Alfresco & Kofax - scan, manage, collaborate


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Alfresco & Kofax - scan, manage, collaborate

  1. 1. Storyboard  Kofax  &  Alfresco  –  Capture  to  Manage   October  2012   John  Juerss  –  Senior  Solu5ons  Engineer,  Alfresco   Mark  Schroeder  –  Senior  Sales  Engineer,  Kofax  
  2. 2. Enterprise  Capture  Evolu5on   Decision   Management   Business  Process   Automa;on  Automa;on  Value   Scan  to     Process   Process  Ini;a;on   Scan  to     Archive   Distributed  Capture   Intelligent   Integrated   Integrated   Document   Forms   Document   Workflow  &   Business   Capture   Processing   Recogni;on   Rules  Mgmt   Intelligence     Time  
  3. 3. Distributed  Capture  Evolu5on   End    Early   Customer  2010s   Field  Early    Agents  2000s   Field    Offices  Mid   Regional  1990s   Offices   Corporate   Headquarters  Early  1990s  
  4. 4. The  changing  face  of  business   Cost  and  efficiency   The  workplace     Business   Staff  reduc5on,   compe55on,   skills  shortages,   budget  cuts,   mobile  working,   outsourcing   new  processes  &   technologies   Customer  expecta5ons     Governance   Visibility,   Instant  response,   compliance,  interac5on  by  email   auditability   &  Smartphone    
  5. 5. Your  informa5on  arrives  in  many  kinds  of  documents   CUSTOMER  SERVICE   FINANCIALS   Correspondence   Invoices   New  accounts   Cash  receipts   Address  changes   Tax  documents   Service  requests   Proofs  of  delivery   Inquiries   Expense  accounts   SALES   HR   New  orders   Applica5on  forms   Contracts   Resumes/CVs   Proposals   Benefits  forms   Forecasts   Healthcare  forms   CORPORATE   AND…   Correspondence   Insurance  claims   Li5ga5on   Loan  applica5ons   Contracts   Accident  reports   Regulatory  Documents   Pa5ent  records   Policies     Proofs  of  residence      
  6. 6. In  many  different  places  
  7. 7. From  a  number  of  channels   Paper   documents   Social   collabora5on   Mobile   applica5ons   Electronic   formats  
  8. 8. And  is  delivered  to  many  different  des5na5ons   Finance   Legal   Service   Admin   Mailroom   Logis;cs   Sales  
  9. 9. Further  needs  to  capture  source  content     Paper   documents   Social  Paper   collabora5on   Fax  Email   SMS   Mobile   XML   applica5ons  Office   PDF  Social   Electronic   formats  
  10. 10. Without  Kofax-­‐  Companies  spend  extra  resource…  Paper   Fax  Email   SMS   Understand   Decide   XML   Alfresco  Office   Portal   ERP/LOB/CRM   PDF   ECM/RM   Database  Social   What  is  it?   What  do  I  do  with  it?  
  11. 11. Kofax  believe  in  Point  of  Origina5on  Capture     Paper   Fax   Email   BPM   SMS   Understand   Decide   XML   Alfresco    Understand   Office   INFORMATION  CAPTURE   Portal   ERP/LOB/CRM    Decide   PDF   ECM/RM   Database   Social  •  To  improve  processing  5mes  &  Customer  sa5sfac5on  •  To  drive  automa5on  &  save  costs  •  To  improve  governance  &  risk  compliance  
  12. 12. Point  of  Origina5on  –  Extending  Systems  &  Processes   Point  of   Origina;on   Electronic   Smart   phones  &   tablets   FAX   Systems  &   Processes   Smart   phones  &   Produc5on   tablets   scanners   Desktop  scanners  &  web   portals   MFPs  Field   Customer   Remote  Branch   Centralized  Back  workers   loca;ons   offices   office  
  13. 13. Summary  on  Capture  Trends  •  Central  vs  Distributed  vs  Hybrid  processing  •  Inhouse  vs  Outsource  vs  Hybrid  solu5on  •  Single  Process  vs  Mul5  purpose  •  Single  loca5on  vs  Mul5site  
  14. 14. Alfresco  –  Kofax  Collabora5on  Beber  Together!  
  15. 15. …  to  Manage   Documents Mobile WebCollaboration Email Records Images Workflow Digital  Assets   Cloud Social
  16. 16. The   Document ManagementAlfresco   Plaeorm   Records Management Web Content Services Enterprise Collaboration Open Source Platform
  17. 17. Alfresco  Enterprise  Content  Management   Image Document Management Management Content Repository Records Web Content Management Management
  18. 18. Open  Source:  Overcoming  Barriers  to  Adop5on   ECM Revenues But the Enterprise are Huge Sales Model is Broken•  Only 5% of employees have been reached so far•  Cost is the primary barrier•  Open Source succeeds in commoditized markets: OS, DBMS, ECM•  Open Source is now acceptable (Gartner: “95% of G2000 by 2008”)•  Major ECM vendors (IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Oracle) are too busy consolidating
  19. 19. Alfresco  System   Web Applications Knowledge Portals Web Services App  Server   ERP   CRM   Portal  Server   Virtual File System High Availability FTP   CIFS   WebDAV  
  20. 20. 2012
  21. 21. New  Use  Cases  and  Benefits  •  B2B  Collabora;on   –  Collaborate  on  content  between  businesses  and  employees   anywhere  with  easy  provisioning  and  complete  security  •  Mobile  Work   –  Manage,  access,  capture  and  collaborate  on  documents  on  the   go  more  efficiently  and  with  no  paper  •  Mobile,  Paperless  Business  Processes   –  Execute  more  efficient  processes  anywhere  without  being   bound  by  enterprise  infrastructure,  but  with  full  compliance  •  Collabora;ve  Mee;ngs   –  Conduct  more  produc5ve  mee5ngs  anywhere  by  using  the  full   power  of  mobile  devices  with  the  security  and  control  of   enterprise  systems  
  22. 22. Combining  Private  &  Public  Cloud   Consultant   Customer   EU     Division   Sync   Workflo w   Sync   US  Prof   Alfresco  in  the  cloud   Services   This  is  Cloud  Connected  Content   Offshore   Development  
  23. 23. So  that  means…  •  Contracts   •  Transac5onal  documents  •  Subpoenaed  documents   •  Board  notes  •  Legal  documents   •  Standard  Opera5on  Procedures  •  Merger  proposals   •  Manufacturing  records  •  Quality  cer5ficates   •  Tes5mony  •  Non-­‐repudia5on  evidence   •  Manuals  •  Digital  assets   •  Freedom  of  informa5on  requests  •  Adver5sing  videos   •  Cer5ficates  of  authen5ca5on  •  Personnel  informa5on   •  Insurance  claims  •  Pa5ent  records   •  Proprietary  intellectual  property  •  Customer  informa5on   •  Scanned  invoices  •  Secret  intelligence   •  …  •  Website  content   Other  than  that,  feel  free  to  put  it  in  Box  or  DropBox  
  24. 24. What  Makes  Alfresco  Different   vs. legacy, proprietary ECM We deliver fast ROI & flexibility + one platform spans cloud & on-premise + open source & open standards + low-cost subscription model & fast ROI vs. cloud-only file sharing We get the enterprise + metadata & business processes + security & compliance + customization & integration
  25. 25. Kofax  Demo   How  it  works  
  26. 26. Claims  Process  Orchestra5on  -­‐  Kofax  Total  Agility  BPM:    
  27. 27. Solu5on  Overview   Claims Handler Loss Adjuster Broker Kofax Alfresco Mobile Mobile Capture Kofax Kofax TotalAgility Alfresco Transformation Alfresco Cloud ManagementOn-premise CMIS/WS Export Connector And let’s not forget there’s an e-mail server allowing notifications Enterprise to Cloud Sync
  28. 28. QUESTIONS?