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Dioses De Egipto
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Dioses De Egipto


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Published in: Education, Spiritual

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  • 2. AMÓN
    • In the beginning it was considered as the god of the wind.
    • Years later he was associated with the god Ra, the god of the Sun. Since then it was named as Amón-Ra, the greatest god of Egypt.
    • The most important temple dedicated to Amon was located in the city of Thebes.
    • In the most famous temple of Thebes, Karnak, Amon is represented with a ram's head.
  • 3. HORUS
    • Horus is identified with a solar origin as a falcon, “Lord of the Heaven”.
    • Horus was the son of Osiris (god of the wind) and Isis (goddess of the Earth).
    • His father, Osiris, was killed by her brother Seth. When Horus grew up decided to revenge his father's death.
    • Horus faced Seth and he finally won and became the new king of Egypt. So Horus as a falcon is identified with the pharaophs.
  • 4. ISIS
    • This goddess is represented as a woman in a dress and a throne on her head.
    • Isis is wife and sister of Osiris.
    • When Set killed and dismembered Osiris, Isis looked for and found each of the remains of Osiris.
    • Isis was the mother of the god Horus and as such was identified as the protector of the pharaoh.
  • 5. MAAT
    • Goddess of the justice and truth. She was the goddess of the judges and presided over the trial of the dead.
    • Later she became god Ra's wife and this was the guarantee of order and justice in Egypt.
  • 6. OSIRIS
    • He was the first son of god Nut and god Seth was his brother. Osiris represented the fertility of the land while Seth represented the desert.
    • He married Isis, his sister, and eventually became king of Egypt.
    • Osiris taught the egyptians how to cultivate the fields and how to make beer.
    • Seth hated his brother Osiris and killed him dismembering his body. Osiris's wife Isis looked for his remains.
    • Isis finally found his remains and became the first mummy in the history of Egypt.
  • 7. PTAH
    • One of the most important gods of Egypt and most unknown.
    • He is represented as a mummy holding a stick that represents vegetation, fertility and life in Egypt.
    • He was considered the god of architets and crafstmen.
    • As a funerary god, he created the ceremony of opening the mouth. (this ceremony was held in the statues for example so they could drink, eat, walk and breathe.
  • 8. RA
    • He represents the Sun at midday and travels through the sky in a solar boat.
    • He became a patron god of the first great pharaohs. In fact, the pharaoh was son of the Sun.
    • Later he was associated with the god Amon, forming Amón-Ra.
    • He is represented as a falcon-headed man with a sun disk above his head.
  • 9. THOT
    • He is the god of wisdom that watches that the will of the gods is fulfilled. So he was identified with the figure of the Prime Minister.
    • He is also considered the creator of the writing and architecture.
    • When Isis brought together all the remains of Osiris, Thot cured him and he came alive again.