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Thank	you	Raymond.	Let's	see	what	happens.	:)	August
03,	2013	Tweet	Laura	was	very	warm	and	lovely	to
talk	with.	Very	accu...
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  1. 1. 2014 Report for Tremont Tearoom brought to you by Fans & Fan Growth Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 0 500 1000 1500 2000 1 835Total Fans 136/8 %Fan Growth in Feb (65)Most Fan Growth Interactions 128Like 12Comments 5Shares Sunday Most Engaging Day 7 am (UTC) Most Engaging Time Customer Care Standard of Customer Care in Social Media Do you feel devoted to your fans? Remember, that that´s what will create a relationship built on trust which is ultimately the strongest relationship you can imagine. How to be Socially Devoted? 1Questions 22Other User Posts Responded Not Responded Question Response Rate 100 % 0 % Questions Response Time 3 Days 2 Hours: 49 Minutes: socialbakers
  2. 2. Top Posts Tremont Tearoom 29 Jan 2014 https://www.livingsocial.com/cities/2-boston/... 18 Interactions 14 3 1 Tremont Tearoom 13 Jan 2014 1 Year ago Please remember him ....... It is with great sadness that I write this announcement. One of our most beloved staff members/psychics for over 25 years Peter Blocker - passed away last night very gently and peacefully in his sleep. Peter was not only the Tearoom's manager for over 18 years but also my right hand and on many occasions my moral and practical compass as well. He was a naturally unconditional and magnificent human spirit who only saw the good in everyone and always helped people in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. He had a long and colorful life from being at Woodstock to travelling up the pacific coast highway to even backpacking across Germany and parts of Europe. He was a High Priest in Wicca, a Reiki master, an accomplished school teacher and a master psychic trained in several mystic schools of thought and practice. If i live to be 100 years old I could only hope to be half the man he was and will continue to live all my days in the manner and ways that he would preach. I am who I am today due to the unconditional love support and teachings of this brave and wonderful soul. This loss leaves myself and my entire staff both deeply wounded and catastrophically devastated. Sail on dear friend you will be missed daily but in our hearts you soar forever. Alex Palermo Guardian of The Original Tremont Tearoom 25 Interactions 23 2 0 Tremont Tearoom 24 Feb 2014 http://www.groupon.com/deals/the-original-tre... Real comments from Real groupon isewrs at our shop : Amazing experience. Keith was awesome. Price was reasonable February 02, 2014 Reply Tweet He was very helpful and right on the button in response to my questions. I'd highly recommend Alex. January 30, 2014 Reply Tweet I saw psychic Tim and never had a better reading in my life he was exceptional and so accurate. And everyone at The Original Tremont Tea Room was so welcoming and friendly. January 14, 2014 Reply Tweet It was a lot of fun and got some interesting tarot card predictions as well. we are going back for an astrology reading at some point. The website did promise a lot more than they actually offered but that was ok with us. January 10, 2014 Reply Tweet Alex was amazing and is truly gifted. He mentioned specific medical issues and relationship issues at the onset of the meeting. He has a great sense of humor and i would highly recommend him without reservation. January 04, 2014 Reply Tweet It was a fun experience. They were backed up with appointments due to a snow storm and handled it all nicely. January 04, 2014 Reply Tweet My first visit to Alex was over 20 yrs ago. I have been bringing people to him since then. iibrought my niece this time. Several weeks ago i took my brother. His readings are right on target. he brings closure to many people reguarding their loss of a love one. In all my readings over the last 20 years, he has never told me something that wasn't or didn't come true. I will continue to bring those who need him. December 30, 2013 Reply Tweet I was spooked out by my psychic. Molly was definitely able to see some of the recent events that happened in my life. My experience was spooky but positive. I would recommend my friends to Tremont Tea Room. December 20, 2013 Reply Tweet There was a mix up with my original time but they were able to accommodate my friend and I a little later and credited us $20 for the error. Keith is amazingly talented and professional. I will highly recommend this business and return back someday! November 03, 2013 Reply Tweet Great reading. Very detailed. I'll know how accurate it was in the next couple of months. October 30, 2013 Reply Tweet It was a great experience. The staff was friendly, a very nice group of people with lots of physic talent. October 22, 2013 Reply Tweet Great experience! October 18, 2013 Reply Tweet Excellent readings, really enjoyed it! August 20, 2013 Reply Tweet The Groupon I paid for clearly stated $19.00 for $40.00 reading and I purchased one as a gift. But once we got there we were told that we had to pay an additional $30.00 each towards a $70.00 reading, which was not stated at all even in the fine print. So, after Curtis called the owner who stated that I can either pay the extra or contact Groupon to get my money back. Oh, and I forgot to add that my Groupon had already been redeemed and I was having issues with my friends trying to open it up to show the bar code. Ugh!!!! So Curtis had to call the owner back and ask how to un- redeem my Groupon, which you can't do. We found that out 45 mins later. In the end Curtis was GREAT!!!!!! August 14, 2013 View Your Reply Tweet I saw Curtis. Although not my first choice it turned out that he was the best choice. Before starting he read my energy and tuned into me, which was very much appreciated. Curtis is the real deal he said things in passing that were right on ie " like a lawyer writing a contract." Hello ! I am a contracts atty. Curtis is the real deal and has made a loyal follower out of me!!! August 12, 2013 Reply Tweet reading was great more than I expected to hear August 03, 2013 Reply Tweet 16 Interactions
  3. 3. Thank you Raymond. Let's see what happens. :) August 03, 2013 Tweet Laura was very warm and lovely to talk with. Very accurate in her reading, and encouraging and helpful. July 02, 2013 Reply Tweet Thought it was great, enjoyed it very much! July 01, 2013 Reply Tweet I saw Dawn and she was absolutely great. She really 'got' me and had a lovely style of communicating. The session was very helpful to me and my life and I would consider seeing her again sometime. June 30, 2013 Reply Tweet Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for spiritual guidance. I normally go to Peter, but this time had Dawn. She was great and far exceeded my expectations. She made me feel comfortable and at ease and was willing to answer all my questions! I will go back to her the next time Groupon offers the 60 minute deal. Thank you Tremont Tearoom! June 28, 2013 Reply Tweet It's a fun reading, they are great! June 12, 2013 Reply Tweet The nicest group of people. It was great meeting everyone. May 19, 2013 Reply Tweet It was interesting-- my chart was read and it was, with a few exceptions, accurate. I am used to tarot cards mostly-- and traditional psychic reading-- not the viewing of my birth chart-- lots of info ringed true-- some, we'll see!!! I will go back, and try some others there, too :) May 18, 2013 Reply Tweet Kimeo is fantastic!! May 11, 2013 Tweet Great readings friendly Timothy and Curtis. Will definitely visit again May 06, 2013 Reply Tweet Great experience! March 15, 2013 Reply Tweet This was the first time I had Timothy and he was professional and most of all kind. Thoroughly, satisfied! March 14, 2013 Reply Tweet Great March 07, 2013 Reply Tweet Really enjoyed it! March 06, 2013 Reply Tweet Everyone was very friendly. My only suggestion would to keep small bills for change for customers. March 06, 2013 Reply Tweet I'll recommend you guys to anyone who's looking for a reading. You guys are awesome, welcoming and everything inbetween. March 03, 2013 Reply Tweet Everyone was very friendly. It was a good experience. February 28, 2013 Reply Tweet My reader was very positive, had a lot of experience and whether his predictions come true or not, it was a fun thing to do with a friend on a cold winter day. February 21, 2013 Reply Tweet The reading I received at the Tremont Tearoom was fantastic. Andre was completely accurate in his reading of my current relationship and the issues we're going through. I would definitely go back. February 18, 2013 Reply Tweet I enjoyed it! Christy was awesome i would def do this again February 17, 2013 Reply Tweet I went with a group of my sisters-in-law and to a person we had an amazing experience! Thank you and we'll be back!!! February 15, 2013 Reply Tweet This is a wonderful very professional place with excellent psychics. I would highly recommend it. February 01, 2013 Reply Tweet After going to the Tearoom because of my Groupon, I will continue to come in at least once a month! January 17, 2013 Reply Tweet Molly is amazing! January 17, 2013 Tweet Love TOTT- have been going there since Gardenia, Alex and one other psychic worked there back in the 70's-they used to serve a cup of tea with real tea leaves, a piece of awesome home made datenut bread and they would tell your fortune all for $3.00!!! Times have changed but Alex is still as awesome as ever. January 16, 2013 Reply Tweet it was an awesome experience that i would recommend to anyone! January 16, 2013 Reply Tweet It was great! Would do it again. January 16, 2013 Reply Tweet fun! January 09, 2013 Reply Tweet I recommend them but I should warn customers, if you don't want an honest answer, don't ask the question. They answer honestly, and if that answer is great, then great for you. If the answer is depressing, they still tell you, so be ready. They're just doing what you paid them to do. January 06, 2013 Reply Tweet Great experience. Vlad was amazing. Repeat client now. December 11, 2012 Tweet Loved my reading!!! December 07, 2012 Reply Tweet Got it as a gift and she loved it! December 07, 2012 Tweet wow! This blew me away! November 12, 2012 Reply Tweet 14 2 0