Alfresco day madrid john newton - key note


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Alfresco day madrid john newton - key note

  1. 1. Alfresco DirectionsClick to edit Master subtitle style @johnnewton
  2. 2. Once upon a time, IT was controlled by a highly intelligent, logical people… Es muy fácil! Configura la caché de JVM a 512M y la query queue a 64. Eso incrementará el rendimiento 1400 transacciones por segundo!
  3. 3. And they controlled and centralized all applications and data…
  4. 4. And technology would flow from the Fortune 1000…
  5. 5. And these applications knew what they were good at…  Backup your Systems of Record system or you are C in here for another o m T two weeks! m r a a D n n o d s c L a a ui n c m C m d ti e e it c o n n e o n t t d n
  6. 6. But their user interfaces were very powerful, but not very user friendly…
  7. 7. And some of the vendors had all the control…  Hey Tú! Si Tú! Vas a algún sitio? Es hora de renovar!
  8. 8. That didn’t please the users… A este chico le han operado la conciencia!
  9. 9. And there was no incentive to innovate… Diremos queestuvimosdiseñando lareplicaciónde FileNet! Nadie notará ladiferencia!
  10. 10. Open Source removed the Lock­in and opened the Architecture… Closed Source Open Source Customer Customer Customer Media Code Blog Sales Reception Deve ger loper Product Cust Shipping Mgmt Developer omer Internet Develo Mgm and pment t Communit (Bugs) y Supp Q Support ort A Mark Engi Accounts Marketing eter Partn neer Teste er r Partner Partner Partner
  11. 11. Built on Open Source… Intern et Downloads Design and Compose I fixed a I want to buy! bug! Community Deployment Contribution
  12. 12. But some vendors tried to scare people off Open Source… Ooooh! Open Source! Es muy peligrosoooo!!!
  13. 13. Virtuous Cycle – A New Value Chain for Software PROJECT GOVERNANCEDevelopmen Distribution Marketing Sales / Support t ConsultingDevelop from Deliver for Market by Demand is Usersother Open free over Word of generated participateSource the internet Mouth and inside the in QA andComponents Community company – resolution of Solves the problems problem or with the not code Product Mgmt Community participates in ideas, priorities, testing and new components
  14. 14. Strong Governance led to Professional Open Source Open Source is like Economy Class! You get nice champagne in first class, but you still get there at the same time! Marten Mickos – CEO of Eucalyptus and former CEO of MySQL
  15. 15. Our Innovation Engine
  16. 16. And where is innovation taking us?… Social Networks Cost Mobile Internet Moore’s Law
  17. 17. Democratizing technology…
  18. 18. And the Technology was everywhere… new generation of  new types of devices  workers and content
  19. 19. And the technology touched everyone from  their homes to their  workplaces And the users would ask, “Why do I feel so  powerful as a consumer and so lame  as an employee?” Photo source:
  20. 20. The flow of IT reversed!
  21. 21. Then the Revolution happened… We demand a for the enterprise! And And a a
  22. 22. Users wanted Consumer­like applications in the enterprise… Collaboration Video Mobile Social Media Real­Time Some images from Gartner PCC – Apr 2011
  23. 23. And the CIO didn’t know what to do…• “Nobody has figure this out” d S y conducte by urve d AIIM – Aug 2010• “The will bea ne d for theconsum r- re e e 20 C inte we IOs rvie d base te d chnologies.” 9 diffe nt industrie re s• “Theworkforcecom in will have ing diffe nt e ctations.” re xpe• “Thewholeindustry is changing and changing ve fast.” ry• “Whe r theC wantsit or not, it is the IO com in” ing
  24. 24. And Systems of Engagement emerged that worked the way users wanted to work…Courtesy of John Mancini –
  25. 25. Parece queesos dos nunca estuvieron de acuerdo!
  26. 26. System of System of Record!Engagement!
  27. 27. And Social created more Content  and more Content led to more Social…
  28. 28. And users with this Content led to… Engagement Participation Content is the  Conversation… Results Explanation Quality
  29. 29. And it wasn’t just your parents’ “documents”… § Video, Audio and Photographs § Real-time Market Analysis § Real-time Meeting Minutes § Whiteboards § Customer Stories
  30. 30. How safe is your information? ¿Cómo es que alguna vez conocer las cuentas en Suiza?
  31. 31. And you can’t assume anything…  Ahora twitea su número de teléfono!
  32. 32. Which is why Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement need each other Systems of Record Systems of Engagement C Open and o accessible m T m Interaction-oriented r a a D n n User-centric o d s c L a a u Ubiquitous i n c m deployment C m d ti e Self-provisioned e it c o n n e o n t Courtesy of John Mancini – t d
  33. 33. enterprise content sharing management collaboration workflow liking social compliance contentrecommending management control following security records commenting Click to edit Master subtitle stylesocialsoftware Discuss… then capture.
  34. 34. social content management collaboration workflow automation social content types tasks browser/portal version control transactional online content management channel optimization BPM wcm workflow web authoring compliance rich­media RM AnalyticsClick to edit Master subtitle style mobile support archives content management as infrastructure metadata life cycle control integration Interfaces repository platform Source: Gartner ECM Magic Quadrant, November 2010
  35. 35. Qué significa eso en términos prácticos?! Como puedes ver, soy un tío práctico!
  36. 36. Alfresco Directions:Social Content Management Productive Consumer-like More Social Rich Media Connected to Super-scale favorite apps
  37. 37. Share is Social Content ManagementBuilt­in Social FeaturesCommentingUser Status UpdatesActivity Feed for SitesCross­site SearchInvite people to sitesCustomizable dashletsBlogWikiForumsCalendarTaggingWorkflow & TasksVoting API (future)Sharepoint ProtocolWebDav
  38. 38. Keep making it Simple§ Simple Install§ Guide the User§ Drag and Drop§ Social Activities § Likes, Rating, Popularity § Activity Feeds§ Video§ Simple Admin
  39. 39. First Time Experience§ Next-Step guide§ Sample site§ Help bubbles§ Default prompt text
  40. 40. User Interface§ Customization§ Social features § Like § Favourite§ Tailor information§ Inline editing§ Cleaner details page
  41. 41. Video Support
  42. 42. Ease of Use§ Drag n’ Drop up load
  43. 43. Creating a New Project§ “Next Step” guide§ Keep it simple § Minimal tabs § Minimal dashlets§ Prompts § Dashlet § Folder
  44. 44. Notifications
  45. 45. Simple Admin§ License warnings§ Admin console § Activity feeds § Fileserver § License § Email (IMAP) § Email (Outbound) § Transformations
  46. 46. Yeah! Pero además deVicodin, soy adictonocturno a Twitter y Facebook!
  47. 47. Social Publishing§ Push Enterprise Content to Social Networks of Choice § Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube,… § Jive, Yammer, Lotus Connections,...§ Customer communication, external collaboration§ Review and approve external communication§ Video, multi-media 48
  48. 48. Scaling and High Availability § Super-scale Repository cluster § SOLR based Index Server § Clustered file system protocols § Only clustered CIFS support
  49. 49. Upward Mobility…50
  50. 50. Mira! Hice unafoto aquí y ya está ahí!
  51. 51. CMIS is central to our strategy… SharePoint Confluence & Jira Jive Content plus… JBoss • Metadata Portal LotusConnections • SQL-like queries • Folders • Relationships • Fulltext Drupal • REST or SOAP Facebo ok Web Sites SAP Dropbox
  52. 52. Social Content Management Integration Doc Mgmt Coming soon! Low­cost ECM Manage & retain  Community  Version control Use Alfresco  Records Mgmt  content and   Preview Commenting seamlessly for  Check­out docs to  MS Office®  handle workflows  Edit metadata document  Google Docs for  Integration in Alfresco ­ then,  Workflows management real­time doc  Cloud publish to Drupal Previews collaboration JSR­168 CMIS CMIS/APIs CMIS RESTful  API Alfresco Platform
  53. 53. Jive Toolkit
  54. 54. Activiti – Best of Breed BPM and Social Workflow§ Designed by Tom Baeyens, Founder of jBPM§ BPMN 2.0§ New user/social- centric Task Model§ Apache-licensed§ Complete suite - Engine, Modeller,
  55. 55. Systems of Engagement helped transform the business… People Sales & Strategy Marketing Communication Context Content Processes Enterprise Products Apps & Logistics
  56. 56. Like this System Integrator in their Client Engagements § Over $15B in revenue § Improve productivity § Accelerate communications in and between projects § Integrate into Software Development (Confluence and
  57. 57. Why is IT so slow?
  58. 58. Creo que no puedo esperar más a los de TIpara configurar mi servidor!!!
  59. 59. But there are still major considerations…
  60. 60. The Cloud – How its Different
  61. 61. Deployment OptionsStand-alone Server Replication ClusterEmbeddedMulti-Tenant
  62. 62. Alfresco Cloud ApproachDirect Sales & ResellerMarketing Channels • Custom models, • Federated Services workflows, scripts • Activiti • Basic customisation options • Value-add services • Target SMEs/End Users • Launch out of Beta Q1 2012 Out of the Customisable Box (SaaS (SaaS Level 4) Level 3)
  63. 63. The Cloud – Putting it all together Design & User FANATICAL Customer Experience Service Metrics New Sales & Marketing Driven Channels
  64. 64. Hybrid­Cloud Model – On­ramp to Cloud Federated View – Search, Workflow, Activities Intranet Extranet Cloud HTML HTML HTML MasterLocal Content Copy Local Content Copy Local Content On Premise Private Cloud Public Cloud Multi-Tenant 65
  65. 65. So the future is Open Source, Social and Cloud… Suena a ganador!!!
  66. 66. The open platform forsocial content management.
  67. 67. Mariano Rajoy and José Bono are directed to the latters office. / ULY MARTIN The Congress president, Jose Bono, and the defense minister, Carme Chacon / Manuel H. Leon (EFE) the PP leader, Mariano Rajoy, Cospedal Dolores and Mariano Rajoy during the meeting of the nationalThe vice president, board of PPAlfredo Perez Bernardino León,Rubalcaba, the Secretary General of thesession control to the Presidencygovernment. (EFE)
  68. 68. Emilio Botín
  69. 69. Cloud / On Premise Hybrids Emerged Intranet Extranet Cloud HTML HTML HTML MasterLocal Content Copy Local Content Copy Local Content 75
  70. 70. SambaJAM§ B2B collaboration platform built on top of Alfresco§ Focused on Creative Agencies, Advertising Agencies and Consultancies§ Rich AJAX interface built using Google Web Toolkit§ Focus on design and user experience§ Freemium pricing model
  71. 71. SambaJAM Architecture Browser (GWT) iPhone MS Cloud SI Office REST API / SharePoint Protocol / CMIS Alfresco – Enterprise Content Management Amazon Web Admin Console / Analytics / Signup & Billing Services – Cloud Infrastructure
  72. 72. The Cloud – Customers § End users § Technophobes § SMEs § Departments in Enterprises
  73. 73. The Cloud – Buying Process §Usually Self-Service §Try before you buy – for free! §Consumer buying behavior
  74. 74. The Cloud – Economics §Low or no upfront costs §Pay monthly/quarterly/annual subscription on credit card §Lower switching costs §Buying a service – not software
  75. 75. The Cloud – Engineering Changes §Hosting Environments §Product Blue Sky – Integrate into the cloud ecosystem, no environment restrictions §Faster release cycles – 30 day sprints §Analytics baked into the product feed product roadmap
  76. 76. Alfresco Cloud Vision
  77. 77. Alfresco Cloud ApproachDirect Sales & ResellerMarketing Channels • Launch Content as a • Enhanced Team Offering Service offering to • Activiti developers and resellers • Basic customisation options • Allow custom • Federated Services across deployment of models, Tenants workflows, scripts • Value-add services for on- • Develop partner • Target SMEs/End Users premise customers such as channels • Based on Swift with cloud archiving & retrieval for enhancements compliance • Launch out of Beta Q1 2012 Out of the Customisabl Box (SaaS e Level 3) (SaaS Level 4)
  78. 78. Next Generation of Cloud Offering§ Built on a core of Multi-Tenant Team § Investigation by David Caruana, Brian Remmington, Tom Baeyens § May be staged over several releases§ Focused on B2B collaboration and transition between OnPremise and the Cloud§ Federation layer § Federating across multiple tenants and potentially OnPremise § Federated Search, Workflow, Activity Streams, Integration
  79. 79. Federation Layer§ Address sharing and collaborating between multiple tenants§ Federate important information across tenants from the user’s perspective§ Federated Search based upon Open Search and/or CMIS§ Federate Workflow and Inbox across§ Workflow, Activity Streams, Integration
  80. 80. New B2B Application§ Significant differentiation in the market§ Provide a B2B Process-centric view § Conversation and Social integrated § Process engine driving deliveries, approvals, reminders § New Social metaphors in business processes § Content provides a support role§ Professional Services, Outsourcing, Government initial market § Client engagements, specifications, bids, submissions, contracts, review and approval§ New Activiti process engine
  81. 81. New User Interface – Mobile and Simplified§ Designed for consuming and acting on mobile devices§ New platform to allow us to build cross platform applications§ Will evaluate Sencha Touch and Strobe/Sprout Core as UI platform§ Application will have much simpler content interface – subset of Share § Share available as Content Management§ Simpler overall consistent with best practice on iPhone / iPad / Android