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Choosing Open Source ECM - Success Story with Shimano & Acquity Group



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Listen to Shimano, an international manufacturer of cycling and fishing equipment, and Acquity Group, talk about the selection and implementation of Alfresco, an open-source based ECM software.
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Choosing Open Source ECM - Success Story with Shimano & Acquity Group Choosing Open Source ECM - Success Story with Shimano & Acquity Group Presentation Transcript

  • ACQUITY GROUP Open Source ECM: A Shimano Success Story May 14, 2008
  • Agenda
      • Open Source and ECM – Our Perspective (10 minutes)
      • Shimano Case Study (15 minutes)
      • Shimano Media Project Highlights (10 minutes)
      • Summary (10 minutes)
      • Q & A (15 minutes)
  • About Shimano
    • Japanese company founded in 1921
    • Headquartered in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan
    • Annual revenues 1.5 billion (USD)
    • Multiple sales/marketing/distribution/manufacturing offices around the world
    • Bicycle Components
    • Fishing tackle
    • Snowboard equipment
    • Cold-forging parts for the automobile-related industry
  • About Acquity Group
    • End-to-end provider of strategy, technology and design solutions
    • Headquartered in Chicago with regional offices in Irvine, Scottsdale, Overland Park, and Dallas
    • Founded in 2001, and working with Shimano since 2002
    • Over 300 customers
    • Alfresco Gold Partner
    • Open Source and ECM – Our Perspective
  • Open Source in the Enterprise
    • Enterprise Application & Integration gaining more popularity in the shift to OSS
      • 29% of companies using OSS in Content, Communications, and Collaboration, while 19% plan to use (Gartner 2007 Survey)
    • Open Office
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • GIMP
    • Alfresco ECM
    • JOOMLA
    • Magnolia WCM
    • Mule
    • ServiceMix
    • Active MQ
    • OpenLDAP
    • JBoss
    • Tomcat
    • Apache
    • Geronimo
    • Ubuntu
    • OpenSolaris
    • OpenSuse
    • (Xen Virtualization)
    • MySQL
    • Postgres
    • MaxDB
    • Ingres
    • Apache Derby
  • Why Open Source?
    • Who identified and initiated the OS projects?
      • User driven demand; the business in the need of a new or improved solution while being fiscally responsible
      • Digital Asset Management (Alfresco) was the key project that started the current interest in open source solutions
    • What justification, business case?
      • Best of breed application
      • Ensuring the proper mixture between proprietary solutions and open source solutions
  • Open Source in the Enterprise: What’s Our Position Openness A good mixture of both; open source and proprietary Community Try before full commitment
    • Shimano Case Study: Implementing Digital Asset Management
  • Shimano Case Study: Technology Stack
    • Web Technology Portfolio
      • Proprietary Web Content Management
      • Proprietary E-Commerce / B2B
      • Proprietary SOA Infrastructure
      • SQL Server Database
      • Windows 2003 OS
      • Integration with several ERP systems world-wide
    • Move to Open Source
      • Web Servers: IIS to Apache
      • Web Caching: Squid
      • Application services built on: Spring, Hibernate, Apache Commons…
      • Potential use of Open Source ESB Solutions
  • Shimano Case Study: What does Digital Asset Management mean to Shimano? A digital asset is content along with data about the rights of use . These assets can be text , documents , images, or other multimedia files.
  • Shimano Case Study: Digital Asset Management Objectives
    • Asset Management
      • Shimano had an immediate need to manage globally shared electronic documents and assets in a single repository. Previous methods included local hard drive storage, network drives, and email.
    • Asset Collaboration
      • Within the context of a project team, Shimano had the need for more effective ways to share and collaborate project documents. The absence of versioning and check-in/check-out facilities often led to multiple document revisions, overwriting of document changes, and unintended loss of content.
    • Asset Distribution
      • Shimano needed standardize distribution methods to internal and external parties. Previous methods included FTP, email, and snail mail.
  • Shimano Case Study: Digital Asset Management User Profiles
    • Targeted User Groups
      • Product Managers
      • Marketing
      • Engineering, IT, Warehouse Operations
      • Corporate
    • Shimano External Consumers
      • Dealers, OEMs, Distributors
      • 3 rd Party Agencies
      • Media, Press
  • Shimano Case Study: Digital Asset Management Project Background
    • Vendor Selection Process Q4 2006
    • Alfresco selected Q1 2007
    • Phase 1 implementation through end of 2007
    • Phase 2 Media Project Q1 2008
    • Phase 3 Enhancements Q3-Q4 2008
  • Shimano Case Study: Alfresco’s Winning Combination
    • No named user license model
    • Extensible content and security model
    • Easier integration with 3rd Party Java software through Spring configuration
    • Desktop Integration through WebDAV & CIFS
    • Internationalization and Federated Searching
      • Double Byte support
    • Better product roadmap alignment with Shimano’s Digital Asset Management vision
    • Great community backing!
    • Shimano Media Project Highlights
  • Shimano Media Project Highlights: Overview
    • Goal: To enable existing Alfresco investment to create connections both inside and outside the Shimano enterprise to deliver digital assets to the right people at the right time around the world…
    • Outside Shimano
      • Dealers and OEMs
      • 3 rd Parties (Advertising, Creative, Press, Media)
      • Customers
    • Inside Shimano
      • Marketing
      • Customer Support
      • Product Development
  • Shimano Media Project Highlights: Media Architecture REST URL XML Response User Request HTML Web Application
  • Shimano Media Features: Alfresco Web Client
  • Shimano Media Features: Browsing
  • Shimano Media Features: Image Close-ups
  • Shimano Media Features: Search
  • Shimano Media Features: Search Results Filter
  • Shimano Media Features: Quick Downloads
  • Shimano Media Features: Add to Cart
  • Shimano Media Features: Transformations
  • Shimano Media Features: Download Zip File
  • Shimano Media Features: Content Description File
    • Summary
  • Summary: Lessons Learned
    • Get involved in the community
      • Share your experience, and collaborate on solutions
      • Understand how community (open and enterprise) discussions drive product features
      • Build your network from community members, vendor, and systems integrators
    • Do your research on the product support
      • Documentation – Wiki, forums, community vs. enterprise issue tracking/support
      • Issue resolutions
      • Issue escalation
    • Make sure vendor delivers a clear message on product roadmap and see if that roadmap aligns with your company’s vision
  • Summary: Lessons Learned
    • Adoption should include well-defined discrete projects
      • Quick Wins First
      • Evangelize and deploy to other departments/business units
    • Make early investments on
      • Information Architecture
      • Governance
      • Application Architecture
    • Process and governance is an evolution
      • Culture Shift
      • New processes
      • End user on-boarding (resistance) – I’m too busy…
      • Establish a communications plan
  • Summary: Our Position Openness A good mixture of both; open source and proprietary Community Try before full commitment
    • Q & A
    • Julian Lambert
    • Shimano
    • [email_address]
    • Emil Loreto
    • Acquity Group
    • [email_address]
    Do you Alfresco? See Alfresco run, learn more, or download a trial: www.alfresco.com