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Visual Resume: Alex Rister
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Visual Resume: Alex Rister


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Alex Rister believes everyone has the power to be a strong communicator. How? Click on her visual resume to learn more...

Alex Rister believes everyone has the power to be a strong communicator. How? Click on her visual resume to learn more...

Published in: Education, Business

  • Alex,
    Very impressive presentation. Certainly contains all the elements you talk about - innovation, design and creative expression. Thanks for sharing this.
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  • wow! this resume is reaally good and very inspiring, thank you for sharing!
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  • Hello Alex,

    Thank you for sharing this unique resume. It is eye catching, entertaining and informative.

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  • great work Alex. amazing really, thank you for sharing . which fonts did you use ?
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  • Great Visual Resume! I wish I could also get as many views...
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  • 1. Everyone possesses the power to be a strong communicator...
  • 2. ... and as we rapidly move from the information age to the conceptual Age communication is more important than ever , Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind (2005)
  • 3. Experts agree the fate of an idea hinges on how well you can communicate that idea Scott Berkun’s “The Importance of What You Say”
  • 4. My name is Alex Rister ... and I am a Communication Specialist
  • 5. My goal is to help you inspire others with your big idea
  • 6. But how ?
  • 7. In this new age of innovation
  • 8. written, verbal, and visual Communication are equally important
  • 9. I am an Innovator In this new age of innovation
  • 10. I don’t Think like most people
  • 11. I think like a designer
  • 12. Unlike the average American who spends 4 hours per day watching TV...
  • 13. I spend my time Creating
  • 14. i write Creating Communication
  • 15. i reaD FAVORITE NONFICTION Duarte, Godin, Heath Brothers, Pink, Reynolds FAVORITE FICTION Faulkner, Joyce, McCarthy, Roth
  • 16. I am an eternal student constantly pursuing knowledge both in the classroom through coursework and out of the classroom through research
  • 17. I’ve earned 3 degrees ... so far
  • 18. My M.A. in is from UNF english
  • 19. My B.A. in is from UF english
  • 20. and my A.A. in Communication is from Chipola College
  • 21. I’ve earned 18 graduate hours in interpersonal communication at UCF
  • 22. I also learn through leadership
  • 23. Junior league Chair of Special Events Chair of Public Relations President’s Pick on the Board of Directors Assistant Chair, New Member Program Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • 24. I’ve put a special focus on League training programs such as the twice-yearly leadership training and New Member program
  • 25. Due to my leadership experience, I’ve learned valuable Skills
  • 26. Communications advertising, branding, designing, marketing, public relations
  • 27. Event planning researching, budgeting, organizing, scheduling, implementing special events
  • 28. student affairs advising student organizations and mentoring campus leaders
  • 29. lead I also each day at work
  • 30. I am a teacher
  • 31. university of north florida 2007
  • 32. Gulf Coast state college 2008-2009
  • 33. Full Sail University 2010-2014
  • 34. 2014-Present aeronautical university EMBRY-RIDDLE
  • 35. People rank public speaking as their greatest fear ...
  • 36. ... but I love public speaking and do it for a living
  • 37. I teach English and communication courses at Embry Riddle
  • 38. I teach and practice the philosophy of Jim Endicott who says presentations are a 3-legged stool comprised of 1) message, 2) delivery, 3) slide design legs
  • 39. My philosophy on delivery comes from Garr reynolds & nancy duarte shaped my philosophy on content and slides
  • 40. I teach my students how to be stronger and more authentic communicators in presentation content, delivery, and design
  • 41. and my students say... “I’ve never had a teacher with such a passion for teaching.” ~ Classroom Student
  • 42. “Mrs. Rister’s style of educating is incredibly effective. Even in a class where most people get nervous, she does an excellent job supporting her students.” of ~ Classroom Student and my students say... and encouraging
  • 43. and my students say... “I have never had a teacher ever try to help a student understand like she has, and I appreciate it immensely.” ~ Online Student
  • 44. In this brand new world of innovation and right-brained, creative thinking...
  • 45. I am a Creator
  • 46. and thinking like a designer is a trait that allows me to help you in 3 ways:
  • 47. #1 Written! communication
  • 48. #2 Public Speaking &! Presentation
  • 49. #3 Visual ! communication and slide design
  • 50. Let me help you change the world with your big idea
  • 51. Contact
  • 52. Slide 2: Pink, Daniel. A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. 2006. Riverhead Trade Images courtesy of Flickr Thank you! Image Credits: Slide 1: Slides 3, 8, 9: Slide 4: Slide 7: Slide 10: Slide 11: Slide 12: Slide 13: Slides 14, 18, 19, 20: Slide 15: Slide 16: Slide 17: Slide 21, 39: Slide 22: Slide 25: Slide 27: Slide 28: Slide 29: Slide 30: Slide 31: Slide 32: Slide 33: Slide 34: Slide 35: Slide 36: Slides 37, 38: Slide 40: Slide 41: (top right) Slide 41: (bottom left) Slide 42: Slide 46: Slide 47: Slide 48, 49: Slide 52: Sources: Slide 2: Slide 6: Slide 24: Slide 4: Slide 39: Slide 48, 50: Slide 48, 51: Slide 53: