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Planeacion Planeacion Document Transcript

  • SECOND GRADE<br />UNIT 4 “HOUSE AND HOME”<br />4.1 DESCRIBING ACCOMMODATION<br />SOCIAL PRACTICE: GIVING AND OBTAINING FACTUAL INFORMATION OF A PERSONAL AND NON-PERSONAL KIND.<br />AIM OF THE CLASS: <br />HOW TO RELATE FURNITURE TO ROOMS IN THE HOUSE<br />HOW TO DESCRIBE THE LOCATION OF FURNITURE<br /> CHORAL REPETITION<br />INSTRUCTIONS: <br />LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND REPEAT THE WORDS.<br /> <br />DINING ROOM BATHROOM KITCHEN<br /> <br /> <br /> BEDROOM LIVING ROOM<br />WRITING<br />II. INSTRUCTIONS:<br />LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND DECIDE WHERE TO PUT THE FURNITURE<br /> <br />___________________________ _____________________ __________________<br /> <br />_________________ ______________________ _______________________<br /> <br />__________________ _______________________ _____________________<br /> <br />_________________ _________________ ______________________ <br />LISTENING<br />III. INSTRUCTIONS:<br />LISTEN TO THE CONVERSATION AND MATCH THE QUESTIONS WITH THE ANSWERS.<br />Where’s your house? A) I only have two. One is of Shakira, and the other is of <br /> Gael Garcia. <br />Where are the bedrooms? B) My sister’s room is nice. It’s white and blue, but it only <br /> Has one window.<br />What’s your room like? C) it’s near the park, opposite the pet shop.<br /> Do you have a TV and a stereo? D) I don´t have a TV, but I have a small CD player.<br />How many posters do you have? E) I have many pictures of my friends and school parties.<br />Are there any pictures? F) It´s not very big, but it has two big windows.<br />Which is nicer, yours or your sister’s? G) The bedrooms are on the second floor. <br />ANSWERS<br />1_____<br />2_____<br />3_____<br />4_____<br />5_____<br />6_____<br />7_____<br />READING<br />IV. INSTRUCTIONS<br />READ THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH ABOUT THE FAMILY<br />Alberto, Lorena, Maggie. Carmen and Raul are a happy Mexican family. They bought a brand new house in San Francisco and they moved in last week. In one bedroom there are two beds and one big closet with many dresses and skirts in it. There are also some make-up kits and there is a picture of Johnny Depp hanging from the wall. There is a pink lamp on the chest drawer next to some magazines. Lorena’s room is bigger. There is a king size bed and a closet here. In the closet there are many blouses, jeans, some ties and a pair of soccer shoes but Lorena does not practice any sports. In this room there is a bathroom.<br />Raul’s bedroom is the smallest. There is a small desk with a pc on it and many clothes spread across the floor. There is a bathroom between his room and the girl’s room. There are six chairs in the dining room around the table. In the living room there is a coffee table and a big TV in front of the sofa. There is a microwave oven and a blender in the kitchen but there isn’t a dishwasher.<br />ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS<br />How many bedrooms are there in the house?<br />Who has the biggest room?<br />Where are the bathrooms?<br />What is in front of the sofa?<br />How many people can sit at the dining table at the same time?<br />Is there a bathroom in the girl’s room?<br />Where is the dishwasher?<br />