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Group buying
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Group buying
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Group buying
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Group buying
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Group buying


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Presentation by Alex Whiteside @ Digital Wollongong 2/03/2011

Presentation by Alex Whiteside @ Digital Wollongong 2/03/2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Group buying has changed the world. Although deals also bring negative effects to merchants unable to handle multitudes of redemptions, deals or discounts will always be a powerful factor for user purchase. I honestly think group buying will one day reach its saturation but will evolve to another strategy.
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  • Good EveningAlex WhitesideCurrently enrolled in final year of BIS degree, For the past 8 months working at a financial services company called, and have been exposing them to social media through Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. Most recently have been involved in redesigning their website to improve communication to customers.
  • In today’s world, how do we get this minimum number of customers? We could put an ad in the paper, Shop-a-dockets, or we could use: Social Media, and this what will be covered tonight.
  • Security : forgery for coupons
  • No upfront costs: only pay for the customers you getTargeted, i.e. Female buys a hair salon package and shares with her friends.Brand Awareness: brand name is being shared through social media for freeCustomers..: cold rock (bring along two friends who don’t have coupons so they don’t have to go alone)…Limit: for example, you advertise at 50% off you can cut at any time.
  • In the GFC,Groupon became one of the fastest growing companies in north america
  • Groupon takes a 50% cut from all sales.This deal resulted near, $137,500 and that’s just one city in America. They service near 50 cities worldwide.
  • Google are no competing with GrouponHave you noticed the increase of place pages in organic search results and a search map
  • Transcript

    • 1. Group BuyingHow and Why it works
      Alex Whiteside
      Final Year StudentBachelor of Internet Science and Technology (Internet Commerce)University of Wollongong
    • 2. What is Group Buying?
      Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.
    • 3. How it works?
      Each day an item is featured and communicated through social media and email newsletters.
      High priced items, sold at a discount
      Business owner sets the minimum/maximum number of coupons
      As a business can be guaranteed a minimum amount of customers they can set really low prices
      Customer pays upfront so they are locked into the deal
      Customers share deal around social media to ensure the deal reaches the minimum number
      Customer visits the merchant with pre-purchased coupon
    • 4. Advantages over other Media
      Reach a large market with no upfront costs
      Can be targeted to a known demographic through social media
      The deal can go viral increasing brand awareness
      Customers may invite their friends (who may not have coupons) to come along while they redeem their coupon
      Easy to limit discounted sales, if necessary, not very easy with printed coupons
      Have a creative written up on your business at no cost
      Increase SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website.
    • 5. Would you turn down a $6 billion offer from Google?
    • 6. Groupon did
    • 7. Google’s $6B offer to Groupon
      Just before Christmas 2010, US Group buying leader rejected a US 6 billion dollar offer from Google.
      Groupon has also entered AU market and has been forced to operate under different brand due to trademark issues.
    • 8. More then 11,000 sales in 1 day
    • 9. So, Google did it themselves
      Google have realised the future of online commerce. Google now dominate their paid advertising, and “Place” pages with local deals. Best of all, it’s free.
    • 10. Spreets, a $40M Offer!
      Recently, in February 2010, Australian based group buying website sold to Yahoo7 for $40M – when only 10 months old.
    • 11. The future of e-Commerce?
      Businesses now have a new medium to market and sell their products and services.
      Daily deal sites have changed the way we shop.
      Social media will have a big influence on the future of this industry.
    • 12. Group Buying in Wollongong
      As of yet there have been no daily deals in Wollongong.
      Although, a website I run, is focused towards operating daily deals in the local area.
    • 13. Questions?