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Recruiting and Social Media for Healthcare Organizations
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Recruiting and Social Media for Healthcare Organizations


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Human Resources Professionals: I'd be happy to set up a webinar to go over the presentation with you and your colleagues.

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  • 1. Alex de Soto Davis Advertising Inc. 610-227-0409
  • 2. Source: B.L. Ochman
  • 3. Growth in Adult SNS Use, 2005-2009 46% of online American adults 18 and older use a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn, up from 8% in February 2005. Pew Internet and American Life Project
  • 4. Social network use and status updates, 2008-2009 19% of Internet users now say they use Twitter or another service to share updates about themselves, or to see updates about others. Pew Internet and American Life Project
  • 5. 11% of all the time Americans spent online as of 12/2009 was spent on social network and blogging sites comScore: Feb 2010 report
  • 6. 71% prefer a friend’s recommendation to advertising. One word-of-mouth recommendation carries the equivalent of 600 advertising exposures. Harvard/McKinsey & Co. study June 200 and “Six Strategies for Crafting 'Ethical' Hospital Advertising” by Anthony Cirillo. May 2005
  • 7. Source: Brian Solis. Modified from Robert Scoble’s concept.
  • 8. If your employer brand falls in the ‘social media forest’ and you are not there to hear it fall, did it really fall?
  • 9. Source: Frank Eliason, Twitter, January 12, 2010
  • 10. 3M – 10M members SocialMD 100M members 47,396,644 people Vitals start with a social network MyChoice MD for health information. MedHelp HealthGrades Source: Bill Evans
  • 11. 540 US Hospitals Have Social Networking Accounts Site 5/29/2009 8/19/2009 10/4/2009 01/10/2010 Twitter 201 253 284 419 Facebook 101 174 203 316 YouTube 135 174 194 247 Blogs 25 31 44 67 Source: Breakdown of hospital participation by social media 01/2010
  • 12. Social Network Micromedia Niche Network
  • 13. Facebook US Total 110 million BA Degree 22,000,000 20% Graduate Degree 9,000,000 8% Twitter US Total 24 million BA Degree 5,760,000 24% Graduate Degree 1,920,000 8% LinkedIn US Total 14 million BA Degree 5,180,000 37% Graduate Degree 2,240,000 16% Source: Brian Solis 10/1/2009 (May and Aug 2009 data)
  • 14. Facebook accounted for 55.46% of visits to social networks (week ending 8/22/09 –Hitwise)
  • 15. Recruitment on Join the conversation Create a careers fan page Promote events and post photos and videos Link to careers Twitter feed Monitor online reputation Invite employees to participate
  • 16. Unique Visitors to Age Group Unique Audience Composition % 49.85% “good stuff” 2-17 250,000 3.6 insufficient sample insufficient sample Study: Tweet “Categories” 18-24 Category Total Share % 25-34 1,379,000 19.6 News 72 3.60 35-49 2,935,000 41.7 Spam 75 3.75 55+ 1,165,000 16.6 Self-Promotion 117 5.85 65+ 477,000 6.8 Pointless Babble 811 40.55 Source: Nielsen NetView, 2009 U.S. Home and Work Conversational 751 37.55 Pass-Along Value 174 8.70 Total Tweets 2,000 100 Source: Pear Analytics, August 2009
  • 17. Accenture ACULIS, Inc. ADP Agilent Allstate Insurance Careers Ernst and Young Excellaco Follett Forrester Research Fullhouse Interactive Hallmark HCA Hershey Company Hewitt HomEq Servicing Hitachi Consulting Hyatt IBM Belgium IBM UK IBM South Africa Intel Intercontinental Hotel Group J.B. Hunt Kaiser Permanente Kaplan Test Prep Services Keller Williams Realty Kissito KPMG Kroger LexisNexis Mattel Mayo Clinic McCormick & Schmick McGladrey Microsoft MTV Networks MTV Games MySpace New York Times nGenera Odyssey Financial Technologies PepsiCo UK Raytheon Razorfish Region 10 Royal Bank of Source: Susan Strayer Scotland RWRoundarch Sodexo Southwest Airlines Spotsylvania Medical Ctr. Starbucks Take Care Health Systems Thomson Reuters Time Warner Cable Twitter UPS University of Pittsburgh Med Center U.S. Department of State Verizon Warner Bros. Entertainment Washington Post Whistler Blackstone Wipro Zappos AND OTHERS
  • 18. Recruitment on Re-tweets of positive conversations about your organization Link to blog posts Organize meetups Links to hot jobs (use #jobs) or tweetups Promote employee programs Ask for help.
  • 19. Professional Network 50 Million members worldwide (As of 10/2009) * 42 page views per member per week 28.5% of its total audience was comprised of job-seekers, compared to just 11.8% of the total U.S. Internet population. More likely to be used by those actively job-hunting than by those who are not. Sources: * LinkedIn and comScore
  • 20. Primarily as sourcing tool To promote your recruiters Recruitment on as “trusted agents” To promote your organization as a source Train with AIRS or Shally Steckerl for expert information Join groups (50 max) and post jobs to groups with job sections. Create a careers-oriented group for your organization
  • 21. Develop your goals Define your “audiences” and communities YOU want to reach – where do they hang out? List your resources Prioritize your platforms Determine time commitment Lee Aase
  • 22. Mayo Clinic’s HR identifies employee Bloggers Social Media Roadmap (All-Stars) to write 2x per month Listen Comment Contribute 1 2 3 4 5 Video FlipVideo Library HD $150 Source: Adapted from Lee Aase, Manager, Syndication and Social Media, Mayo Clinic
  • 23. One more thing to add to my plate!
  • 24. Requisition No. 1223-X Job Title: Community Facilitator Schedule Full-Time or Part-Time Consultant Job Overview Serve the needs of potential job seekers. Promote our organization as a leader in our industry and as a great place to work. Emphasis is on the human element in communications and public relations not on direct recruitment. Responsibilities Participate in relevant Third-Party Message Boards Study patterns of pre-employment information seeking behavior Actively maintain our Job Seeker FAQ channels Distribute job and career-related updates via Twitter Develop and maintain our organization’s Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages. Monitor, edit and correct the career-related portion of our Wikipedia entries. Manage our Career Blog and Career Website Produce, maintain and update our Podcasts Thanks to Jason Whitman, Indeed and others.
  • 25. Understand the purpose of social media Be responsible for what you write Be authentic Consider your audience Exercise good judgment Understand the concept of community Respect copyright and fair use Remember to protect confidential and proprietary information (HIPPA) Bring value Productivity matters Adapted from Sharlyn Lauby, Mashable
  • 26. Case Study
  • 27. Case Study
  • 28. Case Study
  • 29. Case Study % 3,000 unique visits a month.
  • 30. Case Study
  • 31. Case Study
  • 32. Case Study % 60,000 video views
  • 33. Case Study SodexoCareers Starbucks Twitalyzer Analysis
  • 34. Case Study % 49 rehires since October 08
  • 35. Social Media is not… Social Media is… Fake Authentic Free Low Cost One-Way Conversational About You Social Corporate Personal Effortless Hard Work Lists adapted from Chad Rothschild’s blog post.
  • 36. Social Media is… Authentic Low Cost Conversational Social Personal Hard Work
  • 37. Think like a friend. Don’t sell. Play to your strengths. Be an expert, a filter, a linker. Your audience is in flux. Lurkers and future arrivals are part of it. Look for opportunities to provide support and chances to build communities. Thanks to Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project.
  • 38. Dunbar’s Number 150 Online Community Allegiances 100s-1,000s Online Communities Active Members 25-60
  • 39. People start A job seeker’s connection with their job searches you may be temporary on Google not on Looking for a job, not a friend social media. Job applications are “fixed in time” May not be ready to apply but interested in your organization or a specific career path.
  • 40. Preventing the Social “Timesuck” Spend no more than 30 minutes a day to start. Establish a calendar and task list like you would any other project Use alerts - RSS/Google Schedule publication Teamwork Thanks to Chris Hoyt, The Recruiter Guy
  • 41. •  Employee programs •  Meetup announcements •  Link to blog posts by your staff •  New hires •  Post photos from your events •  Career advice •  Company press releases •  Did someone else mention your company in a tweet? •  Link to your job postings •  Non-work activities •  Interview/selection process •  Other digital networking tools •  Bad candidate etiquette •  Good candidate etiquette Adapted from: Jessica Lee, FistfulofTalent Blog •  Recruiting events, conferences, speaking engagements
  • 42. •  Employee programs •  Meetup announcements •  Link to blog posts by your staff •  New hires •  Post photos from your events •  Career advice Job Seeker •  Company press releases •  Did someone else mention your and Candidate company in a tweet? •  Link to your job postings Service and •  Non-work Support activities •  Interview/selection process •  Other digital networking tools •  Bad candidate etiquette •  Good candidate etiquette •  Recruiting events, conferences, speaking engagements
  • 43. Don’t rely on social media alone to source candidates. Ensure that groups you engage with are not discriminatory. Network membership must be open and free of charge to the general population. Don’t use social networks alone to screen out candidates. Online personal information is not vetted. Be mindful of patient and candidate confidentiality. “…recruiting from racially segregated sources, such as certain neighborhoods, Establish a business necessity for schools, religious institutions, and social networks, leads to hiring that simply the use of social media to recruit. replicates societal patterns of racial segregation.” Keep documentation of candidate – EEOC COMPLIANCE MANUAL (See the EEOC’s E-RACE initiative) searches you do on the social media.
  • 44. 1.  Word-of-mouth can make or break your employer brand. 2.  Begin by listening. 3.  Identify or hire your Community Facilitator (or vendor). 4.  Find your “Social All-Stars.” Give them resources and support. 5.  Connect your prospects to your “All-Stars”. 6.  Focus on being a “sociable” company and encourage conversation.
  • 45. Lee Aase Knowledge Networks Appspot The New York Times Rohit Bhargava Nielsen Ed Benett Kerry Noone at Chris Brogan Sodexo comScore B.L. Ochman Anthony Cirillo Pear Analytics Mark Drapeau Pew Internet and American Life Project EEOC Lee Rainie Frank Eliason Robert Half Technology Bill Evans Chad Rothschild Deloitte LLP Robert Scoble Sharon Seery Gude Brian Solis Hitwise Questions? Please contact: Shally Steckerl Shel Holtz Alex de Soto TechCrunch Chris Hoyt Davis Advertising Inc. Maxine Teller Shel Israel Twitalyzer Sharlyn Lauby Tw i t t e r : @ a l e x d e s o t o Workforce Management Jessica Lee 610-227-0409 Ken Marcus and Justin Bleep
  • 46. Alex de Soto Davis Advertising Inc. Tw i t t e r : @ a l e x d e s o t o 610-227-0409