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Renaissance and Scientific Revolution - Jeopardy Review
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Renaissance and Scientific Revolution - Jeopardy Review


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Protestant Counter- ScientificReformation Reformation Potpurri Reformation RevolutionBeginnings 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
  • 2. Payment to the Church to ensure entrance into heaven for you or your familyGame Board
  • 3. List of complaints developed by Luther against the Catholic ChurchGame Board
  • 4. Place where Luther posted his complaints against the Catholic ChurchGame Board
  • 5. Place where Lutherrefused to recant hisstatements about theCatholic ChurchGame Board
  • 6. Give 2 of Luther’s teachingsGame Board
  • 7. What religiondominated the landscape of Europe in the 1500sGame Board
  • 8. What was the outcome of the Peace of Augsburg?Game Board
  • 9. What type of government was set upin Geneva, Switzerland? By whom (person)?Game Board
  • 10. Who founded thePresbyterian Church& where did it begin? Game Board
  • 11. In Calvinism, how is salvation achieved and what are French Calvinists known as?Game Board
  • 12. Name 2 books thatwere in the Index of Forbidden Books.Game Board
  • 13. Event where the Church used torture and secret testimony to root out hereticsGame Board
  • 14. Founder of the Society of Jesus? They are also known as?Game Board
  • 15. One belief/outcome from the Council of TrentGame Board
  • 16. Give 2 examples of religious intolerance shown during theReformation between Catholics and ProtestantsGame Board
  • 17. Name the man who preceded Calvin in SwitzerlandGame Board
  • 18. What person was given the title “Defender of the Faith”Game Board
  • 19. Religious sect that believesin separation of Church and State Game Board
  • 20. The Father of AnatomyGame Board
  • 21. Where and why did Galileo and Kepler not want to publish theirfindings on the universeGame Board
  • 22. Theory that the Earth is the center of the universeGame Board
  • 23. Polish scientist that contradicted the Church’stheory that the Earth was the center of the universe in his book On the Revolution of Heavenly SpheresGame Board
  • 24. Scientist that discovered the elliptical orbits of the PlanetsGame Board
  • 25. Discovered gravity and the laws of motionGame Board
  • 26. “I think, therefore I am.”Game Board
  • 27. Final Jeopardy QuestionList 2 results of theCatholic Reformation