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Powerpoint - My Career

  1. 1. By: Alexandria Okonski<br />My Career<br />
  2. 2. Mental Health Nurse -<br />They help people who have difficulty coping with their lives. They provide support and care to people with emotional and mental disorders. In order to be a Mental Health Nurse, you have to have certain goals. Such as, keeping their patients safe, help them adjust to their environment, and help them regain their mental health. The nurse’s have to provide therapeutic treatment, and educating the community about mental health care. I chose this career because it would make me feel good about myself to help someone change their life.<br />
  3. 3. Nature of work -<br /><ul><li> Observing people.
  4. 4. Organizing/Supervising people.
  5. 5. Providing medical care for patients.
  6. 6. Considering the feelings, views or behavior of others.
  7. 7. Helping people with emotional or psychological problems.</li></li></ul><li>Working Conditions -<br /><ul><li> Mental Nurses’ usually work at Hospitals, Clinics, Prisons, Schools, Government Agencies.
  8. 8. Those who work in hospitals and clinics usually work on rotating shifts, including evenings and weekends.
  9. 9. Mental health nurses may be required to travel to patients’ homes and various community sites.</li></li></ul><li>Training, Qualifications, Advancement -<br /><ul><li> Take math, chemistry, physics, biology, and English in high school if you are interested in any career in the health care field.
  10. 10. You must first become a registered nurse by earning a degree or diploma in nursing.
  11. 11. If you want to become a Mental Health Nurse, it is a good idea to obtain a BSN (Bachelor Of Science Degree)</li></li></ul><li>Job Outlook/Employment -<br /><ul><li> Overall job opportunities for registered nurses are expected to be excellent but may vary by employment and geographic setting.
  12. 12. Growth will be driven by technological advances in patient care, which permit a greater number of health problems to be treated, and by an increasing emphasis on preventive care.</li></li></ul><li>Earnings -<br /><ul><li>Earnings vary depending on location, training, experience, and place of employment. Nurses with master’s degrees earn more than those with bachelor’s or associate degrees.
  13. 13. Generally, mental health nurses can expect to make anywhere from about $44,000 to $94,000 a year.</li></li></ul><li>Uses of Technology in Career -<br /><ul><li> One thing that Mental Health Nurses use is the electronic personal health record. The electronic personal health record may be able to bridge the information gap for people with serious mental health disorders.
  14. 14. electronic records have been maintained by a hospital or doctor rather than by patients.</li></li></ul><li>Summary -<br />I would love to become a Mental Health Nurse after doing all of my research on it. I would feel proud of myself knowing that I am helping people with their lives. Being able to experience this job would be absolutely amazing. I would be able to learn many things, and learn how to overcome clients/customers disabilities. Being a Mental Health Nurse would change me as a person.<br />
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