Community vision and plan webinar 7 july2011

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Slide deck to accompany Jeff Potts' webinar on the 2011 Alfresco Community Vision & Plan

Slide deck to accompany Jeff Potts' webinar on the 2011 Alfresco Community Vision & Plan

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  • 1. Alfresco CommunityVision & Plan Jeff Potts Chief Community Officer
  • 2. Alfresco Community MissionTo increase the value of the Alfrescocommunity for all stakeholders and make itthe leading example for all othercommercial open source companies tofollow.
  • 3. Increase the size of the pie
  • 4. Increase the size of the slice
  • 5. Lots of different slices
  • 6. Our Community is our Innovation Engine
  • 7. My Objectives for the Community: 3 E’sEngage. Enable. Expose.
  • 8. Engage
  • 9. Engage community members•  Increase community participation o  Quality and frequency•  Increase Alfresco-related community code contributions•  Provide a mechanism for direct product feedback from community
  • 10. Enable
  • 11. Enable the community•  Make it easier for the community to make code contributions•  Make it easier for end-users to find & install community-contributed extensions from within the product•  Make it easier for newcomers to get started with Alfresco
  • 12. Expose
  • 13. Small things matter
  • 14. 11 ways to contribute to the Community•  Create/respond to a •  Participate in a topic in the forums roundtable or committee•  Use Alfresco Jira to raise •  Conduct a webinar an issue or contribute a •  Attend an event patch •  Give a talk at an event•  Edit the Alfresco wiki •  Publish a screencast/•  Post an Alfresco-related video status on a social site •  Contribute to/start an•  Write a blog post or open source project article
  • 15. What motivates the community?
  • 16. Peace, love, & open source reasons•  You want to be part of something bigger; a movement, a revolution•  You want to collaborate with others•  You want to be recognized amongst your peers•  You dislike _________ (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, proprietary, all of the above)•  You like to code or write or create•  You want to be part of a community; sense of belonging
  • 17. Self-interested reasons•  You want to pick up new skills so you can earn more money•  You want to lower the cost of maintenance of your code/ customizations/extensions•  You want to build brand/name recognition•  You recognize that a healthy ecosystem means more projects/revenue for you
  • 18. Expose the greatness•  Promote individuals making exceptional contributions to the community•  Promote community contributions•  Alfresco Community Everywhere
  • 19. Objectives Recap•  Engage community members, regardless of skill set or relationship to Alfresco, to participate more deeply•  Enable the community with tools, resources, and product enhancements that leverage community contributions•  Expose the greatness already existing in the community, both community projects and individuals
  • 20. What to Expect in 2011 (1 of 2)•  Annual Community Survey (CMPL)•  Alfresco support for locally-driven meetups/hack-a-thons worldwide•  Alfresco DevCon 2011•  Catalog of Alfresco add-ons with ratings, comments, ACCP•  Forum points contest•  Contributor of the Month/Year
  • 21. What to Expect in 2011 (2 of 2)•  Community Advisory Board•  More examples of Share customization• tweaks
  • 22. Upcoming events•  Dashlet Challenge now through end of August•  Tech Talk Live: Alfresco CMIS o  August 3, 11:00 Eastern o  First Wednesday of every month•  DevCon 2011 Americas Nov 2 & 3•  DevCon 2011 EMEA Nov 9 & 10•  Join us at these sponsored events: o  JavaONE San Francisco, Oct 2 - 6 o  Devoxx Antwerp, Nov 14 - 18
  • 23. Community Driven Meetups•  Grab some people and a place and meet! o  Doesn’t have to be fancy o  Can be technical, end-user, or both o  Start small and grow•  Atlanta, Washington DC, Milan, Rome have met•  Colorado Springs in August•  Johannesburg in September•  Madrid in October
  • 24. Getting involved in an Alfresco meetup•  Existing meetups looking for people o•  People looking for meetups o
  • 25. Email: jpotts@alfresco.comTwitter: @jeffpotts01Blog: