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  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD JUAREZ DEL ESTADODE DURANGOEscuela de lenguas.CALL IIAlumnos: Montse C. SantoyoAlfonso Montaño Castañeda.
  2. 2. How to learn in CALL II 10 8 6 practice 4 therory 2 0 pactical wayWhat to learn Content of CALL 2 HLT CAA La integración de las TIC en la enseñanza de idiomas Introducción a los programas de creación en CALL Manejo de un centro de idiomas multimediaAs you can see, in the class, the majority of the students want to learnin a practical way this class, because they believe that making practicethey would learn better. Also the students believe that is necessarystudies theory, but just a little bit because the class is about using
  3. 3. programs to teach, so the students prefer making practices withprograms and the resources that we gone to use.Also as you can see in the graphic, the students are more interested bythe topic Human Language Technologic (HLT) because the studentsfind interesting how it works in the process of learning on the students.The students found the class as a complementary class because theybelieve that in this class we learn how to use the technologic witheducative purposes and how use some programs with educativepurposes. Even that the class is too similar to CALL 1 some studentswant to acquire new knowledge with new programs and new topics.For this is essential to have some skill, which we are going to developaccording to the session we are in, they can be acquire by practicingwith all technological material, software and all that technology canprovide us.Also we can increase our knowledge by using the tools we have online,and some others we can create by our ownArticle.This is part of one article that try to explain the different level over thetechnological skills, so this refers to the students that want to make theclass more practical way, that we need be conscious that we needlearn from the beginning. This also gives an idea of that the teacherneed feel comfortable using the technology for teach. And the relationbetween the speciation of the students and this article is that for learn
  4. 4. in this moment are beginner and we need learn with practice, but weneed have a previous knowledge.Technological skillsTechnological skills in this subsection are divided into three levels ofexpertise: novice, proficient and expert. At each of the levels, there is amain emphasis underlying the technological skills. The emphasis at thenovice level is for the teacher to become a proficient user oftechnology. Familiarity with a range of technology can then help toincrease the teachers confidence in using the technology for teachingpurposes. At the proficient level, the emphasis is on being an effectivejudge of different technologies so the teacher can choose the besttechnology given a certain set of conditions. Is a necessaryprerequisite for any novice teachers. This includes the ability to turn ona computer, use a mouse and basic knowledge of simple applications,e.g. word processing and the internet. Based on these basic skills, anovice online language teacher should proceed to be a proficient userof various technologies that could be used for online languagelearning. Technologies which include text, audio, and videoconferencing. Since communicative competence is an important facetof language learning, the novice teacher should also learn about thedifferences between asynchronous and synchronous technologies andbe comfortable in using computer-mediated communication.The role of a teacher is being somebody to help the student when theyneed it, but also provide them the help of technology, as Teachers wecan be a tutor to them.
  5. 5. Nobody says that a teacher is prepare to be in a class with so manytools like are nowadays all kind of software and technological tools ,but that is what CALL is for, it makes a Teacher rich in knowledge of allonline product we can access to make classes funnier , enjoyable andattractive.¨A creative teacher may not necessarily be successful at teaching if thelearning tasks do not lead to the desired outcomes¨Looking for material for teaching online it is easy but we have to beaware of what we are using it is the appropriate for the students wehave ( age, level, etc).Nowadays it has become essentials the use of technology in our dailylifes that is why we have to be familiar with all this tools