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sideNOW Executive Summary

sideNOW Executive Summary

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  • 1. Social Engagement Application
  • 2. OpportunityPeople Are Opinionated...Voicing their opinions on:• Forums• Wall Posts• Comment Threads
  • 3. ProblemNo ClosureWall posts and forums are notdesigned to organize, summarize orsettle these differences of opinion.Missing OpportunityConversations, opinions and generalsentiment are getting lost in thesethreads.
  • 4. sideNOW has found a way to: Organize Measure Monetize } this underdeveloped piece of User Generated Content By taking these debates off the comment thread and onto sideNOW...
  • 5. SolutionsideNOW allows people tochallenge their friends to adebate and invite all theirother friends to pick a sideand declare a winner.
  • 6. SolutionYou can also record yourside via webcam, or embeda youtube video.
  • 7. Unlike Others Apps...No forced app permissions!When you see in your newsfeed that your friendsare debating about something, when you click onthat debate you are taken directly to it... Oscar Roscoe sided with Alex Picazo Lacey Majors vs Alex Picazo The Toilet Seat Lacey
  • 8. Only after people votedoes sideNOW givethem the option toallow app permissionsso their pics show upunder the side theytook.People can choose notto allow the app andleave their votesanonymous.
  • 9. sideNOW utilizesgamificaction inkeeping stats on friends’win-loss records and onthe frequency you agreewith them.
  • 10. Monetization Through Brands...
  • 11. Why do brands care?
  • 12. Brands are trying to targetkey user demographicsand get them engaged ontheir fanpage...
  • 13. Posting updates to Nike’swall is not very engagingand has no call to actionfor fans to get involved.
  • 14. Nike can pay sideNOW toembed media rich contenton Nike’s fanpage and getJoe engaged with theirbrand.When Joe gets engaged,things go viral...
  • 15. Opportunity Engaging fans on Facebook is a top priority to bands and something they are willing to pay for because...
  • 16. Opportunity 16% of the time Americans spend online is on Facebook
  • 17. Opportunity Interacting with fans and getting them engaged on Facebook pays off. Engaged fans are...
  • 18. Engaged Fans are... 28% more likely to continue using a brand or product.
  • 19. Engaged Fans are... 41% more likely to recommend the brand or product.
  • 20. Engaged Fans... Spend $71.84 (20-40%) more on those brands or products.
  • 21. Engaged Fans... But there is a problem...
  • 22. Problem Engagement is down 22%
  • 23. Problem 70-90% of people who like a page will never return.
  • 24. Problem Only 3-7.5% of page updates and posts show up in a user’s newsfeed.
  • 25. Problem This is all due to a Lack of Engaging Content
  • 26. Solution Media Rich Polling and Debating Embedded Directly on a Fan Page • Grows & engages fanbase. • Interface that users are comfortable with from personal use. – Leverages sideNOW community. • Leverage Facebook social graph and sharing. • Captures sentiment and demographic data.
  • 27. Like Button The “Like” button is used to say you want to share something Consumer = Preferences
  • 28. Like Button The “Like” button is used to say you want to share something Consumer = Preferences
  • 29. SolutionBrands can promoteproducts and get real-timecustomer feedback andpreferences.Voting is a call to action. A“Like” button is not.Brands can analyze thedemographic breakdown ofthe votes on the backend.
  • 30. Solution:Content doesn’t have to beHead-to-Head.sideNOW provides the mostmedia rich multiple choicepolls out there with mediaattached to each answerchoice.
  • 31. ENDS IN: 1W 3DSolution Share Like Follow+ 3,040votes (66%) 2,457votes (43%)Old Spice YouTube Campaign VOTE VOTE• Sales doubled in one month.• Over 110 million views on YouTube.sideNOW gives Old Spice a place to See All See Allengage users on their fan pageinstead of losing them to YouTube. = HUGE VALUE
  • 32. ENDS IN: Is Driving Tired Worse than Driving Drunk? 0W 4DSolution Yes! Share Drunk is still worse Like Follow+ 498votes (28%) 632votes (72%)Mythbusters Upcoming Episodes VOTE ( 45% 55% ) Stats ( 45% 55% ) Stats VOTE• Get fans engaged and voting on which myths will be busted. Sided with Adam See All Sided with Jamie Old Spice Guy See All Kari Byron
  • 33. ENDS IN: Who Should OSU Start at Quarterback? 1W 3DSolution Bauserman Share Like Follow+ Miller 3,401votes (32%) 6,780votes (68%)News Stations VOTE VOTE• Engage audience online.• Determine sentiment.• Report on findings. Sided with Bauserman See All Sided with Miller Old Spice Guy See All
  • 34. SolutionSports• Fans want to pick a side.• Teams & athletes want fans more involved.
  • 35. SolutionPolitics• Engage voters.• Insights on different demographic opinions.• Obama proved social media is a necessity.
  • 36. Solution.So what is it worth to a brand tokeep a fan engaged on Facebook?
  • 37. Spend $ 71.84 Spend of a Engaged FanAverage Value $ 71.84 Loyalty $ 43.71 Recommendations $ 13.57 Earned Media Value $ 6.79 Loyalty $Offset for Fan Acquisition Cost 43.71 $ 0.47 Spend Recommendations $ 71.84 Sum $ 13.57 $ 136.38 Loyalty $ 43.71 Earned Media Recommendations Value $ 13.57 $ 6.79 Earned Media Value $ 6.79 Cost Offset for Fan Acquisition $ 0.47 Cost Offset for Fan Acquisition $ 0.47 Sum Sum 136.38 $ $ 136.38 136.38
  • 38. Fan Page with 100,000 fans: When sideNOW increases the fan engagement... +5% FAN ENGAGEMENT = $136.38 x (100,000 fans x 5% increase)=$681,900 ADDED VALUE
  • 39. sideNOW is already workingwith Ohio State Athletics.Ohio State used sideNOW in their push to reach1,000,000 fans to make them the largest university sportsfanpage in the world.
  • 40. Over 1,000,000 Fans +5% FAN ENGAGEMENT = $136.38 x (1,000,000 fans x 5% increase)=$6,819,000 ADDED VALUE
  • 41. Market: The average billion dollar company spends $750,000 a year on social media.
  • 42. Market: Competition...
  • 43. CompetitionBuddy Media:•Revenue: •2010 ~ $20M •2011 ~ $40M•$54M Series D Funding
  • 44. CompetitionNorth Social:•Acquired by Vocus: •$7M Cash •+$18M Earnout
  • 45. CompetitionWildfire:•2011 Revenues: •$35-45M
  • 46. Competitive AdvantageAll “Likes” are Not Created Equal Engagement Bribe >
  • 47. Competitive Advantage {Focus onSweepstakes:• Goal is to acquire likes •Engagement secondary •People “Like” page to win something. Not because they are interested.• People are bribed to “Like”
  • 48. Competitive Advantage {Focus onEngagement:•Creates Engaging Content•Promotes Social Sharing•Captures and Measures Sentiments & Demographics•People “Like” because they are engaged
  • 49. Sales & Marketing Plan•Leverage Brand Relationships•Leverage Relationships with Marketers with Brand Relationships•Hire Sales Team (Heavy Commission)•Automation Comes with Momentum
  • 50. Business Model }•Pay Per Campaign equates to roughly•Monthly Subscription $1-6k/month/brand•Pay Per Performance
  • 51. Size of Market # of Fans Amount of Pages>1 Million fans 1,000 fan pages.5-1 Million fans 5,000 fan pages100k-500k fans 10,000 fan pages 10k-100k 40,000 fan pages
  • 52. Current/Interested Customers:
  • 53. Team: Alex Picazo Founder & CEO Lacey Majors Chief Creative Officer Development
  • 54. Summary:sideNOW helpsBrands & Companies: This is a growing market in•Grow and Engage their Fanbase which companies are making• Promote Social Sharing a lot of money and being• Capture & Measure acquired. Consumer Preferences & Analytics
  • 55. LLCAlex