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eCommerce opportunity assessment @ Food market

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eFood project alfonsogadea

  1. 1. eFood project jun 2012 by www.alfonsogadea.es
  2. 2. eCommerce, the industry at a glance B2C eCommerce volume grew from €7,760 in 2009 to € 9,114 million in 2010, experiencing an increase of 17.4% (vs. 15.9% in 2009), based on a triple factor: ► ► The total percentage of Internet users rose in 2010 1.1 p.p., from 64% in 2009 to 65.1%. The number of Internet purchasers rose by 5.8%, from 10.4 million to 11 million individuals (from 41.5% upon Internet users to 43.1%). ► Evolution of number of internet users and Volume ofAverage commerce (million €) B2C electronic annual expenditure per Internet purchases purchaser from €749 to €831 (+10.9% increase), being the main origin of the growth. Source: Red.es, ONTSI, Nov 2011 (data 2010, carried out by TNS) 2
  3. 3. eCommerce Market assessment Q3 2011 in Spain – eCommerce volume grew 27.4% up to €2,418 millions, including purchases out of Spain and foreign purchases in Spain. – National volume reached €1,053 millions representing an increase of 27%, and a total € 3,662 in the last 12 months. – This volume corresponds to 12.88 million transactions (+27.4%), 48.5 millions in the last twelve months. Quarterly eCommerce volume evolution and interanual increase Source: Comisión del Mercado de Telecomunicaciones (only paid by credit card included, not PayPal or bank 3 transfers).
  4. 4. eCommerce Market assessment eCommerce distribution by industry Supermarkets and grocery shops Other food commerce Source: Comisión del Mercado de Telecomunicaciones (only paid by credit card included, not PayPal or bank 4 transfers).
  5. 5. Role of the Internet in the purchase process 5
  6. 6. Food online purchase at a glance La compra @nline 8M amas/os de casa digitales (<50años)  70% se conecta a diario Promos Promos 49% Comparar Precios precios 44% con tienda física sin email, comparar, noticias  Viajes 37% Viajes compran 65% buscan InforInfo mación Entradas Entradas 25% Ropa Ropa 21% FMCG 17% FMCG Libros/Cd 14% Libros/Cd Elcorteingles.es Mercadona.com Carrefour.es Condisline.es Eroski.es Alimerkaonline.es Capraboacasa.com Gadisline.es Alcampo.es … Hipercor.es… Tudespensa.com Hiperdirect.es Ulabox.com Alice.es … en internet 2,8h/día tradicional canal online pure online comparador (Amazon.uk) 5.000 >5.000 surtido online (SKUs) Datos: Nielsen Infografía: AlfonsoGadea.es 6
  7. 7. Analysis of online players in the food market Spain With physical store Carrefour.es Condisline.es Eroski.es Alimerkaonline.es Capraboacasa.com Gadisline.es … Without physical store Elcorteingles.es Mercadona.com Current market players Alcampo.es Hipercor.es Tudespensa.com Hiperdirect.es (Amazon.es) Ulabox.com Alice.com Less than 5.000 SKUs online More than 5.000 SKUs online 7
  8. 8. The target in Spain 8.000.000 Digital housewifes (<50 years) 70% connects everyday They spend 2,8 hours everyday on-line (1st email, 2nd comparing, 3rd news) They buy: 37% travels, 25% tickets, 21% clothes,17% mass market , 14% books/CD What they want: 65% Information, 59% promotion, 44% compere price Source: Nielsen 8
  9. 9. Analysis of online players in the food market Portugal With physical store Elcorteingles.pt Portelacafes.pt Continente.pt Quenteebom.com Jumbo.pt … Pingodoce.pt Current market players Without physical store Superbio.pt Airport-shopping.eu - Gourmetportugal.pt … Less than 5.000 SKUs online More than 5.000 SKUs online 9
  10. 10. The target in Portugal 35% have a social network profile 60% connects everyday 10% shops online 58% households with access to internet 40% of the online stores increased over 20% in sales volume during 2011 Source: INE, Marktest 10
  11. 11. Opportunity assessment Should we be there High fixed costs: Hard to be -technolgy, operations. -customer acquisition Customer habits: -retail dependent -wide assortment -20-40% private labels - Customized product or gift. Ways to be - Discount is worth for mensual purchase amount (+€25). - Partnership & Multiplatform. - 24/7 global flagship store. - Wide assortment and easy search. - Excellence in service, operations and customer - Couponing: service. traffic to - Volume and retailer or desintermediatio other platform. n: lower costs - Branding and prices, and research. higher margin. - Prepared for outcoming trends: • S/F/M-commerce, purchase clubs. • RoPo, droppoints, showrooms. Overall: we shoud be where the consumer is and expects to find • Searchers, us comparators, opinion. 11 eComm musts Additional features
  12. 12. Opportunity assessment Ways to be there: Our own store – Customer looks for just 1 or 2 purchase places: = x sites x carts x checkouts x expenses x deliveries 12
  13. 13. Opportunity assessment Ways to be there: Our own store – We give them something special and different from the retailer: – – It is valuable as an additional feature. Disadvantage: aimed to occasional gifts not to regular purchase / consum. diseloconchocolate.es 13
  14. 14. Opportunity assessment Ways to be there: Our own store Snack mensual purchase Teens & Youth target Families Planned? Planned? %YES %NO NO (impulse) € purchase -% discount + € delivery No ePurchase NO Coupons Branding Research Worth it Traffic to retail YES ROI 14
  15. 15. Reasons to be on-line Loss of sales Channel for client acquisition Brand image Marketing activities at low cost Strategies from all ensigns is to be multichannel so they can attend to the customer when he needs it. Internet, nowadays , it´s a necesity. Being in the internet permits register and capture new clients without doing large advertising investments. An established brand and lider in his geography has to attend the on-line channel, otherwise it goes against the trademark. Any action comunication using your own database of registered users has a very low cost. Por example distribution of promotions online with a newsletter attached to users. 15
  16. 16. Why to buy on-line? Relevant factors Price/promoti ons, offers Comfort Facility to buy Wider choice and range Only available way Speed of supply By recommendati on To try Other Don´t know Source: Red.es Observatory 16
  17. 17. Elements of an eCommerce solution Technology Marketing Logistics • Design and construction of the site • Facebook Store • Content management • Payment methods • Reports and analytics • Couponing • Sampling: Try & Buy • Storage, picking and packing • Commitment and quality certificates • Customer support • Control of batchs 17
  18. 18. Social commerce Social commerce is on everybody’s minds and on the minds of most marketers in particular. • What differences social commerce Social commerce can be much from online stores? more. As with their traditional online stores, e-retailers need to understand their customer´s needs, and they need to be open to experimenting with social channels to make it work for them. • Why to offer a social benefit to the customer? Because without it, there is no reason to buy with social network over a traditional online store There is a clear link between the customer experience and business success. 18
  19. 19. Success Purchase Funnel Ventas = Visitas x % conversión x pedido medio • Visitas – – • posicionar: elevada inversión en SEM (Google Adwords, Adsense, display luchando contra su algoritmo que trata de igualar coste de adquisición a margen) y SEO. captar: marketing, affiliate mk, comparadores, multiplataforma, emailing, social media, content mk (inbound). Conversión (experiencia de compra): – – – • • • buscador (30% abandona porque no encuentra), fichas de producto (muy visual), carrito (sólo llega el 20%), forma de pago (65% tarjeta, 12% PayPal, 10% c/ reembolso, 5% transferencia; futuro móvil y créditos FB, Apple…). Pedido: aumentar el importe mediante cross / up selling, paquetes. Operaciones: externa (80%) vs interna (inversión, control, implantación, integración, flexibilidad, atención). Repetición: social media, operaciones, atención, CRM. 19
  20. 20. Online purchase journey 20
  21. 21. Conversion Nacho Carnés 21
  22. 22. Conversion 22
  23. 23. Conversion 23
  24. 24. Case study: Carritus http://www.alfonsogadea.es/carritus-revoluciona-la-compra-jesus-haro-ceo-i/ La compra en 650k visitas únicas/mes 68% 170k us. registrados 114€ mujeres de 28 a 52 años ticket medio productos/cesta 39 los más comprados > azúcar > leche semidesnatada > papel higiénico > huevos > arroz redondo > caldo de pollo > papel de cocina > cola lata _ D L dom lun Datos: Carritus M mar X mié J jue V vie S sáb Infografía: AlfonsoGadea.es 24
  25. 25. Case Study: Alice 25
  26. 26. Case Study: FB Store - Venca La vinculación con los seguidores incrementa la conversión Tw es más efectivo en llevar tráfico al site en links de producto, frente a FB Tw es una importante plataforma de dinamización La generación de contenido debe estar ligada al conocimiento de cuál es el producto y presentación que consigue más conversión 26
  27. 27. www.alfonsogadea.es