Alfresco Mobile - new Alfresco Mobile app features


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Jack Rogers, Product Marketing Manager for Mobile, introduces the latest version of the Alfresco Mobile App for iPad and iPhone, as well as the first version for Android tablets and smartphones.

Covers the key features and benefits of the apps and how Alfresco can improve efficiency and flexibility and be the driving force behind mobilizing the enterprise. Including an overview of the Alfresco API and Mobile SDK for mobile developers who are interested in integrating their apps with Alfresco.

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Alfresco Mobile - new Alfresco Mobile app features

  1. 1. Alfresco MobileDecember 2012Jack Rogers – Product Marketing Manager, Mobile
  2. 2. Contents… •  Alfresco Mobile for iOS v1.4 – released November •  Alfresco Mobile for Android v1.0 – released December •  Alfresco API and Mobile SDK – released November
  3. 3. for iOSv1.4 available now in the App Store
  4. 4. Tasks & Workflow for iOS •  Name your task •  Email notification sent to assignees •  Set due date •  Assignees can review content in-app •  Choose 1 or more assignees •  Approve, reject, reassign and/or •  Attach content from within comment on content Alfresco •  Set the priority •  Turn Email notifications on/off
  5. 5. Note Taking for iOS •  Create text files immediately within the Alfresco Mobile app •  No need to switch between numerous third party apps •  Saved straight into you Alfresco account •  Accessible straight away to collaborators / colleagues who need to share your notes
  6. 6. Syncing for iOS•  Sync your Favourite documents in your •  Add to your Favourites by pressing the on-premise or cloud accounts in the ‘star’ to select content settings menu •  Favourites are saved to your device•  Choose to only sync via WiFi to avoid excessive cellular data charges •  You always have access to the most up-to-date version of your favourite•  Sync automatically updates any new/ content, even when you have no amended versions of your favourites connection (i.e. on a flight)
  7. 7. for Androidv1.0 available now in Google Play
  8. 8. Activity Feeds for Android •  View activities on content within your sites •  Option to click through to view content •  Like, comment and share functions
  9. 9. Meta Data for Android •  View extensive metadata for various content types •  Options to Open In, Like, and Share content
  10. 10. Collaboration for Android•  Comment on all content within on-premise and cloud accounts•  Collaborate with colleagues in real-time•  Add tags and view version history
  11. 11. Feature Comparison Alfresco Mobile Feature iOS v1.4 Android v1.0 View Activity Feed in app Yes Yes Search – including adding tags Yes Yes Version History – option to revert back Yes Yes Metadata Viewable in app Yes Yes Social Features – Comment, Like, Share Yes Yes Browse through sites Yes Yes Download Favourite content to device Yes Yes Open in other apps and save changes back Yes Yes Increased Security Options Yes No Notetaking – create/edit text docs Yes No Join and Favourite Share sites Yes No Initiate and complete workflow Yes No Create tasks Yes No Sync files for offline use Yes No Batch Upload of Content Yes No
  12. 12. Alfresco Mobile Unleashing the power of thetablet, and with it the potential of the mobile workforce.
  13. 13. Alfresco Mobile SDKs ✓•  Optional interface layer for mobile app development ✓•  Supports On-premise servers and cloud.•  Sample app available.•  Support available•  Alfresco Enterprise versions 3.4.x and above.
  14. 14. The Alfresco API and Mobile SDK.
  15. 15. Alfresco Mobile SDK Providing developers with freetools that they can use to improve their apps with Alfresco integration, using Alfresco as acontent platform to deliver a greatapp experience to their end users.
  16. 16. Product Videos for iOS for Android
  17. 17. Questions? developer.alfresco.comSearch for “Alfresco” in the Apple App Store or Google Play to download our free apps.