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Metrics for Viral Content and  the ROI of Social Media
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Metrics for Viral Content and the ROI of Social Media


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  • 1. Viral Marketing Metrics for Viral Content and the ROI of Social Media Measuring a Conversation Alex Nelson, Home Front Communications 1 1
  • 2. Viral Marketing Defining “Viral” Viral Marketing Consist of using one or more platforms to reach users Is shareable Is affected by multiple content factors Novelty Comedy Controversy Action-oriented Starts a dialogue - “Did you see that video on YouTube?” Has no defined timeline There is no benchmark for declaring a campaign “viral” Is it 1 million YouTube views? Is it 10,000 Facebook fans? Is it 1,000 Twitter followers? Is it 100,000 visitors to your Web site? 2
  • 3. Viral Marketing Measuring Social Media Engagement Determining the ROI of Social Media presents a difficult problem: How do you put numeric qualities around human interactions and conversations? Creating Two Ways to Measure Quantitative Analysis Qualitative Analysis 3
  • 4. Viral Marketing Measuring Social Media Engagement - Quanitative Analysis Web Site Traffic Platform Measurements YouTube Views Facebook/MySpace Friends Twitter Followers Action Measurements Petitions Donations 4
  • 5. Viral Marketing Measuring Social Media Engagement - Qualitative Analysis Community Engagement Reputation Instead of formulas, ask these questions - Are you building better relationships with key audiences? Are you participating in conversations where you hadn’t been involved? Are you creating a dialogue? 5
  • 6. Viral Marketing Case Study – A Powerful Noise Multi-platform campaign fighting poverty in honor International Women’s Day Documentary launched on MAY MAY APR International Women’s Day (March 5, JUNE 2009) Visual Petition powered by Flickr Tweet-a-thon Used #apowerfulnoise to track JULY Tweets and then donated $.50 to CARE for up to 10,000 tweets AUG What more could the campaign have done? SEP 6
  • 7. Viral Marketing Creating Metrics for Your Organization Measurable goals based on your organization’s past online performance What type of campaign are you pursuing: advocacy, fundraising, visibility, reputation management, etc? Use a combination of qualitative and quantitative measurements to create your success metrics Implement the campaign, review your metrics and goals. Filter out channels and strategies that don’t get good returns. 7
  • 8. Viral Marketing GOING FORWARD…. Tips and Tricks for Video Social Networking Twitter 8
  • 9. Viral Marketing Video Tips Platform Agnostic Veoh Vimeo Yahoo Facebook Others Distribution model with partner organizations Branded YouTube channel Search Engine Marketing with Google Grants 9
  • 10. Viral Marketing Social Networking Tips Determine your organizational needs Private v. public social network Facebook Optimization Integrate your page and cause application Send users to your Page Wall Create “human” updates and generate user interaction Utilize the format to offer relevant information in a streamlined manner Applications for multiple platforms Widgets 10
  • 11. Viral Marketing Twitter Tips Learn the lingo #hashtag DM RT Customer Service & Community Resource Go beyond news feeds FollowFriday Mashable’s Follow for Good Twitter Mashups 11