Emerge 2012: Keys to Email Creative Success


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Breaking down the "triangle offense" email design technique and how to design emails in the age of mobile devices and social media.

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Emerge 2012: Keys to Email Creative Success

  1. 1. ™Cracking the Code: Keys to Email Creative SuccessAlex WilliamsNew Orleans, LA April 17–20, 2012 #cgxemerge
  2. 2. Google me…
  3. 3. 8.15.2011 | Page # Internal Only
  4. 4. 58% of onlineconsumers begin theday with email.-ExactTarget, “Subscribers, Fans, &followers Report #1, Digital Morning
  5. 5. Email creative is more than justdesign.It’s also branding, sales, content, layout, UX, and technicalexecution. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to add value tothe creative process.Today we’ll discuss:• How to approach, develop, and evaluate email creative• Updating your layouts for the new mobile paradigm• How to connect with your subscribers in the social age
  6. 6. Start every email with 3 questions What? Why? How?
  7. 7. What? What is the point of this email?
  8. 8. Why? Why should they care?
  9. 9. How? How do they take action?
  10. 10. The answers to these questions will help youconcept, build, and evaluate your email creative using “The Triangle Offense”.
  11. 11. “The Triangle Offense” This design strategy embraces the fact that most people don’t read emails, they scan.
  12. 12. How it Works Optimize each modularWhat? section of an email for fast comprehension of What, Why, How. Users might jump straight from What to Why? How, with the general content and imagery of the inner triangle acting as the Why. Make sure your emailHow? passes the triangle scan test.
  13. 13. The Triangle in action
  14. 14. The Triangle in action 1 problem…countdown to what?
  15. 15. The Triangle in action Don’t force decisions in the inbox.
  16. 16. The Triangle in action Watch what?
  17. 17. The Triangle in action Single Game Suites on Sale Now
  18. 18. Which one scans better?
  19. 19. The Keys to the Triangle Communicate efficiently. Make sense. • Tie your headlines and calls-to-action together • Remove extraneous copy and visuals that don’t support the goal of the email or module • Expect your subscribers NOT to read the entire text • Find the emotional need of your “What”
  20. 20. Does this make sense?
  21. 21. Does this make sense?
  22. 22. MOBILE
  23. 23. Smartphones & Tablets (alsoknown as “mobile”) havechanged email design forever.
  24. 24. How mobile are your customers?Client A – 25% Client B – 11% Plan based on the audience
  25. 25. “Mobile Friendly” EmailCreative TOUCH Thumbs and fingers are the new mouse.
  26. 26. How to make your email “Mobile Friendly”• The “mobile version” is a dated concept. Mobile users expect a scalable, readable email.• Prioritize content, remove “just in case” content• Increase all font sizes, especially headlines• Balance HTML & Images, latency can be an issue (think “airplane mode”).• Scalable widths will provide readability (640px max). Explore fluid width tables.
  27. 27. Desktop version of mobile friendly width
  28. 28. Mobile version of mobile friendly width
  29. 29. Advanced: @media queries CSS style sheets that modify the email design when device’s capabilities match specific criteria. Allows you to: • Hide content from displaying in the email • Show higher resolution images on iOS • Add alt text to background images • Progressive disclosure to show additional content on click • Change text sizes based on screen size
  30. 30. SOCIAL
  31. 31. Social = People Power • Humanize your content • Use public user generated content • Tweets • Facebook Comments • Reviews • Speak using a real voice and not in marketing/campaign speak
  32. 32. “Everybody’s doing it”
  33. 33. Social Comments are 3rd Party Validation
  34. 34. Take “you’re” word for it
  35. 35. Let your customers speak for you
  36. 36. Thank you!Alex WilliamsDirector, Creative & Digital StrategyTrendline Interactivealex@trendlineinteractive.comTwitter@alexcwilliamsLinkedInhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/emailmarketingstrategy