2013 Connected Enterprise Survey Infographic (part 1)

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IT & Business Users Unite! Download the full report at http://www.alfresco.com/2013survey

IT & Business Users Unite! Download the full report at http://www.alfresco.com/2013survey

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  • 1. 2 13 Connected Enterprise Survey 1 2 3 IT & Business Users Unite! Share Use of consumer cloud apps is a response to limitations in enterprise productivity tools. not a revolution against IT 70 of decision makers see an increasing trend of employees using their own personal collaboration tools at work. % Today’s business users are frustrated by: Time spent looking for documents Version control Blame The Tools ( Not IT ) 87% of IT decision makers see it as important for mobile workers to able to collaborate on documents. 89 % of business users want a single, secure connection to document sharing tools. 8 Countries online interviews with IT and business decision makers in eight countries about their content and collaboration challenges. Sourced: May 2013 Work e-mail 89% Personal e-mail 54% USB stick/CD 53% Instant messaging 44% 18 % 82 of decision makers think their company effectively shares knowledge in their organization. % + Research Methodology 1600 12 Months the most common methods for sharing business documents among business users are: Only Managing email volume In The Past of IT decision makers want to be able to integrate cloud and on-premise. = 63 % According to the survey, most business users prefer to use tools mandated by the Organizational organization rather Tools than tools of their own choice. 37% Their Own Choice Download The Full Report Alfresco is the open platform for business critical document management and collaboration, helping great businesses share, organize and protect their content. More than 7 million people in over 180 countries use Alfresco to collaborate and manage over 4 billion documents worldwide. Learn more at alfresco.com