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Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management
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Alfresco's Guide to Anger Management


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  • 1. Alfresco’s guide to(or, how mobile is changing content management forever)
    John Masters, Director of Marketing
  • 2. Mobile Device Adoption
    iPhone launched
    Dismissed as unsecure and unsuitable for the enterprise
    iPad 1, April 3 on sale. By May 3, 1M sold
    15M sold in first year
    One of 50 Best inventions in 2010 - Time Magazine
  • 3. iPad Adoption
    Apple will ship 44M iPads in 2011, estimated 64M in 2012 up from an estimated 14M in 2010.
    USA Today
    By 2015, 30% of large companies globally will support users who use the Apple iPad directly from the device.
    Two Use Cases: The Ipad for Consumer and Field Service Support. Gartner, May 20, 2011
    Media tablet sales are expected to reach 208 million units by 2014
    From iPads to Portals: A World of Doors and Windows. Gartner, March 11, 2011.
    85% of the attendees surveyed stated they expected to support media tablets and 48% were already supporting them.
    Gartner Infrastructure and Operations Conference, December 2010
  • 4. Enterprise iPad Adoption by Industry
    Medtronic - 5,000 iPads to sales reps
    Financial Services
    JP Morgan Chase –iPad trial
    Torus (Londoninsurance firm) - iPads replacing 1,600-page executive packs.
    Mercedes-Benz - 400 iPads in dealerships for sales
    Alaska Airlines - replacing bulky flight manuals
    Finnair - FOC iPads in lounges, & selected flights
    Malaysia Airlines iPads in a kiosk mount as self-service check-in devices.
    Replacing paper wine lists and menus with iPad interactive versions.
  • 5.
  • 6. Why is it so hard to access
    my corporate content
    from my mobile device?
  • 7. Angry CEO wants to dine on content
    Just wants to access hisdocuments from his iPad
    Access to most current information will speed their decision making ability
    Access secure content in the boardroom on your tablet
    Read the latest version online, eliminate need to print
    Remove the dependency on out of date email attachments
  • 8. Angry Lawyer wants no leaks
    Dealing with issues of data leaks and confidential documents being released to public sites
    Trying to increase work flexibility without compromising security.
    Comment on contract revisions
    Check key document information – Who changed What and When
    Access consistent content from your desktop, tablet or both
  • 9. Angry Sales wants fresh content, anywhere
    Trying to get the latest access to sales related docs & presos
    Needs to be more responsive to the customer.
    Find and send the latest content to your customers directly from your tablet
    Update meeting notes and documents on the road
    Share and collaborate with other team members
  • 10. Angry Marketing wants up-to-date content
    Tired of watching old content getting used again since the company can’t access the latest
    Needs to be able to collaborate better with stakeholders
    Always have access to the latest marketing collateral and presentations
    Instantly access key documents such as branding guidelines, corporate presentation and campaign material
    Increase productivity with more effective collaboration between marketing teams and external agencies
  • 11. Angry IT Guy wants to keep things safe
    Needs to provide access to content while adhering to security policy
    Users are deploying their own solutions to solve their mobile needs
    Enable your users without loosing control
    Provide secure mobile access to content
    No additional funding for mobile client access licenses or apps
  • 12. What does it mean for the organisation?
    The Smart Phone and Tablet are parts of the corporate IT landscape – get used to it
    But this device revolution is different than the PC revolution:
    Users will have the best technology (tablets & smartphones) BEFORE the enterprise buys it for them… and will want to use them for work
    IT will never get their hands on the devices
  • 13. What does it mean for the organisation?
    Stop worrying about securing and controlling devices…
    Start making sure you can secure and control access to your corporate content (your intellectual property)
  • 14. Who owns what in this new world?
    Mobile Apps
    For accessing content
    Web Content
    (maybe PC’s one day?)
    Corporation, Organization
    App Ownership
    is determined by your
    need for secure access control and content policies.
    End User
  • 15. What about Applications?
    Your security needs will determine your comfort with content apps
    Content store vs. content viewer? Do you need your own app?
    Allowing access to other apps through open standards, like WebDAV or CMIS?
    Browser access vs. app access?
    Your users will likely download content anyway (and use DropBoxor other file syncing tools) – so it’s best to enable them in the way your company would like them to use content
    Then, measure user satisfaction with your mobile content enablement strategy
  • 16. Alfresco’s Approach to Mobile
    The right content to the right person on the right device
    Devices controlled by users, content access controlled by company
    Apps controlled by users and/or company, depending on security needs
    A robust, secure content
    management platform
    To provide app choice – WebDAV & CMIS
    Alfresco apps for easy access to content & collaboration features; open source apps for customization
    Alfresco Enterprise
    Alfresco Team
  • 17. How to not be Angry
    Mobile devices are a growing part of the IT landscape – and users own them
    Focus on enabling and securing your content through your platform, protocols and/or apps – stop worrying about the devices
    Future-proof through open source & open content standards