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CIGNEX Datamatics: Alfresco Integrations in Hospitality and Tourism

CIGNEX Datamatics: Alfresco Integrations in Hospitality and Tourism






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    CIGNEX Datamatics: Alfresco Integrations in Hospitality and Tourism CIGNEX Datamatics: Alfresco Integrations in Hospitality and Tourism Presentation Transcript

    •     Alfresco     for     Travel  &  Hospitality           March  20,  2012          Presented  By  Jean  Butzier–  Americas  Field  Programs  Manager,  Alfresco  Mark  Meier  -­‐  Account  Director,  CIGNEX  Datamatics  Michael  Venford  –  Enterprise  CMS  and    Portal  Practice  Director,  CIGNEX  Datamatics    
    • Agenda   •  Introductions   –  Alfresco,  Open  Source  ECM   –  CIGNEX  Datamatics,  Alfresco  Global  Platinum  Partner       •  About  Alfresco   •  Alfresco  as  IBE  Platform   •  Alfresco  for  Travel  &  Hospitality   •  Case  Study:  Posadas   •  About  CIGNEX  Datamatics   •  Book  Drawing   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 2  
    • Alfresco  is  now  the  largest  open  source   content  management  company  in  the  world  Founded  in  2005,  with  ofPices  in  London  &  Atlanta  Over  3  million  community  downloads  250+  global  channel  partners  2,500  customers  in  55  countries,  including…     CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 3  
    • Document  Management  The   Capture,  share  &  retain  corporate  content,  including   documents,  video,  images  &  graphics  Piles    Alfresco   Records  Management  Platform   Ensure  governance,  compliance  and  retention  of   company  or  government  records     Web  Content  Services   Author,  collaborate  &  publish  to  Drupal,  Liferay,   JBoss  Portal  or  your  custom  web  app     Enterprise  Collaboration   Create,  share,  collaborate,  iterate  &  discuss  content.     Then  publish  to  social  channels.     Open  Source  Platform   Build  content-­‐rich  apps  and  websites  using  RESTful   APIs  or  Java  &  open  standards  like  CMIS  &  JSR  168   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 4  
    • The  Alfresco  4  Business  Case   Forrester  Study,  December  2011:    Alfresco  Enterprise  pays  for  itself  in  10   months.    But  Alfresco  Enterprise  4  goes  even  further,  with…   •  Increased  User  Adoption  =  Increased  Enterprise  Value   –  The  more  employees  that  use  ECM,  the  more  ROI   •  Decreased  Need  for  Other  Tools  =  Fewer  Vendors,  Lower  Costs   –  Built-­‐in  social  publishing,  free  mobile  apps  save  you  money   •  Performance,  Scalability  &  Admin  Improvements  =  Lower  Operating   Costs   –  Less  downtime,  more  users  and  content  per  instance,  easier  administration   saves  time  &  money   •  B2B  Collaboration  Outside  the  Firewall  =  Higher  Productivity   –  With  Alfresco  in  the  cloud  sync  (due  Summer  2012),  employees  can  more   easily  collaborate  with  outside  partners  and  suppliers,  meaning  higher  overall   productivity   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 5  
    • TCO  Comparative  Study   For  Full  ConOiguration:  1000  users   Time   EMC/  Documentum   OpenText   SharePoint   Alfresco   Year  1   $  863,938   $  637,304   $  318,738   $  33,500   Year  2   $  116,955   $  117,901   $  55,570   $33,500   Year  3   $  116,955   $  117,901   $  55,570   $33,500   1000  User  Enterprise  ConOiguration   Comparative  Year  1  Costs   1000  User  Enterprise  ConOiguration   Alfresco  Year  1  Savings  800,000   86%  600,000   84%  400,000   82%   80%  200,000   78%   76%   0   Source:  Alfresco  Whitepaper     -­‐  TCO  and  Ownership  for   Enterprise  Content   Management   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 6  
    • Alfresco     as    IBE  (Integrated  Business  Ecosystem)  Platform   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 7  
    • IBE  -­‐  Integrated  Business  Ecosystem     Stake  Holders   BI   •  Employees   CRM   E-­‐commerce   •  Clients   Business   Portals   •  Partners   Learning   Legacy   Management   Applications   •  Suppliers   ERP   Portals   •  Government   •  Bank   Building  a  Technology  Platform  to  Compete  in  the  Connected  Economy   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 8  
    • Alfresco  Implementations  by  CIGNEX  Datamatics   Industry   Healthcare   High  Tech   Telecom,  Media,   BFSI   Education   Government   Travel  &     Entertainment   Hospitality   Solutions   Portals  &  Social  Collaboration,  Research  &  Collaboration  Portal,     Learning  Management  Portal,    Hospitality/Media/Entertainment  Portals   Integrations   Applications   Document     Record     Web  Content     Enterprise     Content  Integration   Management   Management   Management   Collaboration   And  Services   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 9  
    • Alfresco  Integrations  by  CIGNEX  Datamatics   RPM   RESTful  Web  Services/  Web  Scripts/  CMIS   Versioning     WorkPlow   Security   Modeling   Search   Scripting   Alfresco  DM/WCM   Templates   X-­‐forms   Transformations   Rules  Engine   External  Feeds   External  Apps   (News  XML,  ZIP,  Email,   (Digital  Assets,  Meta-­‐ DAM  System,       Administrators   Scanners,  Fax,  Others)   Data)   Asset  Storage     CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 10  
    • Alfresco  in  Travel  &  Hospitality   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 11  
    • Enterprise  Content  Management  in  Travel  &  Hospitality   Collaboration   Rich  User   Social   Search   Version   Mobile   Scanning  &     Experience   Features   Control    Imaging     Stakeholders  in  Travel  &  Hospitality   Guests/   Passengers   Staff   Management   Suppliers/   Partners   Associated   Brands   Accounts   External   Applications   Portals*   Apache Ephesoft*   *  Solr*   *  External  applications   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 12  
    • Alfresco  Components  in  Travel  &  Hospitality   Infrastructure   Travel  &  Hospitality   Flexibility  &     Content  Publishing   Scalability   Promotional  Campaigns   Compliance  to     Standards   Document  Management   Security   Alfresco  ECM   Social  Features   Administration   Advanced  Search   Integration   Mobility   Support   Applications/  Widgets   Multi-­‐tenancy   Communication   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 13  
    • Posadas  Success  Story:  Hospitality  Portal  for  Multiple  Brands     IBE  -­‐  UXP  using  Liferay  +  Alfresco  +  Widgets     CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 14  
    • Posadas  Overview   l  POSADAS  is  a  leading  Latin  American  hotel  operator  in  Mexico  and   South  America.     l  POSADAS  operates  around  19,000  rooms  in  more  than  100  hotels   across  seven  brands  in  the  most  frequently  visited  beach  and  city   destinations.    In  Mexico,  it  manages  20%  of  the  rooms  of  the  tourist   category  hotel  chains.   l   POSADAS  is  the  largest  Latin  American  hotel  company  in  the  region.    Hotels          Services     Vacation  Club   Contact   Center   Loyalty   OTA   BPO   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 15  
    • Challenges   Burning  Needs   •  Poor  response  time     –  Page  load  time  was  greater  than  4   seconds   •  Lack  of  content  publishing  workPlow   and  staging   •  Information  sprawl  and  duplication  of   content   •  Legacy  technology   Missing  UXP   –  Lack  of  Web2.0  features  &  advanced   Elements   search  functionalities   –  Cost  of  maintenance,  support  and   •  Guest  Experience   enhancements     through  personalized   info   •  Existing  System   –  J2EE  based  Portal   •  Channel  Partner   –  Documentum  ECM   Collaboration   –  Disparate  systems   •  Real-­‐time  promotion   –  Lack  of  centralized  database  &   •  Social  Media   collaboration   •  Mobile  support   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 16  
    • UXP  Solution  Architecture   Alfresco  ECM   Liferay  Portal   System  &  Network   Users   Administrators       Static  Contents   Web  Server   FSR/Web  Application   Portal   Alfresco  Web  Client  Application   Portal/Web  Apps   Firewall   IBE  Widget   Image  Carousel   Video   Blog   FB   Staging  Server   WTHR   Twtr   Search  –  Hotel,  Destination,  Special   Map  &  Local   Attraction   Flickr   Be  Dyn   Offers   Content  Repository,  Business  Rules,     RESTful  Web  Services   Security,  WorkPlow,  Transformations,       Liferay  Framework   Document  Lifecycle,  Search,  Reports   Social   Page   Authentication  &   ECM   IBE   N/W   Blog   Service   Service   Client   Mgmt   Authorization   API   Run-­‐Time   The Mini  Site   UI   me   Management    Hard  disk   Alfresco  Run-­‐time   Oracle  10g   Instances   Media   XML  Piles   CMS   Oracle  10g   Images   Metadata   etc.   Folders   Rules  etc.   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 17  
    • Solution  (cont.)   Fiesta   Caesar   Caesar   One     Fiesta   Americana   Fiesta  Inn   Park   Business   Hotels   Posadas   Americana   Grand   Web  Portals   Presentation   Liferay   Framework   Search  &   Posadas  Central  Reservation   Availability   Alfresco   Rates  and   Content   System   Engine   Content  Manager   (CRS)   Inventory   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 18  
    • Solution  Features   Alfresco     Liferay     Document  Management  &   Integrations   Portal   Web  Content  Management   •  Specialized  content   •  Role  based  security   •  Internet  Booking   WorkPlow   framework   Engine   •  Content  &  page   •  CRM   •  Folder  based  rules  and   management   •  3rd  party  content   actions   •  Live  page  editing  &   integration  with  GIS  &   •  Share  Interface   scheduling   weather  server   •  Automatic  version   •  SEO   •  Widgets   control   •  Multi-­‐tier  search   •  Social  Media   •  One-­‐click  page   •  Standards  Driven   creation     •  Inline  preview   •  Multi-­‐language  &   Multicurrency     CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 19  
    • Solution  Highlights   •  Integration  of  Document  Management   •  Flexible  Architecture   &  Web  Content  Management   –  Support  750+  concurrent  and  2,000+   –  Real  time  sales  promotions  on   content  contributors   websites  as  well  across  partners   –  Easy  integration  with  3rd  party   systems/applications  using  web   •  Security   services  &  shopping  functionalities.   –  Data  encryption,  secure  audit  trail,   –  Social  Media  support.  Includes  blogs,   compliance  reports,  etc.   Facebook,  Twitter,  Linked-­‐in,  etc   –  Advanced  access  controls  &  secure   access  to  information  from  legacy   systems   •  Content  Repository,  Search  &  Access   –  Content  as  a  Service  (CaaS)  –   accessible  anywhere,  anytime  through   •  Multi-­‐lingual  &  multi-­‐currency   single  point  of  access  &  control   support   –  Flexibility  in  content  editing  –  ofPline,   online  and  update  modes   –  Common,  advanced  workPlow  across   all  brands   –  Support  for  standard  protocols  -­‐  CIFS,   WebDav,  FTP  and  Web  Services   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 20  
    • BenePits  achieved  using  IBE  -­‐  UXP   •  Increased  RevPAR     •  Improved  Guest  experience   –  Personalized  &  focused  guest   experience   –  Ease  of  rolling  out  additional   portals,  based  on  business   needs   •  Reduction  in  the  TCO  of  the  web   sites  and  ECM   –  Over  50%  reduction  in  AMC   costs  using  Alfresco  &  Liferay   Open  Source  solutions   –  Reduced  storage  cost  due  to   centralized  repository   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 21  
    • About  CIGNEX  Datamatics   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 22  
    • What  Does  CIGNEX  Datamatics  Do?   In  the  last  11  years,  CIGNEX  Datamatics   helped  its  clients  save  in  excess  of    US$500   Million  by  leveraging  Commercial  Open   Source  Software  across  200+   implementations   Time   Saving   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 23  
    • Where  We  Can  Help  You  web  content  management   portals   document  management   DAM   intranets   records  management   e-­‐commerce   DM  digital  asset  management   social  collaboration   big  data/analytics   integration  &  ESB   business  intelligence   mobile  apps   business  process   SAP/  ERP  apps   enterprise  search   ...more   Open  Source  Center  of  Excellence  (CoE)   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 24  
    • Alfresco  Practice  @  CIGNEX  Datamatics   •  Since  2005   –  Global  Platinum  Partner   –  Over  50  Implementations   –  Team  of  70  Alfresco  consultants   –  Created  IP  and  Use  Accelerators   •  Toolkit:  Migration  from   Documentum   2010  Alfresco  APAC   2010  Alfresco  North  America   •  Contract  Lifecycle  Management   Partner  of  the  Year   Partner  of  the  Year   •  Achievements   –  Alfresco  “Recognized  Developer”   –  Authored  4  Alfresco  Books   –  2010  Alfresco  Partner  of  the  Year   –  2008  Best  North  American   implementation  of  the  Year   –  2007  WCM  Implementation  of  the   Year   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 25  
    • Free  Assessment  Offer   This  assessment  enables  companies  to  maximize  existing  IT  assets  and   build  a  roadmap  of    the  VETTED  Open  Source  technology  options  that   •  Reduce  software  costs  up-­‐to  70%   •  Help  generate  opportunities  for  growth  and  service   The  FREE  Assessment  Offer  Includes:   •  Situation  Analysis   •  Gap  Analysis   •  Recommendations/Roadmap     For  more:    www.cignex.com/alfresco-­‐freeassessment   CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 26
    • Questions?    -­‐  -­‐  -­‐  Book  Drawing!!!  CIGNEX  Datamatics  makes  Open  Source  work  for  the  Enterprise      Jean  Butzier        jean.butzier@alfresco.com        Mark  Meier    mark.meier@cignex.com   Win  a  copy  of  the  latest  Alfresco     book    Michael  Venford    michael.venford@cignex.com       CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential 27