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Webinar   promotions best practices 2 - 11-15-12

Webinar promotions best practices 2 - 11-15-12






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  • Alex Littlewood – Head of Customer SuccessI’ve been a marketing strategist in many capacities, going on 10 yearsMy #1 priority is clients finding success with Pinterest as a part of their larger Social Media, Marketing, and general business strategies.Please keep in touch with us by fanning and following, and for todays webinar use #PFwebinar, which will be monitored during the webinar by our CEO SharadVerma
  • Questions about “What should I do, and what helps increase participation”
  • Questions about “What should I do, and what helps increase participation”
  • Questions about “What should I do, and what helps increase participation”

Webinar   promotions best practices 2 - 11-15-12 Webinar promotions best practices 2 - 11-15-12 Presentation Transcript

  • Pinterest PromotionsBest Practices Webinar
  • “It’s my top priority to ensure you drive real business results from your Pinterest Marketing initiatives.” Alex Littlewood Head of Customer Success Facebook.com/pinfluencer @Pinfluencers @Pinfluencer #Pinfluencer
  • What We’ll Cover Today1. Why Pinterest?2. Promotions Strategy3. Creating a Great User Flow • Real Examples4. Top Ways to Drive Traffic (from Facebook)5. Hosting a Promotion6. Latest Announcement from Pinterest7. Questions
  • Audience Poll #1 & 2
  • Why Pinterest?
  • 3rd largest SocialNetwork in the WorldFastest Growingin History4th largest Websitetraffic driver in theworld, more than:  Yahoo  Bing  Twitter  Google ads
  • Pinterest is Purchase Intent & Influence Users Users Users  Life Ledger  Now!  Aspiration Brands Brands Brands  Engagement  News  Uncover  Brand Building  Support Purchase Intent  Feedback  Social ROI 92% trust recommendations from friends & family above all else when making purchase decisions. Source: Nielsen April 2012
  • Users Are Big Spenders < 17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+• 79% Users are Women • Pinners are Predominantly 25-54• Women control 80%+ of US Consumer Spending Source: ComScore, Fast Company
  • Drives e-Commerce Shopping User Base 1,000MBy Network % of 11% Socially 550M Driven Shopping Sessions 86% 25M 2.5X AOV (Average Order Value) $180 $80 $69 Source: Comscore, Rich Relevance
  • Audience Poll #3 & 4
  • Pinterest Promotions Strategy
  • Pinterest Promotions Strategy1. Identify Biz Objectives & Define Success2. Optimize Content3. Promote, Promote, Promote4. Test Best Practices. Iterate and improve! “An ounce of planning is worth a pound of doing!”
  • User Experience
  • Asking a bit too much1. Create a recipe with our product2. Create a board on Pinterest3. Repin this image4. Repin our product5. Use 2 #Hashtags – #FreshExpress #BlendRecipes6. Visit our Website7. Submit the URL to your board8. Follow brand on Pinterest All for a $1 coupon
  • Manually Tracking Eligibility• How much time does it take to sort through Contest/Sweepstakes entries to confirm eligibility?• How much does that cost your organization? Is it worth it? Work Smarter, Not Harder.
  • K.I.S.S.Require 2 of the following: • Follow the brand • Pin X Pins from Website • Pin X Pins from Boards • Create a board • Repin this image • Hashtags #
  • Create a Board• Pro’s • User will curate it with 5+ images • Pinner might build on it • Easy for brand to observe• Con’s • It’s a barrier to entry • Likely to be deleted after promotion• Is a Board Necessary? • If you’re asking for a range of complimentary pins that need to be “curated together” • If your theme is so unique it’s unlikely the pinner already has a board to pin to.
  • Follow The Brand• Pro’s • Grow follower base for future reach • Low barrier to entry • Good for showing the bosses• Con’s • Users may get confused between follow Which of these follows the brand and follow board brand, and which follows the board?
  • RePin From Boards• Pro’s • You can pre-curate good content that you know drive virality, clicks, and conversions • Low barrier to entry • Keeps pinners in Pinterest• Con’s • Users may just “go through the motions” • Less creativity from pinner • Less variety
  • Pin from Website• Pro’s • Website Traffic • Pinners will browse extensively • Pinners might buy• Con’s • People might get lost, distracted, and forget • Getting people in and out of social channels can cause drop-off• When to do this • Need to learn more about the content that inspires people • Asking for highly curated boards • For “scavenger hunt” themes
  • Hashtags• Pro’s • Might grab some peoples attention and raise awareness of promo • If Pinterest search improves, it may help with search• Con’s • People always typo or simply forget #Pinyourwaytotheuk • Barrier to entry • Cannot follow or search, so it #Pamperspinparty doesn’t help with discovery • Legacy practice with little purpose #Kiehl’s• Recommendation #levanal • If you’re set on it, use hashtags in product descriptions
  • User Generated Pins / Content• Pro’s • Very high engagement value • Insightful • Crowdsourcing• Con’s • It’s a very high barrier to entry • Quality will be questionable • Significantly reduces entry rate
  • Daily Entries• Pro’s • High frequency of engagement • Drives viral reach and impressions• Con’s • It’s a high barrier to entry • Can be very manual to manage, even with a technology provider Daily Winners?
  • Drive Traffic
  • Promote! Social Email Other Digital Ads Offline Website Press Print Broadcast In-Store
  • Facebook “Takeover”• Cover Photo “Takeover”• Page/Tab Tile Image• Sweeps Hosted on Tab
  • Effective Posting Strategy • Pinned posts • Milestone Posts • Frequent, but fresh
  • FB Ad Strategy + Pinfluencer Data • Target Pinterest Users • Influential Pinners • Engaged Pinners • Followers • Competitors Followers • Optimize ad units • Marketplace Ads • Sponsored Stories
  • Optimize Pins for Feed, Test, andRequire Re-Pin of Promotion Pin
  • Hosting a Pinterest Promotion
  • How We Help• Avoid Clunky & Long User Experience• T&C’s Opt-in• Self-Serve user Eligibility Queries• Email collection & Opt-in• Host via: • FB Tab • Landing Page • Your Website
  • Painless Tracking and Management• Auto-Magically Confirm Eligibility• Deep Content Insights Work Smarter, Not Harder.
  • What We NeedTo Get You Live• Image 475px x 600px• T&C’s Live in 72 Hours
  • Pinfluencer – Our Technology
  • Marketing and Analytics Suite for Pinterest
  • Discovery Marketing and Analytics Suite
  • Analytics KPI’s & Trends
  • Analytics Boards Pins
  • Analytics Advocates Influencers
  • Promotions Tools
  • Customer SupportStrategic Training Tech SupportInsights• Pinterest Expertise • Pinfluencer • Account• Pinterest Data Features & Administration & Analytics Functionality • Data• Whitepapers • Best Practices Management• Webinars • Whitepapers • Whitepapers• Case Studies • Webinars 300+ Clients 10 Million+ Pinners 2,000+ Brands 30 Million + Pins
  • Brands and Retailers use Pinfluencer
  • Publishers, Media, and Agencies use Pinfluencer
  • Recent Pinterest Announcement
  • Merchant Pages AnnouncementPinterest is demonstrating that they’reserious about providing value for brands! 1. Business accounts with verified websites 2. New legal terms 3. Promotions Do’s & Don’ts 4. Website widgets – Latest Pins
  • Questions About This1. Will my profile be affected?2. Will I lose any Pinterest functionality?3. Will my analytics data from Pinfluencer be affected?4. Can I sell directly through Pinterest now?
  • Questions?
  • THANK YOU!Sign up for a 14-day Trial @ www.Pinfluencer.com For a Demo contact Kris@Pinfluencer.com