BSC Our Vision For Document Traceability


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Busness Software Consulting vision for paper and electronic documents traceability during its production cycle

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BSC Our Vision For Document Traceability

  1. 1. Our vision for document traceability<br />Our Goal Give value to your documents<br />
  2. 2. Our vision for Document Traceability<br />Today customer’s expectation is such that you have no leeway for oversight or mistake in the delivery of any documents and messages, despite the fact that document processes are fare more complex.<br />Documents are no longer just paper but electronic orders, e-mails, and sms<br /> You must dedicate teams for the control and verification of document and message delivery.<br />Customers want ROI on their marketing campaign <br />You want a decrease of document production costs and delivery costs.<br />
  3. 3. Our vision for Document Traceability<br />A tracking of documents and messages will allow:<br />Traceability throughout the processes insuring proper matching, no duplicate, no missing, when, to whom, proper delivery, …<br />Optimisation of resources and better production planning<br />Control of documents and means of multi-channel delivery: paper, e-mail, sms<br />Immediate alert if problems (prevent waste)<br />Reduction of production costs and mailing costs<br />You bill what you produce<br />
  4. 4. Our vision for Document Traceability<br />Based on a innovative way to implement or collect information, BSC has the solution:<br />The Intelligent Document Tracking whichprovide an easy method and tool to create connectors for most channels for today and for the future<br />
  5. 5. Our vision for Document Traceability<br />Connections are made with each production tool (hardware and software) to track the document throughout the process. <br />Each document commands are tracked within each step of the production, from its creation to its delivery, supporting multi-channel communications (post mail, e-mail, sms, Electronic Safe,…)<br />Alerts and reporting are done real-time during the production<br />
  6. 6. Our vision for Document Traceability<br />Production supervisor has full real-time visibility on status of document and overall production per day, per job.<br />Being alerted (sms or email) in case of major flaw in the production for immediate intervention and/or rescheduling<br />Reporting offer tools for better planning and scheduling as well as managing the production and the resources <br />
  7. 7. BSC Software Solutions<br />Intelligent Document Tracking™<br />SLAs : Delays, Compliance, Alerts on production<br />Real Time and Centralized reporting<br />Mail Integrity<br /> <br />Intelligent Document Control™<br />Automated production, Commingling <br /> Forecast, Planning and Simulation<br />Postal Rate Management<br />Centralized and Unifies processes<br /> Multiple site Inventory Management<br />
  8. 8. Created in 1998 with Senior Consultants<br />Consulting and development company focused on intelligent document management : Outputs, Inputs, Workflows, ECM,…<br />To day more than 50 people, with 15 senior consultant<br />Head Office in Paris, Sales representatives in UK and Northern European Countries<br />Turnover 4.2 M d’Euros <br />Editor: Intelligent Document Tracking from Inputs (scanned, email, Electronic Safe,…to Outputs ( printers , folders, emails,…) , <br />For more information :<br />