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Grammartestmultiplechoice Alex Ortiz Grammartestmultiplechoice Alex Ortiz Document Transcript

  • LEVEL 11. The children in that class ______ nine years old.hasarehave2. How ___________ to work?you gogo youdo you go3. Do you like watching TV? Yes, I ___likelike watchingdo4. ____________ to dinner tonight?Does he comeWill he comeIs he coming5. I like __________ to music.listento listeninglistening6. He can see something _________ in the sky! Why dont we have a look?flyingflyto fly7. _______________ to come to dinner with us? (invitation)Do you likeWould you likeLike you8. What film ______ we see? (asking for a suggestion)wantwill
  • shall9. Do you want _________ to dinner tomorrow?cometo comecoming10. Hes got _______ interesting stories.anysomea lot11. I think the first painting was __________ than the other one.bettergoodergoodder12. I went to the butchers _____ buy some bread.for toin orderto13. This book is ______.himheshis14. We have our English lesson _____ Fridays.inaton15. Lets meet ___ four oclock this afternoon.onatin16. My car was more expensive _____ his.assothan
  • 17. When _____________ to her?you talkedtalked youdid you talk18. She _____ she wanted to come.toldsaidmeant19. We _____ a wonderful dinner yesterday evening.have hadhavedhad20. I _______________ TV when the telephone rang.watchedwas watchinghave watched21. ___________________ your homework yet?Have you finishedDid you finishDid you finished22. Im hungry! Just a moment, I ____________ you a sandwich.ll makem makingmake23. I enjoy his books because he writes so ______.goodbetterwell24. It ________ rain tomorrow.isnt going tonotwont25. What _______________? He is quite tall and handsome.
  • does he lookdoes he look likedoes he seem26. She asked him _____ her.helphelpingto help27. We ________ leave by seven oclock every evening.have tomustmust to28. If you want to be healthy, you ________ smoke.have not tomust not toshouldnt29. Hes ________________ politics.boring byinterested bybored by30. What will you do if he _______ come?wontisnt going todoesnt31. Would you mind __________ me a hand?givinggiveto give32. I tried my best but I __________ do the exercise.cant tocouldntam not able33. I missed the train, so I ________ take the one after.mustedmust to
  • had to34. I ____________ sine we were children.knowhave knowndid know35. Hes _______ eaten.yetstillalready36. Theyve been to France, __________ ?arent theyhave theyhavent theyLEVEL 21. I __________________ TV when the telephone rang.watchedwas watchingare watching2. Im afraid Im not hungry. Ive _______ eaten lunch.yetstillalready3. My mother let me __________ late when I was a child.stay outto stay outstaying out4. Would you like _____ chicken?anyonesome5. He has _____ friends in Chicago.few of
  • muchfew6. She _______ lunch by the time we arrived.finishedis finishedhad finished7. What shall we do tonight? How about _______ a film?to seeseeingsee8. ______ you ever _____ Hollywood?Did you ever goHave you ever goneAre you ever gone9. Have you finished your homework _____?alreadyyetstill10. Jack is really _________ history, especially Japanese history.interesting ininterested oninterested in11. These images ___________________ by an artist named Phil Thomsen.were photographedphotographedphotographs12. If I ______ you, I would wait a while to begin investing.wasarewere13. Hell give you a call as soon as he ________.will arriveis going to arrivearrives
  • 14. He found his watch _______ his papers on his desk.amongbetweenin15. Would you mind ___________ me a hand this morning?givegivingto give16. I think San Francisco is _____ exciting _____ New .... asas .... thanthan ... as17. If she ________ he was coming, she would have prepared the guest room.knewhad knownhave known18. She ______ me she wanted to come.saidsaystold19. What _________________ do at work?must youhave you todo you have to20. I wonder if ________________________ yet.has the letter arrivedthe letter has arrivedhas arrived the letter21. Do you really want to __________ that meeting until tomorrow?put offput untilput on22. Im hungry! Just a moment, I ______ you a sandwich.
  • ll makem going to makem making23. _________________, we wont have much to talk about.If not he comesUnless he comesSince he comes24. Oh, look at those clouds! It ___________ rainwill rainiss going to25. How is he? - Frank, oh hes _______.finequite handsomeinteresting26. Jack told her that he __________________ the next comingis going to comewas going to come27. He will meet you ______________ the station at seven oclock.front ofnextin front of28. If you want to be healthy, you _________ smoke.must not todont have toshouldnt29. Hes ______________politics.boring byinterested bybored by30. Where was Jack yesterday? - I dont know. He __________ seeing the doctor.might have beenmight was
  • would have been31. Yes, that is the woman ______ horse almost trampled her!thatwhowhose32. Would you like me to ___________ the children next week?look intolook atlook after33. I missed the train., so I _________ take the one after.mustedhad tomust34. Why are your hands so dirty? - Well, I _________________ in the garden for thelast two hours.have been workingworkedhave worked35. Fiestas _______________ in Cologne, Germany for many years now.have been madehave been makingare made36. _______________ I didnt really want to eat all the cookies, I just couldnt helpmyself.Let me to explain!Let me explain!I explain!LEVEL 31. If she _________ about his financial situation, she would have helped him out.had knownknewwould have known
  • 2. Ill be _______________ their cat while they are away on holiday.looking intolooking atlooking after3. He made his children _____ their homework every dodoingdo4. The test was _____ difficult she had problems finishing it on time.suchsoas5. By the time she arrives, we _________________ our homework.finishwill finishwill have finished6. She _________ lunch by the time we arrived.finishedhad finishedwas finished7. The sun ______ at 9 last night.satsettedset8. When I stopped __________ to Mary, she was picking some flowers in her garden.speakingto speakspeak9. Despite ___________ hard, he failed the exam.he studiedstudiedstudying10. That room ____________ for a meeting this afternoon.
  • is usedis being useduses11. We _______ play tennis every day when we were young.usedwould towould12. If I __________ you, I would get a better job.wasarewere13. Hell give you a call as soon as he _______.arriveswill arriveis going to arrive14. I really didnt want to come last night. ______________So did I.Neither I did.Neither did I.15. Do you think he knows what ________?he wantsdoes he wantwants he16. I think San Francisco is ______ exciting _____ New ... thanas .... soas ... as17. Why are your hands so dirty? - Well, I ______________ in the garden.have workedhave been workingworked18. Did you remember __________ the door?lockinglock
  • to lock19. ____________ 250 k.p.h.?Which model does goWhich does model goWhich model goes20. That is the man ________ grandfather founded Kentucky Root Beer.whowhosethat21. I could hardly ___________ the ship in the distance.see outmake throughmake out22. Look at those clouds! It ___________ rain.s going towillshall23. _________________, we wont have much to talk about.If not he comesUnless he comesSince he comes24. He has _____ interest in continuing the project.anynot anyno25. Where do you think Jane was yesterday? - She __________ at home.must bemust have beenmust go26. Jack told me he ___________ come the next going towillwas going to
  • 27. He drove the car __________ the garage and left for work.out ofoutinto28. Jack ______________ a fortune when his great uncle passed on.came alongcame intocame through29. Unfortunately, Peter has ______ friends in Tacoma.a fewa lotfew30. I will finish that project soon. - Ken said he ________ finish that project soon.werewouldwill31. In his position _____ managing director, he is responsible for more than 300employees.likeasso32. She wished she __________ the new car.boughtwould buyhad bought33. Fiestas ____________ in Cologne, Germany for many years now.have been madehave been makinghave made34. I think you ___________ see a doctor.should better tooughthad better35. Youll be leaving for Tokyo soon, _______?
  • arent youwill youwont you36. ______ the last market session the Dow Jones dropped 67 points.DuringWhileFor