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Planning Planning Presentation Transcript

  • Teacher: ALFREDO ALEXIS MF. Group: 2ND Shift: morning/afternoon Unit: 4 “house and home” week: 7-11 March <br />session social practice Function sample productions Aim of the class1stcarryng out certain transactions Describing accommodationAre there any curtains in the house? Hoe to give instructions   Establishing and mantaining socialcontacts  Yes, there are How to describe a bedroom Giving and obtaining factual information of..   How to give warnings 2nd carryng out certain transactions Describing accommodation Is there a bank? Where is it?How to describe warnings   Establishing and mantaining socialcontacts   How to describe where things are located Giving and obtaining factual information of..    3RDcarryng out certain transactions Describing accommodationWhere’s the bathtub? It’s in the bathroom How to relate furniture to rooms in the house   Establishing and mantaining socialcontacts   How to describe the location of furniture Giving and obtaining factual information of..    ACTIVITIESOBJECTIVEPROCEDUREINTERACTION AND TIMEMATERIALCOMPETENCETRANSVERSAL CONTENTS(consider the methodology framework)(Performance evidence)(Reflection on language/strategic competence)1ST SESSIONreadingSs will be able to recognize and Look at the texts below quickly and circle true or false.15minBookThe student followsSpanishUnderstand quotidian texts in order to useRead the e-mail and match the sentences. Read the inventoryNotebookStructured models ofThem purposefullyAnd unscramble the words on the left.BlackboardWritten and spokenListeningListen and complete the text about Mrs fincel’s report of the 20minCd playerLanguage to give info aboutHouse. Match the warnings with the sentences.accommodationmatchingMatch the signs with the warnings15min2ND SESSIONReading & writingSs will be able to recognize andHave ss read the e-mail below and write the name of the missing15minBookThe student can use SpanishUnderstand quotidian texts in order toPlaces on the map. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questionsNotebookKnowledge of the world toUse them purposefullyAbout the places on the map.Cd playerAnticipate type of infodrawingRead the text below and draw the objects in the correct place in15minRequiredThe picture.listeningListen and unscramble the words.15min3RD SESSIONSs will be able to recognize and Ss can use languagespanishChoral repetitionUnderstand quotidian texts in order to use Have ss look at the pictures and repeat the words15minBookCreatively regardingwritingThem purposefullyHave ss look at the pictures and decide where to put the furnit.15minNotebookaccommodationlisteningHave ss listen to the conversation and match15minCd playerReadingHave ss read the paragraph about the family. Answer questionsvideoHave ss watch the video and answer the exerciseevaluationProject / portfolioDOCENTEVo.Bo. Coordinador de actividades académicas/subdirector/director<br />