule. - User CommunitiesTechnical Efforts Functional Requirement Deployment Software & Specifications Source Code Plan CSA Hardware Workspaces & Scripts Current Infrastructure Prototype Solution Design and Customizations & Deploy State Analysis Installation Creation Architecture Configurations Solution Staff Skill Assessment Create Initial Object Model Technical specifications for the Review existing Filestore Create Initial Taxonomy previously defined user Review SW & HW Environment requirements. Security Environment System Inventory
  23. 23. Document  Capture  Methodology  
  24. 24. Thank  Your  for  Your  Time  •  Jason  Jolley   –  Director,  Applica,on  Development   –  Office  Phone:  973-­‐625-­‐7721   –  mailto: