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research of magazines

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  • 1. Media Studies Music MagazineStyle front covers, contents pages and main stories
  • 2. FRONT COVER: Q magazine
  • 3. Main Masthead of Selling line… the magazine why people will buy it! Plain background Main image Pull factors He is leaning into the shot which the majority of Barcode artists do for covers Sub imageMain colour schemeseems to be red, whiteand grey/black
  • 4. Possible improvements?Possible improvements that could bemade are: Make the main image stand out more Maybe put the barcode in a different place.But there are many other great featuresused in the magazine which I couldincorporate into my own.
  • 5. More Detail!Mast- headThe mast head for Q Magazine is more or less justthe letter Q in a red box. This means that it standsout and people have more of a chance to rememberit. The selling linePeople will look to the selling line to make ajudgement on what they believe the magazine isgoing to be like. ‘The UK’s biggest music magazine’.This means that more people are going to be drawnin to what is being sold.
  • 6. More Detail!Colour schemeThe colour scheme for this front cover seems red,white and black. This means that the layout of thecover is simple and not too many colours areclashing with each other. It also means that certainwords are able to stand out against the dark greybackground.BarcodeIn this instance the barcode is relatively smallcompared to the rest of the cover’s contents. Thisconnotes that maybe the barcode is not as important.
  • 7. More Detail!Main ImageThe main image shows Matt Bellamy smashing hisguitar off the ‘screen’. This helps convey his type ofmusic. He is also leaning into the shot slightly. Thistends to be what many different artists to do on thisparticular cover. I find it tends to bring more life to theimage.Sub imageThere is also a small image at the bottom of the pageof the Beatles. The Beatles were huge in their dayand therefore people are more likely going to bedrawn in by seeing that image.
  • 8. More Detail!Pull FactorsThe pull factors on the cover help to create anaudience for the magazine. The main one for thiscover would be ‘Rocks biggest nutjobs’. This isbecause this is the title that seems to stand out themost.Font sizes.The font sizes are practically the same, but they havemade certain parts larger in order for them to standout.
  • 9. 2nd Front cover
  • 10. Main colour scheme: Red, White and Black NME front cover Main magazine masthead Pull factors Plain backgroun Other d stories/ sub images Strong main image Strong Barcodeheadline
  • 11. More Detail!MastheadIn terms of the masthead the main image is coveringpart of it. This connotes that people know what it isand that they don’t have to see the full thing to knowwhat it is. It is a symbol of the magazines popularity.Colour schemeLike the ‘Q’ magazine, the colour scheme is red,white and black. This seems to be commonthroughout this genre of music magazines.
  • 12. More Detail!BarcodeThe barcode for this magazine is small and is out ofthe way. This suggests that it is no where near asimportant as the rest of the page.Pull FactorsThe pull factors for this particular magazine comes inthe other articles. ‘636 UK GIGS LISTED’. This is apull factor because people will want to be able to lookthough and see when their favourite bands areplaying.
  • 13. More Detail!Main ImageThis main image is particularly strong as it stands outagainst the white background. He is also covering themast head which connotes that he is important. Heseems like he’s somebody who everybody shouldknow about.Sub images/ sub stories.In this case they are there just in case someone isn’tparticularly interested in the main article. This isbecause people who don’t listen to Jamie might listento somebody like Paramore.
  • 14. Contents Page
  • 15. Masthead still visible Q contents page Page numbers Informing easy for us what main this page is stories 4 imagesList format:easy to read Colour scheme the same
  • 16. More Detail!MastheadIn the contents page, the masthead is still visible, thismeans that the people can still recognise themagazine. This reinforces the idea that this is themost important aspect of the magazine so that thepeople will be constantly reminded what magazinethat they are reading.List FormatAll the stories have been put into a list format. This isgood as it makes the different stories clear and easyto read.
  • 17. More Detail!ImagesThere are many images that have been used n thecontents page. This is because they need to showtheir readers what their articles are all about. Theyalso have the relevant page numbers on the images,this is good as it makes it easier to get to the relevantstory.Colour schemeThe colour scheme is still the same as the front coveras it helps maintain the magazines identity.
  • 18. 2nd Contents page
  • 19. NME Contents page Still a plain Writing is all in backgroun different fonts d Lots ofPage numbers to differentnavigate you to the imagesright page This is not the same colour scheme but in black and white
  • 20. More Detail!ImagesThis is full of images which help describe what thecontents of the magazine contain. These also havepage references, which makes it clear which pageyou should skip to in order to read about yourfavourite bands.Colour schemeThe colour scheme is much different to that of thefront covers, as for this one it is in a black and whitestyle. This connotes that the front cover is much moreimportant than the contents page.
  • 21. More DetailTitlesThe font for the titles of the stories is slightly biggerthan the font that is there just to describe what isgoing on. This is because the title of the stories aremuch more important.LayoutThey have arranged the images on the cover so thatthey all stand out. They aren’t just placed into onecorner, they have been spread out across the page.
  • 22. Main Article
  • 23. Q main article In dented quotationMain image Bold writing/ Headline Pun ColumnsBy-line
  • 24. More Detail!Main ImageThere is a large image that covers the top half of thepage for the main story. This is because then youcan see what the story is going to be about beforeyou even read the article itself. It is also a mediumshot, which connotes that he is very important!Main titleThe main headline has been wrote in Bold. Thisconnotes that it is very important to the story itself,and that it will tell the reader straight away what it willbe about.
  • 25. More Detail!PunThe main title here is ‘Lord of the Strings’, which isclearly a play on words on ‘Lord of the Rings’. This isclever as Lord of the Rings is such a popular culturalreference, many people will want to see what theyhave to say.ColumnsThe article itself has been written in the style ofcolumns. This is because it gives it a much moreprofessional feel to the article itself., and it makes thelayout look much neater and easier to read.
  • 26. More DetailEmbedded quotations At the top of the image they have placed thequotation, ‘ If Radiohead are ever looking for a deal,I’d sign them anytime’ This connoted that this mustbe an important part of the interview, as it has beenused to draw in an audience.
  • 27. Main Main Image headline in newspaper Main article 2 style By – lineMainbody oftext Half image and Half text
  • 28. More DetailMain imageThe main image for this article is large and takes uphave the page. This seems to be one of the manyways in which a double page spread can be set outfor the audience to readHeadlineThe effect of the headline being set out the way it isthat more young people will be able to relate to whatis being said. This is because this is something that amajority of people may have tried to do when theywere younger. Its different and stands out
  • 29. More DetailColumnsThe article has been set out in in columns which is atypical convention of magazines and newspapers. Itmeans that more of a story will be able to sit on apage and also it means the page looks neater.Red writingSome of the words have been put into red writing.This means that these words will stand out more thanthe rest of them, such of the effect that bold writinghas. It makes the information that is being givenstand out more.