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For Julian Cole's Social Mediate Strategy Class on Skillshare.

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  1. 1. Vastrm@alexmeckes
  2. 2. What is it?
  3. 3. For any active man who desires comfort Only Vastrm puts design in your hands Because of its custom fitting, high quality,and affordable process.
  4. 4. Drive 100,000 people to Vastrms ? website by 2013 Problem Goal Strategy SolutionConsumers are unaware that How can I get 100,000Vastrm Exists people to Vastrms website?
  5. 5. Q1 Who is the consumer & what are they considering? Insights 20-34 year olds primary male* College Educated & WorkingFacebook: Females Part of Demographic Adplanner too broad or are females a part of the purchase decision?Adplanner::
  6. 6. Q1 Who is the consumer & what are they considering? Insights Custom Fit Polos search increasing over time. Very cyclical search trends, shopping seasons and holidays.Trends Related Search Terms are related to adding logos Sports team & organizations potential audience?
  7. 7. Q2 How does the vastrm target audience discover brands? Insights Based upon Googles Consumer Barometer retail search: 18 % purchased online 82% purchased offline 15% did research online only 27% did research offline only 14% did both However, custom fitting is a relatively new phenomena and has an increasing presence on the online space. Consumers are hesitant to buy clothes online due to fitting, but Vastrm solves that problem.
  8. 8. InsightsMobile is very importantOnline shopping is criticalduring holiday shoppingseasons.
  9. 9. Q3 Why do people buy polo shirts? "…One consistent learning from these startups? Fit is more important than style. Customized clothing should solve a unique user need – one not easily replicated Insights through mass production." ~ JP Gowdner Fit is playing an increasingly There’s a reason why these “create your own” sites more important role, supporting and customization engines for popular products have trends find. Comfort and style is blown it out recently: today’s consumer is looking to not mutually exclusive. manufacture that feeling of a ‘one-off;’ that bespoke experience. Golf is such an individual game and it’s Individuality is a significantBlog only natural that custom products should have such a selling point presence. ~ GQ writer Have you ever been in the clubhouse and seen three other people wearing your shirt you thought was so unique? While you feel your expressing your personal, individual style, you have to face the humorously awkward “Hey, nice shirt” comment. It’s not your fault that you’ve been limited to the corner of the department store dedicated to golf. ~ Golfer Monthly
  10. 10. Q3 Why do people buy polo shirts? Brand Reflects Value Comfort Individuals are perceived differently based For active sports, like golf, polos are a upon the style of clothing they wear. great option because they allow movement but are still stylish enough for the country club or workplace. Custom Fit Why do people buy custom fıt polo shirts? Because fit is more important than style. There was just limited choice before. Consumers want style, individualism, and personal fitting.
  11. 11. Q4 Who is the Vastrm competition and what are they doing? BlankLabel* "Delivering Modern Luxury" Larger target market and not exclusively polo. Focus on a great customer experience and consumer empowerment. IndoChino Website is largely image based. Suits! More than just polo shirts. Traveling Tailor-they bring their unique online fitting process to select retail stores and go through the entire fitting/customization experience in person. *Insightful interview with Blank Label CEO on their PR;
  12. 12. Interview" There was an idea, how can we generate traffic? How can we acquire customers at lowcost? When we first launched, our conversion rate was pitiful. Through the numbers, our linewould have been -3:1 if we were trying to use a system like AdWords or grow through anadvertising network and use banner ads. We said, ‘We have to make money somehow. Wehave to acquire customers somehow. We don’t have the capital to just throw in money so wecan start generating revenue. We haven’t those base customers to leverage in a hopeful wayto zero balance our line.’ I decided to try my skills in PR. I started with Silicone Media. I hitthe long tail of media. I targeted very niche bloggers on very small-scale websites. I shotthem the pitch. It was very basic. My first pitch was along the lines of, ‘Hey, we’reBlankLabel, we do custom dress shirts. Design your own. You should check it out. Ourproduct’s affordable. It starts at $45. It just launched. So, you should check out the site andlet me know your size.’ It didn’t go to well ..." ~ Danny Wong CEO of Blank Label
  13. 13. SummaryQ1 Who is the Consumer and what are they considering? Primarily active males 20-34. College educated and in the working force.Q2 How does the Vastrm target audience discover brands? Online and offline discovery. Online more important for retail shopping and consumer experience.Q3 Why do people buy polo shirts? They buy polo shirts because of perceived brand value, comfort, and style.Q4 Who is the Vastrm competition and what are they doing? Blank Label and Indochino are two most relevant, but big brands are coming into the game too. They create valuable consumer experiences and shareable content.
  14. 14. ConclusionStrategy:Vastrm is clearly a newcomer and attempting to establish its niche with the golf and corporate crowd.This market exists, but could be potentially isolating. Incorporate more social sharing at all levels.Putting design in your hands isnt enough, build sharing into the experience.These custom fitting clothing brands rely on the experience being engaging and shareworthy. Shyaway from the seemingly stock images when creating. I think the best feature of Vastrm is that youget the PHYSICAL product to actually see if it fits. None of their competitors have this.Target mens fashion bloggers.Vastrm could put more emphasis on its high quality and Eco-Friendly process. While many of itscompetitors have similar standards, none put ecofriendly as a staple of their brand image. I like the idea of a Video Series to create engagement. Two good fashion related videos: Mr. Porter "The Way I Dress" Lacoste "The Polo of the Future"