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Gb inebrya technical commercial book-jan 2011
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Gb inebrya technical commercial book-jan 2011


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  • 2. Positioning Inebrya is acomplete and professional brand with different “personalities”: • Treatments • Styling & Finishing • Reconstruction • Specific Programmes • Technical Products
  • 3. is a complete and professional brand and NOW more than ever before it is • young • trendy • instantly identifiable
  • 4. Target = MissionTo become the worldwide leader in the professional HAIRCOLOUR market and in all the other markets connected to beauty and hair care, by providing support to both the professional hair market and retail market
  • 5. StrategyCOLOR becomes the central figure of the brand, the entire world of professional hair and all its elements: • TECHNICAL WORLD • CARE and TREATMENT • STYLING & FINISHING
  • 6. Philosophy Multicolor Professional Hair CareOur philosophy is COLOUR, COLOUR AND EVEN MORE COLOUR!
  • 7. Philosophy COLOR, COLOR and EVEN MORE COLOR Colour with high performance technical products
  • 8. Philosophy COLOR, COLOR and EVEN MORE COLOR Colour with functional, professional and eye-catching packaging
  • 9. Philosophy COLOR, COLOR and EVEN MORE COLOR Colour with pleasant fragrances for everyone
  • 10. Claim Even More ProfessionalIn other words, Inebrya’sproducts are even moreprofessional, even more versatileand even more modern, theyhave been specifically designedto be used by professionals whowant beauty and quality in onesolution.
  • 11. THELINES
  • 12. The lines Treatments for all hair types and for colourful fun people.. Trendy, dynamic and active Styling that creates volume, shape, body, shine and super straight hair.
  • 13. The linesThe professional range of colour enhancingand nourishing masks for creating amultitude of safe and personalized coloureffects.Professional line of relax and wellnesstreatments for the scalp, hair and facespecially created for MEN.
  • 14. The lines The “intelligent” reconstruction programme Sun protection hair care programmeCapelli luminosi e vitali alla luce del sole Professional hair and scalp care products especially for boys and girls : extra-delicatePlay with your hair ingredients, “no tears” formula sulphate free and allergen free perfume
  • 15. The linesColor and versatile modern technicalhair care products, for professionalswho demand quality and image in asingle solution.
  • 18. COLOR Color Color Color Leave-in Shampoo Conditioner Mask color fixer
  • 19. COLOR COLOR PROTECTION PROGRAMMEProgramme designed to nourish cosmeticallycoloured or highlighted hair.Products formulated to reach a specific anti-oxidizing action for long-lasting brilliant andintense cosmetic colours.
  • 20. COLOR COLOR PROTECTION PROGRAMMEIdeal solutions for treating hair that undergoesfrequent hair straightening and perming.Chemically treated hair needs specific hydratingand nourishing actions to fight frizzy and dry haircaused by the frequent use of these technicalservices.
  • 21. COLOR COLOR PROTECTION PROGRAMME + or + Color Color Color Leave-in Shampoo Conditioner Mask color fixerTarget: completes the colour service and its specificanti-oxidizing action helps prolong cosmetic colormaintenance.
  • 22. COLOR COLOR SHAMPOO Shampoo for coloured or streaked hair CREME CARAMEL • Cleanses and nourishes damaged and stressed hair • Maintains colour intensity and luminosity • Long lasting antioxidizing action. • Active ingredients: Honey and Vitamin E 300 ml 1000 ml300 ml
  • 23. COLOR COLOR CONDITIONER Conditioner for coloured and streaked hair CREAM OF RICE • Detangles and makes hair easy to comb • Leaves hair soft and brilliant • Deep nourishing weightless action • Ideal for color maintenance • Active ingredients: Linseed Oil and Carrot extract 300 ml 1000 ml
  • 24. COLOR COLOR MASK Mask for coloured and streaked hair TUTTIFRUTTI • Nourishes and moisturizes damaged and stressed hair • Helps maintain color intensity • Restores shine • Active ingredients: Linseed Oil and Carrot extract 1000 ml 500 ml
  • 25. COLOR LEAVE-IN COLOR FIXER Restructuring leave-in spray color-fixer RICE MILK •Ideal for dry, coloured, treated and streaked hair • Acidifying, anti-oxidizing and restructuring action helps complete the technical colour service • Fixes and protects cosmetic colours from formation of free anti-radicals • Enhances color brilliance 200 ml
  • 26. COLOR DISPLAY COLOR The display contains: 12 Color 12 Color Masks Shampoos 100 ml. 100 ml. Counter display COLOR 12 Shampoo + 12 Mask
  • 27. DRY-T Dry-T Dry-T Dry-T Leave-in Lasting care FluidShampoo Conditioner Mask Conditioner Lotion star
  • 28. DRY-T NOURISHING PROGRAMMEProgramme designed to nourish and moisturize dry,frizzy and chemically stressed hair.Products formulated to give a restoring, nourishing,anti-static and anti-frizz action that hydratesleaving hair soft and full of vitality.
  • 29. DRY-T DRY, FRIZZY AND TREATED HAIR MAIN CAUSES Chemical action of coloring agents, bleach and other technical services. impoverished hair structure after chemical services. natural hair structure.
  • 30. DRY-T DRY, FRIZZY AND TREATED HAIR MAIN CAUSES Physiological: lack of sebum Environmental: wind, sun and humidity Chemical: coloring, bleaching, permanent waving Thermal: use of the curling tongs, straightening irons and blow-driers
  • 31. DRY-T NOURISHING PROGRAMME + or or + + Dry-T Dry-T Dry-T Leave-in Lasting care Fluid Shampoo Conditioner Mask Conditioner Lotion starTarget: nourishes, hydrates, smoothes andrestructures.Weightless action leaves hair soft and easy to comb.
  • 32. DRY-T DRY-T SHAMPOO Nourishing shampoo for dry, frizzy and treated hair 10 lt MILK • Cleanses and moisturizes leaving hair soft • Leaves hair silky soft and easy to comb • Restores brilliance and smoothness • Active ingredients: Silk and Wheat Proteins 300 ml 1000 ml300 ml
  • 33. DRY-T DRY-T CONDITIONER Nourishing conditioner for dry, frizzy and treated hair. MILK • Weightless nourishing and hydrating action • Leaves hair easy to comb • Leaves hair silky soft and full of shine • Active ingredients: Wheat Protein and Glycerine 300 ml 1000 ml
  • 34. DRY-T LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER Nourishing conditioner for dry, frizzy, coloured and chemically stressed hair SENSUAL CREAM • Weightless hydrating and deep nourishing action • Leaves hair silky and glossy • Ideal for dry, frizzy, coloured and chemically stressed (permed, straightened, bleached, etc.), hair structures • Active ingredient: Extract of Sunflower 300 ml
  • 35. DRY-T DRY-T MASK Nourishing mask for dry, frizzy and treated hair BANANA • Deep nourishing and instant detangling action • Protects and strengthens hair • Leaves hair easy to manage and full of shine • Active ingredients: Wheat Protein and Glycerin 1000 ml 500 ml
  • 36. DRY-T LASTING CARE LOTION Restructuring treatment for dry and treated hair LYTCHEE • Moisturizes and restructures dry and treated hair • Weightless softening action • Deep strengthening action • Leaves hair brilliant and easy to comb • Active ingredients: Silicon microemulsions, Keratin and Wheat Proteins 12 pz. x 7 ml
  • 37. DRY-T FLUID STAR Liquid Crystal restructuring for dry and treated hair MANGO • Filming and sealing action to prevent and treat split ends • Hydrates and nourishes hair for maximum brilliance • Leaves hair soft, silky and easy to comb • Active ingredients: Linseed Oil and Aloe Vera 60 ml
  • 38. DRY-T DISPLAY DRY-T The display contains: Dry-T Shampoo Dry-T Conditioner 100 ml. 100 ml. Counter display DRY-T Also available in bulk 12 Shampoo + 12 Conditioner
  • 39. SMOOTH Smoothing Smoothing Shampoo Mask300 ml
  • 40. SMOOTH SMOOTHING PROGRAMMEProgramme designed to make curly and unruly haireasier to smooth.Products formulated to reach a long-lastingsmoothing, anti-frizz, and nourishing action toregulate even the most difficult hair.
  • 41. SMOOTH UNDISCIPLINED AND REBEL HAIR MAIN CAUSES Natural hair structure Weather: humidity
  • 42. .SMOOTH SMOOTHING PROGRAMME + Smoothing Smoothing Shampoo MaskTarget: smooth and straighten even the mostdifficult and unruly hairRestore weightless healthy shine
  • 43. SMOOTH SMOOTHING SHAMPOO Straightening shampoo for curly and unruly hair TOFFEE • Cleanses and makes hair easy to straighten • Reduces frizz • Deep nourishing and moisturizing action leaves hair soft • Restores shine and brilliance • Active ingredient : Cotton Oil 300 ml 1000 ml300 ml
  • 44. SMOOTH SMOOTHING MASK Straightening mask for curly and unruly hair TOFFEE • Makes curly and unruly hair easier to smooth • Softening and detangling action • Moisturizes and nourishes • Active ingredients: Cotton Oil 1000 ml 500 ml
  • 45. ENERGY Energy Energy Shampoo Lotion
  • 46. ENERGY PROGRAMME TO HELP COUNTER HAIRLOSS Programme studied to help prevent the problems related to hair loss and to restore vitality without altering the natural level of hydration
  • 47. ENERGY HAIR LOSS MAIN CAUSES Congenital factors, hereditary and physiological Stress Alimentary disorders Environmental and seasonal factors
  • 48. ENERGY HAIR LOSS MAIN CAUSES Poor diet and lack of principal nutrients Pregnancy and breast-feeding Medicine Mechanical stress during styling
  • 49. ENERGYENERGY PROGRAMME TO HELP COUNTER HAIRLOSS + Energy Energy Shampoo Lotion Target: stimulate strength and vitality by increasing scalp-root oxygenation and by regenerating the hair bulb.
  • 50. ENERGYENERGY ENERGY SHAMPOO Anti-hair loss shampoo 10 lt LIQUORICE • Gently cleanses and moisturizes • Purifies and revitalizes the scalp • Energizing and strengthening action • Active ingredients: extracts of Capsicum and Oligo-elements300 ml 1000 ml
  • 51. ENERGY ENERGY LOTION Lotion formulated to help prevent hair loss EUCALYPTUS • Energizing and strengthening action • Tones and nourishes the scalp • Balances and strengthens the hair structure • Active ingredients: Soy Proteins and Oligoelements 12 pz. x 10 ml
  • 52. ENERGY ENERGY LOTION Lotion formulated to help prevent hair loss EUCAPLYPTUS • Energizing and strengthening lotion • Tones and nourishes the scalp • Balances and strengthens the hair structure • Active ingredients: Soy Proteins and Oligoelements 125 ml
  • 53. CLEANY Cleany Cleany Shampoo Lotion
  • 54. CLEANY ANTI-DANDRUFF PROGRAMME Programme designed to solve the anti- aesthetic problem of dandruff, by restoring the natural levels of moisture to the scalp and significantly reducing the formation of dandruff
  • 55. CLEANY DANDRUFF MAIN CAUSES change in skin scars unhealthy diet aggressive cleansing agents small skin lesions
  • 56. CLEANY ANTI-DANDRUFF PROGRAMME + Cleany Cleany Shampoo Lotion Target: counter the proliferation of Pityrosporum Ovale, the organism responsible for excessive scalp flaking
  • 57. CLEANY CLEANY SHAMPOO Anti-dandruff shampoo, ideal for delicate and impure scalps CITRUS • Cleanses and purifies sensitive and impure scalps • Restores natural equilibrium to the scalp • Helps regulate sebum secretion • Active ingredients: Piroctone Olamine, Extracts of Orange and Lemon 300 ml 1000 ml
  • 58. CLEANY CLEANY LOTION Anti-dandruff lotion for sensitive and impure scalps ANISEED • Antimicrobial, cleansing and astringent action • Nourishes and tones hair and scalp • Active ingredients:Piroctone 12 pz. x 10 ml olamine and extracts of Nettle and Burdock
  • 59. BALANCE Balance Cleany Shampoo Lotion
  • 60. BALANCE SEBUM CONTROL PROGRAMME Programme designed to restore balance to the scalp and regulate excess sebum production, without altering the natural moisture level of both hair and scalp
  • 61. BALANCE GREASY HAIR AND SCALP MAIN CAUSES hormonal / genetic: altered production of the sebaceous glands stress pollution aggressive cleansing agents
  • 62. BALANCE GREASY HAIR AND SCALP MAIN CAUSES unhealthy diet and lack of major nutrients medicine temperature / seasonal changes
  • 63. BALANCE SEBUM CONTROL PROGRAMME + Balance Cleany Shampoo Lotion Target: regulate excess sebum production, purify and oxygenate the scalp
  • 64. BALANCE BALANCE SHAMPOO Sebum regulating shampoo for oily hair and skin GREEN APPLE • Effective cleansing and balancing action helps regulate the production of excess sebum • Effective soothing and astringent action • Active ingredients: Birch extract, olive oil and Meadow Foam 300 ml 1000 ml
  • 65. CLEANY DOUBLE CLEANY LOTION ACTION Sebum control anti-dandruff lotion for sensitive and impure scalps ANISEED • Effective sebum-regulating, purifying and astringent action • Nourishes and tones the hair and scalp • Active ingredients: Piroctone olamine and extracts of Nettle 12 pz. x 10 ml and Burdock
  • 66. FREQUENT Frequent Frequent Best care Hydra body Shampoo Shampoo conditioner cream Winter use Summer use
  • 67. FREQUENT FREQUENT USE PROGRAMME Programme designed to moisturize and revitalize frequently cleansed hair, while respecting the skins physiological pH level Products developed to cleanse the hair and leave the body beautiful, too!
  • 68. FREQUENT FREQUENT USE MAIN CAUSES temperature / seasonal changes excessive sweating regular gym activity / swimming pool habits
  • 69. FREQUENT FREQUENT USE SUMMER PROGRAMME + + Summer Use Best care Hydra body Shampoo conditioner cream Target: hydrate body and hair, restore smoothness, gloss and leave hair easy to comb .
  • 70. FREQUENT FREQUENT SHAMPOO Hydrating shampoo for frequent use SUMMER USE • For very dry hair • Cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes • Leaves hair brilliant and soft • Ideal for frequent use • Active ingredients: Milk Proteins, Vitamin E, Wheat protein and sunscreen 300 ml. 1000 ml.
  • 71. FREQUENT BEST CARE CONDITIONER Conditioner for all hair types MILK • Instant detangling action • Moisturizes • Weightless action • Restores elasticity and shine • Active ingredients: Linseed Oil 1000 ml.
  • 72. FREQUENT HYDRA BODY CREAM Hydrating Body Cream SENSUAL FLOWER • Nourishes and oxygenates the skin to restore vitality and a fresh sensation • Ideal as an after-sun moisturizer and as a revitalizer in winter • Active ingredients: Vitamin E, Olive Oil and sunscreen 200 ml.
  • 73. FREQUENT FREQUENTLY USED WINTER PROGRAMME + + Winter Use Best care Hydra body Shampoo conditioner cream Target: hydrate the body and revitalize hair, restore smoothness, gloss and leave hair easy to comb after cleansing .
  • 74. FREQUENT FREQUENT SHAMPOO Revitalizing shampoo for frequent use WINTER USE • Particularly suitable for greasy, dull and lifeless hair • Adds shine and moisturizes • Retsores softness and tone • Specifically designed for frequent use • Active Ingredients: Herbal 1000 ml. Extracts and mild surfactants 300 ml. derived from Olive Oil
  • 75. FREQUENT BEST CARE CONDITIONER Conditioner for all hair types MILK • Instant detangling action • Moisturizes • Weightless action • Restores elasticity and shine • Active Ingredients: Linseed Oil 1000 ml.
  • 76. VOLUME Volumizing Volumizing Shampoo conditioner
  • 77. VOLUME VOLUMIZING PROGRAMME Programme designed to give body and volume to fine and lifeless hair, restoring strength to the hair from the root
  • 78. VOLUME FINE LIFELESS HAIR MAIN CAUSES diameter of hair is 20% finer than normal hair particularly fragile Weak and fine structure
  • 79. VOLUME VOLUMIZING PROGRAMME + Volumizing Volumizing Shampoo conditioner Target: restore weightless body and elasticity to fine and lifeless hair
  • 80. VOLUMEVolume VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO Volumizing shampoo for fine and lifeless hair PEAR • Carries out a gentle weightless cleansing action • Restores body and volume to hair • Brilliance and vitality • Active Ingredients: Wheat Protein and a mix of Exotic Fruits 1000 ml. 300 ml.Disponibilità: 15 luglio 2010
  • 81. VOLUME VOLUMIZING CONDITIONER Volumizing conditioner for fine and lifeless hair APRICOT • Carries out a weightless detangling action • Restores volume to roots and strengthens the structure • Gives body and vitality to lengths • Active ingredients: Wheat Protein and a mix of Exotic Fruits 1000 ml.300 ml.
  • 82. CURLY Curly Curly shampoo mask
  • 83. CURLYCURLY CURLY PROGRAMME Programme designed to restore elasticity, body and vitality to naturally curly or permed hair with a controlled anti-frizz action
  • 84. CURLY FRIZZY UNDEFINED CURLY, WAVY OR PERMED HAIR MAIN CAUSES Poorly hydrated hair fiber Very dry hair structure Natural hair structure
  • 85. CURLY CURLY PROGRAMME + Curl Curl Shampoo Mask Target: restore definition, hydration, shine and brilliance to curly, wavy and permed hair
  • 86. CURLY CURL SHAMPOO Shampoo for curly, wavy and permed hair ALMOND MILK • Restores elasticity, hydrates and carries out an anti-frizz action • Gives protection and extraordinary shine • Active ingredients: Gardenia Milk, Panthenol and Silk Proteins 300 ml. 1000 ml.
  • 87. CURLY CURL MASK Mask for curly, wavy and permed hair NOUGAT • Effective weightless detangling and moisturizing action • Enhances natural curl elasticity, restoring life and brilliance • Eliminates frizz • Active ingredients: Gardenia Milk and Panthenol 500 ml. 1000 ml.
  • 88. NO YELLOW no yellow No yellow shampoo 300 ml
  • 89. NO YELLOW NO YELLOW PROGRAMME Programme designed to reduce the progressive yellowing and fading of the natural or cosmetic colour
  • 90. NO YELLOWBALANCE GREY HAIR MAIN CAUSES poor diets and a deficiency of Vitamin B5, which helps to increase the production of anti-free radicals smoking illness and extreme stress
  • 91. NO YELLOW NO-YELLOW PROGRAMME + No yellow Kromask shampoo SilverTarget: to tone down unwanted yellow effects onstreaked and bleached hair
  • 92. NO YELLOW NO YELLOW SHAMPOO Anti-yellow shampoo for bleached or grey hair GRAPES • Cleanses and tones down unwanted yellow effects on streaked and bleached hair • Ideal for grey hair • Active ingredients: Silk Proteins and Extracts of Grape 300 ml. 1000 ml.
  • 93. BACKGROUND This season the catwalks of all the top international fashion houses have been full of easy to wear ultra LIGHT creations. Silk, simple and chic and always incredibly splendid. Glamourous Golden accessories to make everything more precious.
  • 94. BACKGROUND Film stars have their own personal style but they all want to be seen with BRILLIANT and LUMINOUS, hair no matter what the colour.
  • 95. NEEDSOur Hair, like our body, is an important indicator of youth, health and vitality. Hair is subject to environmental aggression (UV rays – smog – fine dust particles), repeated chemical services, mechanical and thermal stress, and day after day this causes: • weak hair structures • dehydrated, dull and lifeless hair • loss of natural brilliance • cellular ageing
  • 96. LENGTHS&TIPSAs the tips are the oldest partof the hair structure damage ismost evident on long hair.The beauty of long hair istotally at risk when the tips aredamaged.
  • 97. HAIR&FRIZZWith time hair becomes drier,frizzier and fragile, it looses itsnatural luminosity and is moredifficult to comb and manage.An unhealthy hair structure willhave a negative effect on thefinal result of professional in-salon technical services.
  • 98. HAIR&SHINEDull and lifeless hair is not only aresult of physiological ageing but it isalso determined by the natural hairstructure.For example; a frizzy hair structure willabsorb light without being able to reflectit, because when the hair fibre isdehydrated or when its cuticle scaleshave been left open due to aggressionfrom external factors the light reflectedwill not be reflected evenly.
  • 99. SOLUTION
  • 100. SOLUTION The new ARGAN OIL treatment line that restores brilliance and protects stressed, dull and lifeless hair. Its intense internal pro-age action restructures, nourishes and hydrates without leaving hair feeling heavy.
  • 101. SOLUTION
  • 102. ARGAN OILArgan Oil is extremely rich in cosmetic properties: itcontains very high levels of essential fatty acids (oleic acidand linoleic acid) as well as special antioxidizingmolecules that restore a superior level of stability tocounter the oxidizing process and to provide effectiveprotection against free radical scavengers.Ithydrates and nourishes stressed hair, to restorebrilliance to dull hair.
  • 103. ARGAN OIL Why is it so precious?• STRICT SCIENTIFIC STUDIES HAVE CONFIRMED ITS EFFECTIVENESSThe multiple uses of this popular oil have been confirmed by strict scientific studies. In-depth chemical analysis have revealed that Argan Oil is a naturally rich mix of activesubstances, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, fatty essential oils, linoleic acid, linolenic acid,Omega 3 and Omega 6.• AN ANCIENT TRADITIONFor centuries Argan Oil has protected the skin of Arabian women from the damaging effectsof the desert sun. Argan Oil has extraordinary medicinal properties, it has been used to healscars and burns, to soothe red and irritated skin, to treat psoriasis, chicken-pox andteenage acne. The same laborious and accurate traditional artisan methods are still usedtoday. It takes an entire day of work and 100 kg of nuts to produce one litre of Argan Oil.
  • 104. ARGAN OIL Why is it so precious?• A PRECIOUS OIL EXTRACTED FROM A RARE AND UNIQUE TREEArgan Oil is extracted from the fruit of the ArganiaSpinosa tree, which can live for more than 200 years.It grows in Marocco and is endemic to the Soussvalley, a triangle of desert between Marrakech, Agadirand Essaouira. It is in risk of becoming extinct and ithas been declared by UNESCO a patrimony ofHumanity. The surviving specimens of the ArganiaSpinosa tree, due to years of savage deforestationand exploitation, are to be found in one valley. In 96replanting began in areas of the desert, however, ittakes about 50 years for its fruit to become mature.
  • 105. A NATURAL MIX Argan oil together with the incredibleproperties of the natural active principles Extract of Sunflower and Jojoba Oil and a special UV Filter carries out its effective ILLUMINATING PRO-AGE action
  • 106. JOJOBA OILOil of Jojoba is an active principle that is rapidlyabsorbed by the skin and that easily penetrates within thehair fibre. This extract boasts the presence of naturalanti-oxidants: tocopherols.It is ideal for contrasting premature ageing of both the hair regeneratesand the skin, it tissues and carries out ascalp rebalancing action. It restores extraordinaryshine and reduces frizz.
  • 107. JOJOBA OIL Why is it important?Jojoba oil does not contain glycerine (triglycerides) like all other seed oil, nordoes it share their branch-like structure. Its excellent skin absorbing actionand ability to penetrate even the smallest dermal interstices is due to itslinear molecular structure.
  • 108. EXTRACT OF SUNFLOWER The Extract of Sunflower is rich in Vitamin E which helps protect the hair from environmental pollution, as well as carrying out an effective anti- oxidizing action, to prevent cellular ageing. It restores shine to dull and lifeless hair.
  • 109. EXTRACT OF SUNFLOWER Why is it so popular?The extract of Sunflower is extremely rich in polyphenols, these natural anti-oxidizers are useful in preventing the oxidation of lipoproteins and counteringthe formation of free radical scavengers.
  • 110. SUN FILTER • UV protection • Anti-Age actionThe Sun Filter transforms the harmful UV rays absorbed by the hair structureinto harmless infra-red energy. This transformation helps protect the hair fibrefrom photo-cellular ageing caused by refracted UVA and UVB rays.
  • 112. PRO-AGE SHAMPOO Brilliance Shampoo for stressed, dull and lifeless hair • Delicate cleansing action, carries out an effective protecting and anti-oxidizing action to counter smog and harmful environmental factors • Restores unbelievable tone and shine Use: apply to wet hair, massage and then rinse off 300 ml. 1000 ml.Timing: end of January 2011
  • 113. PRO-AGE MASK Brilliance Restoring Mask for stressed, dull and lifeless hair • Detangles, leaves hair soft and carries out an excellent anti-frizz action • Nourishes and protects hair and scalp from the formation of free radical scavengers, to leave hair soft and full of incredible shine • Ideal even on dry and sensitive scalps Use: apply to damp hair along lengths and tips, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off. 300 ml. 1000 ml.Timing: end of January 2011
  • 114. PRO-AGE CONDITIONER Brilliance Dual phase conditioner for stressed, dull and lifeless hair • Detangles, protects and leaves hair weightless • Wrapping action gives hold, body and brilliance • Effective anti-frizz action Use: after shampooing, spray over lengths and tips. Massage and comb through. Do not rinse off. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. 200 ml.Timing: end of January 2011
  • 115. PRO-AGE TREATMENT Restructuring treatment for stressed, dull and lifeless hair • Counters the formation of free radical scavengers, helps prevent ageing. • Hydrates and nourishes lengths and tips to restore brilliance and leave hair super silky soft. • Eliminate frizz and split ends to leave hair weightless and healthy looking. 100 ml.Timing: end of January 2011
  • 116. WHO IS IT FORPRO-AGE TREATMENT Pro-Age Treatment with Argan Oil is the ideal solution for both, • the client who desires instant brilliance, incredibily soft and nourished hair that is easy to comb • the professional who during or after a technical colour service wishes to increase brilliance and luminosity, or when styling frizzy and unruly hair to boost control and give extra hold.
  • 117. APPLICATION TIPS The Argan oil treatment can be used: • as a leave-in treatment to discipline and restore instant brilliance. Apply to towel dried hair, leave in and do not rinse off, or apply directly on to dry hair • add 5 ml to the colour mix to enhance brilliance • apply immediately after the colour service to increase luminosity
  • 118. FRAGRANCEThe ARGAN AGE line has been made even more precious with its newdelicate and enveloping fragrance. It is both a complete cosmetic andtreating experience that every woman should regularly use.HAWTHORN FLOWERS
  • 119. FRAGRANCE HAWTHORN FLOWERSAn allergen free fragrance, especially selected to reduce the risks of skin irritation. TOP NOTES Lemon Bergamot orange Hawthorn Vanilla flowers MIDDLE NOTES Peony Caramel Vanilla Pods BASE NOTES Musk
  • 120. IN BRIEFWhat does ARGAN AGE offer? EXCEPTIONAL BRILLIANCE to leave hair incredibly luminous
  • 121. IN BRIEFWhat does ARGAN AGE offer? EXTRA WEIGHTLESS ACTION to leave hair silky soft
  • 122. IN BRIEF What does ARGAN AGE offer? PRO-AGE TREATMENTto prevent the formation of free radical scavengers, to counter ageing
  • 123. IN BRIEFWhat does ARGAN AGE offer? ANTI-FRIZZ EFFECT to protect from frizz at all times
  • 124. IN BRIEF What does ARGAN AGE offer? ANTI-SMOG ACTIONto protect hair from pollution, smog and fine dust particles
  • 125. IN BRIEF What does ARGAN AGE offer? ANTI-UV ACTIONto protect hair from the damaging effects of harmful UV rays
  • 126. Positioning NEW!KROMASK Professional is the new professional range of 8 reviving and nourishing masks thatcreate safe and an infinity of personalized color effects
  • 127. FunctionKROMASK Professional isfor natural, colored andhighlighted hair and is idealfor restoring brilliance in-between professionalcolouring services and toilluminate dull and lifelesshair with intense tones.
  • 128. Actions1. Revives, enhances, brightens and protects COLOUR2. Nourishes, detangles and conditions
  • 129. CGE System TechnologyFormulated with an acidic pH (3.5) to give a longerlasting colour reviving action, all the masks contain special “grip “ color pigments that help close the cuticle scales for a smoother, more compact, and glossier hair structure.
  • 130. The natural secret NYAMPLUNG OIL Oil rich in tocopherols (antioxidizing vitamins)extracted from cold pressing the seeds of theCalophyllum inophyllum tree native to Indonesia.
  • 131. Nyamplung Oil• protects from ageing and freeradicals• intense weightless nourishingand moisturizing action Certificazione• restores exceptional softness NATURALEand shine to hair
  • 132. Revives, intensifies and tones natural and cosmetically coloured hair
  • 133. revives, intensifies and tonesbleached and streaked hair ... ..
  • 134. …. creates extraordinary chromatic effects on bleached and streaked hair
  • 135. Size NEW! 300 ml.
  • 136. Use:Cleanse hair using the most suitable Inebrya shampooand towel dry. Wearing disposable gloves, apply anadequate amount of product (approximately 20/30 ml.)Gently massage and use a wide tooth comb to distributeevenly. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes depending on thedesired intensity (for intense tones increase the leave ontime up to a maximum of 15 minutes). Rinse thoroughly.The product does not stain, however, we recommendthat it is not applied directly on to the scalp.
  • 137. Product mapChocolate -“Warm” tone
  • 138. 1. Intensifies and enhances natural and cosmetic colours and restores brilliance and shine.2. Modulates the tones of natural and cosmetically coloured hair3. Longer lasting hold of cosmetic colors, for even colour results4. Creates chromatic fashion effects on bleached hair
  • 139. 5. Tones streaks, highlights, balayages, etc.6. Conditions and moisturizes hair, leaving it silky soft7. Easy to apply and rapid leave on times (3-5 m)8. All shades can be mixed together to create extraordinary personalized effects
  • 140. !Ideal for male clients!!
  • 141. Free to smile
  • 142. The man in figures (Italy) Total male population: 28.376.084• Foreign male population: 1.226.712• Males between the ages of 18 and 59 : 16.958.763 who are:  Single: 7.038.134  Married: 9.598.628  Divorced: 248.302Source: Istat (aggiornamento Maggio 2005)
  • 143. Men and Beauty The relationship between Men and Beauty has changed!• Men love to take more care of themselves: • 66% of males watch their weight • 60% play sports ! • 14% go to beauty Spas • 7% regularly visit a beautician• on average men dedicate 45 minutes on personal care• 98% of men buy personal care products(fonte Max Biotherm Homme, marzo 2008)
  • 144. Man and Cosmetics In particular, their attitude towards Cosmetic products has changed• 3 out of 4 men go to beauty shops or specializedstores where they make their own purchases• Cosmetics are no longer considered women onlyproducts• Men are no longer afraid of seeming less “masculine”by using specific products for the face and body
  • 145. Male cosmetic market + 8,5% Source: Unipro Italia 2007
  • 146. Reasons for purchasing1. Appear more attractive and appealing towards the opposite sex (65%)2. Increase self-esteem to feel better and at ease in all situations (61%)3. Be more successful both at work and social life (54%) Source: Indagine 2B Research&Analysis in profumeria e GFK Eurisko interviste Web
  • 147. Man and hair• 2 out of 3 men say that their hair is the most importantelement of their appearance (more than clothing andperfume) BUT• 75% have problems of dandruff or oily scalps• 1 out 2 fears hair loss, 4 out of 5 are victims of it• 8% complain of having lifeless hair Source: indagine Nextplora 2007 - Italia
  • 148. Man and his hair• 50% use a regular Shampoo• 45% use Styling Gels or Pastes• 8% use Lacquers or Sprays• 6% use MousseSource: indagine Nextplora 2007 - Italia
  • 149. Hair Market (Italy) 49,3% of the total number of salons are UnisexSource: Indagine di Marketing&Telematica MMAS (Micromarketing Analysis System) su 64.000 punti venditamonitorati dal 1995
  • 150. Special needs• Male hair, scalp and skinare different from those of women• Male hair is subject to a more noticeablephysiological weakening process• Male scalps are thicker, greasier and moreimpure• Male facial skin is more resistant but it tends tobecome dehyrated after frequent shaving
  • 151. NeedsThe male lifestyle is filled with intensework, sport and social commitments,therefore, they want personal careproducts that have been formulatedto let them feel good aboutthemselves and with others
  • 152. AlsoThe male client is a well informed and demandingconsumer who wants high-technology productsthat satisfy these three basic conditions: • easy to use • quick to apply • immediate action
  • 153. SolutionInebrya Men entirely dedicated for MEN is a range of professional well-being treatments for the skin, hair and face
  • 154. Soluzione Products that make you feel….. Free to smile!
  • 155. Product Range6 products in 4 specific programmesfor skin, hair and facial well-being
  • 156. FunctionIts purifying, balancing, strengthening andmoisturizing actions all make MEN a technologically complete line of productsideal for men who love to feel confident in any situation: at work, with friends or in private
  • 157. Technology Inebrya Men takes advantage of the synergy between the complex of Protein-Based active ingredients and the invigorating effect of the refreshing and exfoliating properties of the Mediterranean Medicinal Plants A real "Cocktail of well-being“ a ritual to be taken several times a day
  • 158. Protein-Based active ingredients Wheat Protein nourishing and strengthening action Soy Protein dermoprotective, revitalizing and moisturizing action Creatine toning and vigorizing action
  • 159. Active Mediterranean Ingredients Nettle and Mint refreshing and energizing action Burdock and Rosemary purifying and antioxidizing action Mango Oil Softening and soothing action
  • 160. Other active ingredients Walnut shells exfoliating Piroctone Olamine antimicrobial activity Glycerin moisturizing and soothing action Sun Filter anti-aging action
  • 161. ResultsHealthy scalp, hair and skinfor daily well-being
  • 162. PRODUCTS
  • 163. RELAXING SCALP FLUIDDermo-purifying fluid• Exfoliating and refreshing scrub that normalizes stressed and sensitive scalps• Gives a pleasant feeling of well being• Eliminates build-up, dandruff and 150 ml scalp impurities for healthy strong hair growth PLUS: pamper youself!
  • 164. EQUI-BALANCE SHAMPOO Dermo-balancing shampoo • Carries out an effective purifying (antimicrobial) and anti-stress action • Restores regular balance to the scalp • Eliminates build-up, impurities and dandruff • Restores tone, vitality and shine to 250 ml weak and fine hair • Pleasant refreshing sensationPLUS: “one” product ideal for countering principal male scalp problems!
  • 165. HAIR&BODY RECHARGEShampoo and Shower Gel Frequent Use• Boosted with Soy Proteins and Creatine• Deep cleansing action restores strength and vitality to both hair and body• Ideal for daily use, can be used as often asdesired• Prevents the physiological weakening of the hair by increasing oxygenation and cellular 250 ml metabolism PLUS: super energy for daily recharging!
  • 166. MAXIMUM HAIR GELExtra Hold Gel• Decisive defining and sculpting• Strong and long-lasting effects (hold power = 5)• It wraps a hydrating protective film around the hair 200 ml PLUS: the right product for all occasions!
  • 167. MOLDING PUTTYMatt paste• Ideal for creating well-defined effects• Control = 4• Trendy matte effects 100 ml PLUS: perfect for creating film star looks!
  • 168. AFTER-SHAVE BALMAfter-shave face balm• Double action: - carries out a refreshing and soothingaction when applied as an after-shave - nourishes and hydrates skin stressed byharmful external agents when applied as a facecream• Rapid absorbing action 150 ml• Protects against the damaging effects of sunlight, smog and smoke PLUS: anti-age is not only for women!
  • 169. The “Intelligent”Reconstruction
  • 170. Day after day hair is attacked bya multitude of factors that stress and compromise its natural health and beauty …
  • 171. Harmful factors: • frequent chemical treatments:colouring, bleaching, straightening, perming, etc. • environmental factors: smog, smoke, humidity, UVA and UVB rays • mechanical stress blow-drying, straightening irons, brushing • an increasingly hectic lifestyle
  • 172. Hair appears fragile, opaqueand dull,with split ends and its internalstructure becomes weak andimpoverished
  • 173. But not all hair types are the sameand each hair type needs specificcare! Hair type of women in Italy: 44% medium hair 39% fine hair 17% thick hair Fonte: indagine AC Nielsen ott. 2005 % risposte base donne non calve >= 14 anni – Universo 25,8 milioni
  • 174. The solution is Shecare,the “INTELLIGENT” reconstruction system fordamaged hair
  • 175. Shecare has beenformulated with special molecules “Interceptor” capable of identifying the areas where hair is more damaged, destructured and porous, in order to carry out an internal and complete reconstructing action
  • 176. The secret of the Shecare formulation is its BIO-TRIX COMPLEX, an innovative bio-molecular complex formulated with:• Wheat Proteins for a nourishing and moisturizing action• Keratin for a deep internal restructuring action• Poliquaternium-7 for a conditioning action
  • 177. The synergy of the three natural activeprinciples makes the bio-molecules easy topenetratedeep within the hair structure and to becomemore concentrated where the hair is mostdamaged - tips and lengths
  • 178. It is a complete reconstruction programme in 3 phases: 1) CLEANSE - Cleansing 2) RECONSTRUCT - Reconstruction 3) COMPLETE - Completion
  • 179. Phase 1 – Cleanse BASIC RECONSTRUCTOR SHAMPOO Restoring Shampoo • Gently cleanses chemically treated and environmentally stressed hair • Carries out an effective internal restructuring action • Leaves hair soft, hydrated and tonic even where it is most damaged Use: apply to wet hair, massage, rinse off. Carry out phase 2. 300 ml 1000 ml
  • 180. Phase 2 – Reconstruct BALANCE RECONSTRUCTOR CONDITIONER Revitalizing Conditioner for FINE HAIR • It reconstructs and protects damaged hair structures without leaving hair feeling heavy • It restores elasticity, vitality and shine • Leaves hair soft and easy to comb Use: after shampooing with Shecare shampoo towel dry hair, apply to lengths and tips and comb through. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off. Complete the treatment with Instant Reconstructor Spray. 300 ml
  • 181. Phase 2 – Reconstruct DEEP RECONSTRUCTOR MASK Deep Treatment for MEDIUM TO THICK HAIR • It penetrates the hair shaft and . internally reconstructs the damaged hair structure • Nourishes and moisturizes • Restores vitality and shine leaving hair soft and easy to manage. Use: after shampooing with Shecare shampoo towel dry hair, apply to lengths and tips and comb through. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, even under heat, rinse off. Complete the treatment 300 ml 1000 ml with Instant Reconstructor Spray.
  • 182. Phase 2 – Reconstruct INTENSIVE RECONSTRUCTOR LOTION Intensive Reconstructor Lotion for DAMAGED, DRY and TREATED HAIR • Mineralizing and conditioning action penetrates deep into the hair shaft • Its instant action leaves hair feeling soft, full of shine and easy to comb, it repairs the cuticle and strengthens the hair shaft 10 ml. x 12 pz. Ideal for curly, frizzy and permed hairUse: : after shampooing with Shecare shampoo towel dry hair, apply to lengths and tips and combthrough. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off well. Complete the treatment with InstantReconstructor Spray.
  • 183. Phase 3 – Complete INSTANT RECONSTRUCTOR SPRAY Instant Moisturizing Acidifying Spray • Seals the cuticle • Leaves hair full of life and shine • Hydrates and revitalizes • Acid Ph 3,5 Use: after the Shecare treatment, spray over damp hair and style as usual. Do not rinse off. 150 ml 150 ml.
  • 184. Brilliant andsunny hair!
  • 185. Summer means ….
  • 186. But also … Summer greatly stresses hair:external agents typical to summer attack and damage the hair structure by causing loss of brilliance and life Harmful rays Salty sea water wind sand chlorine
  • 187. EffectsExcessive sunbathing can trigger off photo-oxidation and cause the formation of free radicals these • alter the proteic structure of the hair • dehydrate the hair fibre • increase hair porosity
  • 188. EffectsSand too can be harmful for the hair structure as it can irritate the scalp and further stress the hair
  • 189. SolutionProtect by day and repair at night with
  • 190. Risultatomake the sun your best friend!
  • 191. Plus • all the Sunluxproducts have been formulated with a sun filter to protect hair from photo-cellular ageing and to enhance the natural brilliance of the hair • New fresh and pleasant summer fragrance (Waterlilly) In the East the Waterlilly represents dawn; some waterlillies open at sunrise and close up at sunset.
  • 192. Sun programmeIce Cream Sunlux programme takes care of your hair : 1. SUN PROTECTION 2. MULTIPLE PROTECTION 3. TOTAL CLEANSING 4. INSTANT HYDRATION
  • 193. 1. Sun Protection When sun-bathing it is important to • protect hair from harmful UV rays • protect cosmetic colours from oxidation • restore softening and hydrating substances
  • 194. DAYLIGHT OIL PROTECTIVE OIL • Protects the hair from the sun, wind, salt, and chlorine • Restores super shine and leaves hair silky soft and easy to manage • Active ingredients: Extracts of Coconut and Aloe Vera Use: spray over dry hair before sun-bathing.120 ml
  • 195. 2. Multiple Protection To help hair counter summer stress it is important to prepare hair with • a suitable natural styling product that can also be used at night time when it’s time to party! • multiple-protection in just one single product, perfect for daytime protection on the beach for both treated and coloured hair
  • 196. MULTI-PROTECTION FLUID PROTECTIVE MODELLING FLUID • Protects hair during sun-bathing • . Excellent styling product creates natural effetcs • Weightless hydrating action ideal for fine hair • Nourishing and softening action perfect for long curly hair Use: to style apply to dry hair before sun-bathing, for a natural look apply to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning275 ml
  • 197. 3. Total Cleansing CLEANSING is essential: • it must not be aggressive • Choose a delicate after-sun shampoo with hydrating properties
  • 198. TOTAL SHAMPOO HAIR AND BODY SHAMPOO • Formulated with Wheat and Silk Proteins • Effective cleansing action removes salt, chlorine and sun product build-up • Nourishes and hydrates hair after sun bathing • Leaves hair and skin silky soft275 ml
  • 199. 4. Instant Hydration If hair is treated and stressed it is important after shampooing to apply • a rinse off nourishing and protecting conditioner • that tones, hydrates and wraps a protective film around the hair shaft
  • 200. QUICK CONDITIONER INSTANT HYDRATING CONDITIONER • Enriched with Vitamin E • Nourishes and Hydrates hair after sun bathing • Immediate detangling action leaves hair silky soft and full of shine • Instant action275 ml
  • 201. Children and hairMums and dads have become very careful when choosing specific products for cleansing their kids hair and body, they want ultra gentle products, that won’t irritate and that have a pleasant fragrance. Now matter how much fun kids have splashingaround in the bath getting them clean can quiteoften turn out to be very stressing for mums and dads
  • 202. The needsThe most common problems are: • shampoo irritates eyes • over-aggressive products irritates sensitive skin • impatient children • very few certified and professional products for children
  • 203. The needs Mums also have to contend with the problem of unknotting knotty hair, these terrible knots form during the day when playing and at night when sleeping.
  • 204. EMULATING GROWN- UPS Emulation is the name of the game CHILDREN want to be : • fashion conscious • trendy hair styles • act like grown-upsYoung boys love playing with gel and creating sculpted looks,whereas, little girls accompany mums to the hairdresser and wantto have streaks and try out the latest styling techniques
  • 205. RESULT Mums and dads may give in to their childrens’ whims but they insist onpurchasing high quality, professional, certified and safe products for them
  • 206. Ice Cream YOUNG is the line of professional hair care products specificallyfor girls and boys, with its extra-gentle ingredients, tear-free, sulphate-free and allergen-free formula
  • 207. AIM Professional products that can make washing hair fun, mums and dads are happy because they have gentle, irritation-free, sulphate -free, parabens and isothiazolinon- free products that not only cleanse and style but that guarantee complete well- being
  • 208. TargetAll the Young line isperfect for both girlsand boys from 0 to 15 years
  • 209. Target Focus Position and communication cover a focus target from 4 to 12 years (primary school), when children are constantly developing and changing • tendency to emulate• identify with specific role models (TV, Sport, Music, etc.) • socialize in groups They have an enormous influence over what their parents purchase
  • 210. Products for GIRLS and BOY
  • 211. Products for BOYS The scalp of young boys can be subject to dryness. Therefore, it needs products that will protect the scalp and respect its natural equilibrium. Busy boys at play all day long need to wash their hair almost everyday and their shampoo must have an ultra-delicate cleansing action
  • 212. GIRLY products Little girls need to have silky soft, glossy, tidy hair that is easy to comb
  • 213. Product Characteristics• DELICATE: ultra-gentle, tears-free, sulphate-free formula, guarantees maximum skintollerance with a low physiological impact• CERTIFIED: both the BOY and GIRLshampoos have undergone in vitro tests tovalue the occular irritation of the ingredients(Het Cam Test) at the accredited laboratory,Eurochem in Padova, which certified theirhypoirritant tear-free formulae
  • 214. Product characteristics• SAFE: formula completely free of sulphates andcolourants to cleanse hair and scalp withoutcausing any irritation• ALLERGEN FREE FORMULA AND PERFUME:allergens are responsible for causing allergicreactions. As childrens’ skin is particularlysensitive all the products have been formulatedwithout allergens and with a preserving systemthat limits the risks of skin irritation (free ofisothiazolinone and parabens)
  • 215. Product characteristics• PROFESSIONAL: tested and developed byprofessional hairdressers to excellent results andeasy to use products and excellent results• PACKAGING: soft and rounded bottles easy andsafe for children to handle
  • 216. Mum proof results! Soft and glossy hair with a tear free formula that detangles knots instantlywell defined styling even for tiny tots
  • 217. Active principles Wheat Proteins: hydrating and nourishing action, leaves hair and scalp softPanthenol: hydrating and soothing action Silk Proteins: the silk worm has a special silk producing gland, it is made up of two proteins: sericine and fibroine both with an elevated cosmetic action, both hydrating and derma-protecting
  • 218. Active principles Glycerine: elevated hydrating action Softening vegetal extracts: concentrated active principles derived from Wheat Proteins that work in synergy with Glicerine. Its elevated nourishing andsoftening properties help protect the scalp and respect its natural balance.
  • 219. The products
  • 220. NO TEARS SHAMPOO NO TEARS SHAMPOO WITH ASUPER EFFECTIVE DETANGLING ACTION • allergenen, sulfate and parabens free formula • Cleanses and hydrates • Contains softening and hydrating vegetal extracts • Ideal for frequent use Plus: eye irritation-free action (formula certified by Het Cam Test) 250 ml
  • 221. INSTANT DETANGLERINSTANT CREAM DETANGLER• Leave-in formula• Instant detangling action leaves hair silkysoft• Enriched with hydrating properties ofPanthenolPlus: Allergen free fragrance• Leave in formula is perfect for savingprecious time• Even mum will ask if she can use it! 200 ml
  • 222. NO TEARS SHAMPOOGENTLE NO TEARS SHAMPOO • allergen, sulfate and paraben free- formula • Protects the scalp and respects its natural balance • Cleanses and hydrates • Ideal for frequent use • Enriched with Wheat Proteins Plus: eye irritation-free action (formula certified by Het Cam Test) 250 ml
  • 223. ULTRA FIX GELMEMORY EFFECT FIXING GEL • Ultra-resistant elastic effect sculpts and defines • Fast drying, non sticky, build-up free action • Easy to apply liquid formula • Enriched with Silk Proteins and Panthenol Plus: Allergen free fragrance • Memory action gives easy to revive fixing effect • Make the grown-ups jealous with big styling looks 200 ml
  • 225. Styling & Finishing These high quality products are the perfect tools for all hair stylists to develop their creative talent
  • 226. Styling & Finishing Designed to stimulate the expressive art of the stylist with products that give maximum precision and total creative liberty
  • 227. General characteristicsBoth the hair stylist and the client want specific benefitsand characteristics:• styling with hold• fixing power• anti-frizz, anti-humidity and anti-flyaway action• body and volume• thermal protection (hairdriers, irons, curling tongs)• final brilliance and luminosity• nourishing and hydrating action• care
  • 228. However … …. Once the client leaves Wind and Rain the salon, a perfectly styled look comes up against a multitude of ENEMIES, these harmful factors are capable ofHumidity and Fog ruining all the hardwork of the hair stylist.Smog and Uv rays
  • 230. The 5 familiesfor strong hold for big body hair with for hi-energy, soft andand lasting control extra volume defined curls for the “original” soft and brilliant super straight look for glamorous shine
  • 231. Positioning Today you can dare to be brave and create new trendy and original styles with Ice Cream Go as it will PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM STYLING ENEMIES
  • 232. Positioning Innovative products and renewed formulae, Ice Cream Go offers a whole new range of solutions for a DYNAMIC AND ACTIVE STYLING that creates volume, shape, body, shine and super straight hair.
  • 233. Plus Gives extra protection against humidity, environmental agents, harmful UV rays and smog for LONGER LASTING STYLING EFFECTS
  • 234. Technology All the products boosted with the innovative HUMIDITY & SMOG FREE Technology that shield from humidity, protect from smog and counter harmful rays, for longer lasting styling effects
  • 235. Actions  Humidity-free  Anti-smog  UV protection  Ultra thermal protection  Frizz-stop  Bye-bye split ends  Long lasting results
  • 236. MAXX GEL Force 5 Extreme Gel Fluid • New formula • New fragrance • New packaging • Defines single details • Rapid drying action • Does not leave build-up Use: apply with hands to damp or dry hair for an all over effect, or to single details to sculpt250 ml.
  • 237. MUBBER GEL Force 4 Ultra strong hold gel with a gloss effect • 100% new product • Sculpts and defines fashion looks • Build-up free Use: use fingers to work a small amount of product and create. Apply to either damp or dry hair.250 ml.
  • 238. MAD POWER Force 3 Extreme Hold Gel Fluid • 100% new product • Defines each single detail • Ideal for modelling well-defined styles • Build-up free Use: apply with hands to damp or dry hair for an all over effect, or to single details to sculpt.250 ml.
  • 239. FLOSSY PASTE Force 4 Shaping fibrous paste • New packaging • Shaping and defining modelling paste • Excellent for styles that require creativity and fantasy Use: work a small amount with fingers to create and define as desired. Apply to dry hair.100 ml.
  • 240. EXTRA SHAPE Force 4 Extra Strong Mousse • New packaging • Fixes styles by wrapping a protective film around the hair shaft • Restores elasticity • Maximum creative styling • Nourishing and moisturizing action Use: apply 3-4 whirls of mousse to clean and towel dried hair, style and dry as usual. Apply to dry hair to create defined styles.400 ml.
  • 241. LOGIC STYLE Force 4 Extra strong ecologic lacquer • New packaging • Gives defined hold • Restores shine and elasticity • Protects hair from thermal, mechanical and environmental stress • Fast drying action • Resists humidity Use: apply to either dry or slightly damp hair. For extra volume spray over roots. To fix spray over lengths320 ml.
  • 242. EXTRA THICK Force 3 Texturizing cream for fine and lifeless hair • 100% new product • Givestone and body • Restore volumes to the lengths • Enhances brilliance • Carries out an effective anti-flyaway action Use: apply to damp hair along lengths and tips, comb200 ml. through. Style as usual.
  • 243. . OVER THE SKY Force 3 Volumizing spray for fine and lifeless hair • 100% new product • Restores body and hold to roots • Wraps a resistant, protective and elastic film around the hair shaft • Leaves hair soft and full of shine Use: on damp hair spray directly over roots, comb and200 ml. style
  • 244. ON HAIR Force 2 Volumizing Mousse • New packaging • Restores volume and elasticity • Wraps a resistant, protective and elastic film around the hair shaft • Build-up free Uso: apply 3-4 whirls of mousse to clean towel dried hair, comb through and style as usual. Apply to dry hair400 ml. for a more decisive styling effect.
  • 245. LOGIC VOLUME Force 3 Volumizing ecologic lacquer • 100% new product • Fixes hair leaving it glossy and full of bounce • Restores vitality, shine and strength • Fast drying action Use: spray over hair at a distance of 30 cm.320 ml.
  • 246. TOTAL VOLUME Force 3 Volumizing Hair Spray • New packaging • Promotional sizes • Fixes and models • Gives weightless control and hold to create a light and elastic effect • Protects hair and resists humidity Use: spray over hair at a distance of 30 cm.500 ml. 100 ml.
  • 247. LISS PERFECT Force 2 Smoothing fluid • New formulation • New fragrance • New packaging • New professional size • Makes hair easier to style • Disciplines unruly hair • Creates a protective film around the hair shaft leaving it smooth and compact Use: apply a small amount to shampooed towel dried hair along the lengths and tips, comb through and style200 ml. as usual.
  • 248. SAFE STRAIGHT Force 1 Thermal Protective Spray . • New packaging • Thermal protective spray specific to be used when blow-drying or with straightening irons • Leaves hair soft and full of shine • Makes hair easy to straighten • Effective anti-flyaway action Uso: spray over damp hair before blow-drying, spray150 ml. over dry hair before using straightening irons
  • 249. . DUO STYLE Force 3 Curly-smooth fluid • New formula • New fragrance • New packaging • New professional size • Ideal for disciplining and controlling curly hair • Leaves hair soft and easy to manage during styling. Use: to create a smooth effect apply to damp hair and blow dry as usual, to create a curly effect apply to damp250 ml. hair and leave to dry naturally or with a diffuser.
  • 250. . FRIZZ FREE Force 2 Anti Frizz Fluid • New formula • New fragrance • New packaging • New professional size • Weightless fluid that defines wavy and curly hair, leaving hair looking soft and full of shine. Use: for a natural effect apply to clean towel dried hair, to define and create a wet-look effect apply to dry hair 250 ml.
  • 251. ROLL UP Force 4 Curl defining cream for natural, wavy and permed hair • 100% new product • Models, defines and restores strength to curls • Restores elasticity, texture and shine • Carries out an effective anti-frizz action Use: after shampooing to towel dried hair, apply following the natural movement of the curls. Leave to dry naturally or blow dry with a diffuser.200 ml.
  • 252. STAR WAX Force 2 Defining shine wax • 100% new product • Models and restores weightless brilliance Use: apply a small amount with finger tips to dry hair and model to create the desired effect.100 ml.
  • 253. BRIGHT LUX Force 1 Immediate Shine • New packaging • Restores weightless shine, vitality and strength • Rapid dry action Use: to reach maximum shine spray over dry hair at a distance of 20 cm.120 ml.
  • 254. Crystal Beauty Force 1 Fluid Shine solution • New packaging • Carries out a filming action, leaving hair silky soft and full of shine • Ideal for chemically treated hair Use: apply a few drops on dry hair before using straightening irons. Ideal for very frizzy and difficult100 ml. to straighten hair.
  • 257. COLOURS PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOURING CREAM • Guarantees brilliant natural colours • 100% perfect cover on grey hair • 88 intense and brilliant nuances + 5 Correctors + 3 Contrast Colors + 1 Neutral • Reduces the possibility of scalp irritation • Active ingredients: Linseed Oil and Aloe Vera 100 ml
  • 258. COLOURS FORMULA Its high performance innovative formula performs even under the most extreme environmental conditions, for soft brilliant and luminous hair 100 ml
  • 259. COLOURS ACTIVE PRINCIPLES Linseed Oil: restores brilliance and luminosity Aloe Vera: natural treating properties rich in Vitamins, Mineral Salts, biochemical substances. It stimulates the regenerating process and carries out a deep hydrating action.
  • 260. COLOURS FEATURES 1. COLOUR cosmetic oxidation cream hair colours that are based on scientific research and as a result are reliable. Its formula enriched with Aloe Vera base helps carry out a cosmetic action on the hair structure. 100 ml
  • 261. COLOURS FEATURES 2. EFFECTIVE and versatile with its multitude of colour blends; INEBRYA colour is both creative and extremely precise, and satisifies the needs of the hair colourist and the client. 100 ml
  • 262. COLOURS FEATURES 3. EASY is the key word for INEBRYA colours. They are easy to use but they guarantee high performance results. 100 ml
  • 263. COLOURS FEATURES 4. Exceptional gentle COLOURING and LIFTING action on grey and natural hair. It has an effective covering action that leaves hair instantly naturally glossy and healthy. 100 ml
  • 264. COLOURS FEATURES 5. HIGH PERFORMANCE due to the excellent 1:1,5 mixing ratio between cream and oxidizer. Reaches 3 to 4 levels of lift with base colours and up to 4 to 5 levels with superlighteners (mix ratio1:2). 100 ml
  • 265. COLOURS DIRECTIONS Mix in a non-metallic bowl 50 ml of Inebrya Colour with 75 ml of oxidizing emulsion at 10-20-30-40 volumes (mixing ratio 1:1,5), to reach an even cream. 100 ml
  • 266. COLOURS DIRECTIONS INEBRYA COLOR superlightener series is mixed in the following way 50 ml of colour and 100 ml of oxidizer at 40 vols. for a leave on time of 45 minutes. 100 ml
  • 267. COLOURS DIRECTIONS To increase the level of lift of a colour add 1/3 of neutral corrector to the colour mix. eg. 50 ml. Colour + 15 ml. neutral + 90 ml. of oxidizer For superlighteners eg. 50 ml. Colour + 15 ml. neutral + 130 ml. of oxidizer. 100 ml
  • 268. COLOURS FIRST TIME APPLICATION Apply a part of the colour mix to unwashed dry hair along lengths and tips and leave on for 20 minutes. Apply the remaining colour mix to the roots and leave on for a further 20 minutes, the average processing time is 40/45 minutes. Rinsing off: rinse off well with tepid water and cleanse with Color Shampoo to complete the service. 100 ml
  • 269. COLOURS REGROWTH Apply the mix to the regrowth area, leave on for 25/30 minutes, then apply the remaining colour mix to the lengths and tips, and leave on for 5-10 minutes, for a total processing time of 30-40 minutes. Nb: The leave on times can be reduced by applying heat. For excellent results rinse the colour mix off only once it has cooled down. 100 ml
  • 270. COLOURS SERIES Natural Red Intense Natural Intense Red Ash Extra Reds Beige Fantasy Violet Contrast Colors Golden Tropical Copper Tobacco Copper Golden Superlightener Mahogany Intensifier Copper Red
  • 271. COLOURS CONTRAST • RED • COPPER • MAHOGANY Mix ratio: 1+2
  • 272. COLOURS Oxidizing colouring cream with lifting and colouring action to create partial lift effects, chromatic contrasts and fashion colours.
  • 273. COLOURS CONTRAST • 2 in 1 service • Fast and easy • Brilliant and luminous colours • High-impact personalized colour effects
  • 274. COLOURS CONTRAST Can be used on both natural and cosmetically coloured hair, to create fashion effects in just one application without bleaching.
  • 275. COLOURS CONTRAST Recommended application Base tone: on cosmetically coloured hair the recommended application base should be even and on nothing lower than base level 4 (chestnut). On natural hair it can be applied to base level 2 (brown), 3 (dark chestnut), 4 (chestnut) and 5 (light chestnut).
  • 276. COLOURS Application: In a non-metallic bowl mix 50 ml of Inebrya Color Contrast with 100 ml of oxidizing emulsion at 40 volumes (mixing ratio1+2) to reach an even cream. Apply the mix to selected sections, at a distance of 2/3 centimetres from the roots, isolate the single sections with foil. Leave on for 35- 45 minutes, keep under control depending on the type of technique used and the hair type. Rinse off well with tiepid water. Cleanse using Shampoo Color Ice Cream
  • 278. COLOURS OPPORTUNITIES Inebrya Color extends its colour range of nuances with • a new SERIES of NATURAL INTENSE nuances for deep long- lasting shades • a VIOLET CORRECTOR to intensify and enhance Violet and Iris nuances
  • 279. COLOURS NEED • a more NATURAL and intense colour • more compact and full nuances • greater reliable natural looking colours • become more specialized in order to meet all the specific requests made by clients
  • 281. COLOURS PLUS• more INTENSE colour results• higher stable tonal highlights toreduce risk of colour changes• brillant, luminous and soft hair• EXTRA cover for grey hair
  • 282. COLOURS Inebrya has also added a VIOLET CORRECTOR to its range of intensifiers
  • 283. OXY-ACTIVATORS Oxy 10 Vol Oxy 20 Vol Oxy 30 Vol Oxy 40 Vol7 Vol. – 1000 ml 150 ml – 1000 ml 150 ml – 1000 ml 150 ml – 1000 ml 150 ml – 1000 ml
  • 284. OXY-ACTIVATORS We recommend the use of Inebrya cream emulsion oxidizer when colouring with Inebrya Color in order to guarantee high stability of the tone level and to reduce the possibility of any unwanted colour changes in the final result
  • 285. OXY-ACTIVATORS OXIDIZERS AND LEAVE ON TIMES • 7 volumes, for Tone on Tone colouring 20 minutes • 10 volumes, for deep Tone on Tone colouring without lifting 25-30 minutes • 20 volumes, to cover and lift by 1 level 30-40 minutes • 30 volumes, to cover and lift by 2 levels 35-40 minutes • 40 volumes, to cover and lift by 2 levels 40-50 minutes
  • 286. OXY-ACTIVATORS CREAMY ACTIVATOR– MILK CREAMY PERFUMED OXIDIZING EMULSION WITH A HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BASE • 7 Vols • Ideal for TONE ON TONE • Enhances the application of cosmetic colours • Longer stability of initial volume • Contains hydrogen peroxide at 2,1% 1000 ml
  • 287. OXY-ACTIVATORS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – MILK CREAMY PERFUMED OXIDIZING EMULSION WITH A PEROXIDE BASE • 10 Vol. • Enhances the application of cosmetic colours • Longer stability of initial volume • Contains hydrogen peroxide at 3% 1000 ml
  • 288. OXY-ACTIVATORS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – MILK CREAMY PERFUMED OXIDIZING EMULSION WITH A HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BASE • 20 Vol. • Enhances the application of cosmetic colours • Longer stability of initial volume • Contains hydrogen peroxide at 6% 1000 ml
  • 289. OXY-ACTIVATORS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – MILK CREAMY PERFUMED OXIDIZING EMULSION WITH A HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BASE • 30 Vol. • Enhances the application of cosmetic colours • Longer stability of initial volume • Contains hydrogen peroxide at 9% 1000 ml
  • 290. OXY-ACTIVATORS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – MILK CREAMY PERFUMED OXIDIZING EMULSION WITH A HYDROGEN PEROXIDE BASE • 40 Vols • Enhances the application of cosmetic colours • Longer stability of initial volume • Contains hydrogen peroxide at 12% 1000 ml
  • 291. BLEACHINGBleaching Powder Bleaching Powder REFILL SACHET dust-free BLUE dust-free WHITE Bleaching Powder BLUE Bleaching Powder 500 gr 500 gr BLUE 6x500 gr 24 x 35 gr
  • 292. BLEACHING BLEACHING POWDER – BLUE COMPACT PERFUMED BLEACHING POWDER • Contrasts yellow and orange tones • Lifts up to 6/7 levels • Long lasting stability • Easy to apply, doesn’t dry or swell • Specific formula with blue pigments 500 gr
  • 293. BLEACHING BLEACHING POWDER – WHITE COMPACT FRAGRANT BLEACHING POWDER • Lifts up to 6/7 levels • Long lasting stability • Easy to apply, doesn’t dry or swell 500 gr
  • 294. BLEACHING BLEACHING REFILL BLUE REFILL • Contrasts yellow and orange tones • Lifts up to 6/7 levels • Long lasting stability • Easy to apply, doesn’t dry or swell • Specific formula with blue pigments 6 x 500 gr
  • 295. BLEACHING BLEACHING POWDER – BLUE SACHETS • Compact Blue formula • Fragrant formula • 35 gr. sachet • 24 pc. display 24 pz. x 35 gr
  • 296. BLEACHING BLEACHING POWDER – BLUE • Ideal for streaks, decolouring and bleaching • Suitable for all lifting techniques • Lifts up to 6/7 levels • Contrasts yellow and orange tones 24 pz. x 35 gr
  • 297. PERMS Perm 1 Perm 1S Perm 2 Neutralizer500 ml + monodose 500 ml 500 ml + monodose 1000 ml
  • 298. PERMS PERM 1 NATURAL NORMAL HAIR MILK PROTEINS PERMANENT WAVING LIQUID • Natural wave effect • Guarantees exceptional curl strength and hold • Does not damage the hair structure • Maintains natural elasticity and softness 500 ml • Active ingredients: Milk Proteins
  • 299. PERMS PERM 1S NATURALLY THICK AND RESISTANT HAIR MILK PROTEINS PERMANENT WAVING LIQUID • Natural wave effect • Guarantees exceptional curl strength and hold • Does not damage the hair structure • Maintains natural elasticity and softness • Active ingredients: Milk Proteins 500 ml
  • 300. PERMS PERM 2 COLOURED AND TREATED HAIR MILK PROTEINS PERMANENT WAVING LIQUID • Waving and treating effect • Guarantees exceptional curl strength and hold • Does not damage the hair structure • Maintains natural elasticity and softness • Active ingredients: Milk Proteins 500 ml
  • 301. PERMS NEUTRALIZER MILK PROTEINS NEUTRALIZER FOR PERMS • Neutralizes and helps maintain stable the curl or wave reached • Conditioning and protecting action • Milk fragarnce • Active ingredients: Milk Proteins 1000 ml
  • 302. PERMS MONO-DOSE P1 ALMOND PROTEINS PERM WITH ALMOND PROTEINS FOR NATURAL NORMAL HAIR • Guarantees exceptional curl strength and hold • Does not damage the hair structure • Contains Universal Neutralizer 100 + 120 ml • Active ingredients: Almond Proteins
  • 303. PERMS MONO-DOSE P2 ALMOND PROTEINS PERM SOLUTION FOR COLOURED AND TREATED HAIR • Guarantees exceptional curl strength and hold • Does not damage the hair structure • Contains Universal Neutralizer • Active ingredients: Almond Proteins 100 + 120 ml
  • 304. STRAIGHTENING Straightening Cream 100 + 120 ml
  • 305. STRAIGHTENING MONO-DOSE STRAIGHTENING CREAM ALMOND PROTEINS AND LINSEED OIL NO LYE STRAIGHTENING CREAM • Ideal for straightening naturally curly hair • Contains Universal Neutralizer • Active ingredients: Almond Oil, Sweet Almond Proteins, Linseed Oil 100 + 120 ml and silicone filming agents
  • 306. COLOUR CORRECTION REDUCT COLOR – A+B PARTIAL OR TOTAL COLOUR CORRECTION • Removes the artificial cosmetic oxidation pigment • Leaves hair soft and full of shine • Pleasant fruity fragrance 150 ml + 150 ml
  • 307. COLOUR CORRECTION REDUCT COLOR – A+B PARTIAL OR TOTAL COLOUR CORRECTION • Modifies cosmetic colours to go darker shades to lighter • A+B are always mixed in equal parts 150 ml + 150 ml
  • 308. UTILITIES Stain Remover Barrier Cream Soothing Oil Hand Cream 150 ml 150 ml 125 ml 100 ml
  • 309. UTILITIES STAIN REMOVER • Removes colour stains • Rich in micronized crystals 150 ml
  • 310. UTILITIES BARRIER CREAM • Essential for protecting the skin from irritation during colouring services 150 ml
  • 311. UTILITIES SOOTHING OIL SCALP SOOTHING OIL • Ideal for protecting skin and scalp during colouring services • Can be added to the colour mix 125 ml
  • 312. HAND HELPY CREAM PROTECTIVE HAND CREAM • Professional protective cream • Deep hydrating action • Rapid absorbing action • Active ingredients: Panthenol and Shea Butter 100 ml
  • 313. IDW s.r.l. Castelfranco Veneto ( Tv ) – ItalyTel. +39. 049.9988960 Fax +39. 049.9988969