Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Maternal Health
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Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Maternal Health






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Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Maternal Health Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Maternal Health Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile Technologiesfor HealthcareAlex Little & Florida AlemayhuBarCamp Ethiopia 2011 © 2011
  • mHealth● Using mobile technologies to improve healthcare● Lots of potential: ● data collection ● point of care support ● telemedicine/remote diagnosis● So far little evidence of what really works and what may be scalable © 2011
  • Our programme● As yet, little use of mHealth in Ethiopia● Evalutation of the feasibility of using mobile technologies (smartphones) to improve maternal health● Working with Health Extension Workers in Tigray © 2011
  • Stage 1: HEW interviews● Interviews with HEWs and assess technical aspects. Findings: ● GPRS coverage much better than expected ● Technically worked well ● Lack of electricity at many health posts ● Language/date format ● HEWs very keen on using the smartphones © 2011
  • Stage 2: Smartphones to HEWsTraining HEWs in howto use smartphonesand practice using thedata collectionapplication © 2011
  • Protocol development● Protocol is a standard medical care questionnaire● Acts as reminder to HEWs to ensure they are asking all the correct information● Information can be used to help risk assess patients● HEWs/Midwives can focus on those most at risk of having complications during pregnancy/labour © 2011
  • Workflow1 1. Data collected in the field using smartphones 2. Data automatically uploaded to server whenever GPRS connection available 3. Data instantly available via the scorecard dashboard 2 3 Internet © 2011
  • Scorecard Dashboard ● Graphical display of data submitted ● Highlight patients most at risk ● Missing appointments ● Protocols submitted by each HEW/Midwife © 2011
  • TechnologyDevelopment © 2011
  • Hardware● Used HTC Hero phones – smartphones getting cheaper all the time – could also use any other Android phone● Solar lamp/chargers● Dual battery chargers © 2011
  • Solar charging● Testing out different solar systems for charging phones● Many different products available, were testing: ● D-light ● Glowstar © 2011
  • Software Demo © 2011
  • Data Collection Applications● Many different data collection applications: ● EpiSurveyor ● Sana/OpenMRS ● OpenXData ● OpenDataKit (ODK) © 2011
  • OpenDataKit● ODK Aggregate – server app – runs either on your own server or on Google App Engine● ODK Collect – client application for Android● ODK Build – to help build form XML © 2011
  • Geez keyboard To help HEWs enter data – they can use a Geez keyboard for entering Amharic/Tigrinyan text © 2011
  • Customised Client appDeveloped the ODKClient application sodates can be enteredin Ethiopian dataformat © 2011
  • Pregnancy CalculatorDeveloped a smallAndroid app to helpcalculate theexpected deliverydate © 2011
  • Scorecard Development ● Developed in PHP ● Links to ODK database ● Still under development - getting feedback from medical professionals © 2011
  • Overview● So far, technology is working well● Big test is over the next few months once the HEWs and midwives start to use the technology for real● More development needed for the scorecard and client phone applications © 2011
  • Thanks! Further info: Alex Little: alex@alexlittle.netFlorida © 2011