Alfresco xenit webinar fred boosting your desktop - 9 march 2011

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Slide deck to accompany webinar on XeniT's desktop solution, Fred 1.3

Slide deck to accompany webinar on XeniT's desktop solution, Fred 1.3

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  • 1. Boos3ng  ECM  on  your   desktop   March  9,  2011   Peter  Morel  –    Director  S&M   Toon  Geens  –  Fred  Development  Principle   1  2009  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 2. Fred          looks  like  explorer  March  9,  2011   2   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 3. Fred            acts  like  Alfresco  and  supports  the  most  commonly  used  ac3vi3es  March  9,  2011   3   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 4. Fred          works  the  same  way  from  anywhere!   Traveling Office Home March  9,  2011   4   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 5. How  does                make  your  ECM  work  very  easy?  •  Looks like explorer Sort documents on metadata values•  Acts like Alfresco Show metadata in columns•  HTTP based: Works the sameboth in LAN and WAN!•  Drag and drop from and to Pre-defineddesktop applications: documents column setsand e-mail (outlook, thunderbird)•  View/Add/edit metadata Edit off-line with sync to local drive Create, save and in only two clicks remove own column set Versioning Copy links in stead of content Jump to Share of web explorer March  9,  2011   5   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 6. How            helps  you  find  back  documents  and  folders  Sort by meta data value Select meta data columns Containing text or you want to see meta data you are looking for Search All or for specific field values Group by metadataOpen the folder in which valuesthe document resides Filter by metadata values March  9,  2011   6   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 7. Fred  supports  •  Mul3ple  Alfresco  repositories  •  Single  Sign-­‐on  using  NTLM  •  Working  via  a  Proxy  •  Personalized  se[ngs  •  Remember  last  view  per  repository  •  Company  policy  •  Automa3c  upgrade  (click-­‐once)  •  WIN  XP,  Vista,  Win7  (32  &  64bit)  •  Outlook  2003,  2007,  Thunderbird,  ...    March  9,  2011   7   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 8. New  features  in  Fred  1.3  -­‐  Feb  4th  2011  •  Some  func3onali3es  are  now  applicable  on   mul3ple  folders  and  documents  simultaneously  •  Create  new  documents  from  a  list  of  templates  on   the  Alfresco  server  •  Copy  of  document  and  paste  it  as  a  link  in  a  folder  •  Send  a  selected  document  by  email  •  Search:   –  Drag  &  drop  of  Alfresco  URL  into  search  field   –  Search  on  format   –  “Open  File  Loca3on”  focuses  on  the  selected  document  •  Edi3ng  metadata   –  Edi3ng  metadata  of  mul3ple  documents  simultaneously   –  Write  metadata  from  Alfresco  server  to  metadata  fields  in   documents  itself  •  Delete   –  Restore  your  deleted  documents  and  folders  from  the   recycle  bin  •  View  on  informa3on:   –  List  of  document  templates   –  List  of  categories   –  List  of  document  types   –  List  of  data  dic3onary  March  9,  2011   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 9. Visit X en      Benefits   and si iT @ www.x g n -u p for a fr ee Fre d trialFor  the  user   For  the  company  •  Brings  ECM  closer  to  the  user   •  Guides  the  input  of  the  users  •  Very  easy  to  use   •  Increased  quality  of  the  input  •  Intui-ve:  looks  like  explorer,  acts   •  Corporate  guidance  on  the   like  Alfresco   document  metadata  •  Fast  to  browse  and  search   •  Helps  to  make  the  documents  •  Supports  your  day  to  day  work   more  uniform  •  Assists  in  adding  intelligence  to   •  Supports  company  policies     documents   •  Helps  the  users  to  focus  on  the  •  Displays  the  informa3on  you   corporate  repository  and  less  on   work  on   the  C:/  •  Avoids  double  work   •  Easy  way  to  gradually  introduce  •  Works  from  anywhere  and  in  the   new  func3onali3es  to  the  end   users   same  way  •  Raises  your  personal  produc3vity     •  Close  to  zero  training  installa3on!  March  9,  2011   9   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 10. What  to  expect  in  Fred  1.4  Fred  1.4  –  May  2011  •  Set  permissions  •  More  advanced  search  capabili3es   –  Your  use  cases  are  welcome  •  Some  more  features  based  on  outcome  of  market   ques3onnaire            LETS  US  KNOW  WHAT  YOUR  USERS  NEED      hkp://­‐ques3onnaire  March  9,  2011   10   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 11. Feature  back-­‐log  …  some  of  the  idea’s  …  •  Searching:  More  advanced  search  (facet  based,  “find  similar”,  ...)  •  Desktop  op-malisa-on:   –  –  Off-­‐line  synchronisa3on,  including  meta-­‐data   Desktop  ‘clean-­‐up  &  housekeeping’.   Tell  us  what     –  –  Bulk  import  of  documents  (from  your  desktop?)   Desktop  search  in  one  click  to  Alfresco   you  are    •  System:   looking  for   –  Support  for  Mac  /  LINUX   –  No-­‐interven3on  install  &  update  •  Make  the  rich  Alfresco  model  usable  for  “normal”  end-­‐users   –  Richer  model  support:  document  associa3ons,  folder  types,  document  links,  ..   –  Workflow  integra3on  •  Produc-vity:     –  Intelligent  automated  and  assisted  meta-­‐data  extrac3on     –  Usability:  more  flexibility  in  window  handling  (personalisa3on),  mixing  naviga3on,  categories,   tag  view,  3me  view...  :  quicker  naviga3on,  switching  views,  •  Compliance:  More  business  rules  for  corporate  compliance  (templates  for  specific   departments,  meta-­‐data  integra3on  with  corporate  back-­‐ends  ..)  March  9,  2011   11   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons    
  • 12. …  making  document                          management  easier   Visit XeniT @ www.xen and sign-up for a free F red trial Mail: Skype: peter_morelMarch  9,  2011   12   2010  -­‐  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on  of  Xenit  Solu3ons