Content Strategy case study with AirBusiness Academy


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A case study with Nancy Felicelli, Communications Manager at AirBusiness Academy, and WS Interactive on using a Content Strategy approach during the remake of the AirBusiness Academy website in 2013 ( Thank you to Nancy for her contribution and her work with us in the website creation process. Thank you as well to the American Chamber of Commerce in Toulouse for sponsoring this presentation.

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Content Strategy case study with AirBusiness Academy

  1. 1. AlexM cCardell Content Strategy Develop your web presence M arch2014 With Nancy Felicelli Communication Manager AirBusiness Academy
  2. 2. content strategy What was ABA’s brief The current AirBusiness Academy website exists since 2006. The principal goal of our website is to promote our offer of services. The website serves as a communication support platform to learn about our training programs, our services, and our faculty members. The site allows users to either register directly to our inter-entreprise « open » training programs or to ask for a specialized class adapted to their particular needs. The site is a means to contact directly ABA for any information on our services. ! Over the last few years we have modified some pages and added new elements to make the website more dynamic. However, we wish to now have a more global approach concerning all the changes to be made. WS Interactive The global context as stated by ABA for the website remake in 2013
  3. 3. WS Interactive content strategy Objectives Call to action Unique value proposition Target market Brand traits Core message Personas Defining your content strategy User journey map Search engine visibility Inspiration and competition Voice and tone Mobile and social media Site structure The story the practice of planning the content creation, delivery, and governance
  4. 4. content strategy Objectives Modernise the brand image of AirBusiness Academy Increase visibility Improve the user experience and navigation Increase the number of inscriptions WS Interactive Define your objectives for the website
  5. 5. content strategy Call to action Publish your content: 
 content must be written, maintained and updated regularly, and focused on the strategy Earn visibility: 
 content must be proven to correspond to user needs User understanding: 
 in order for users to move forward toward the expected action content must be clear and simple to understand. Call to action: 
 the call to action in the case of ABA is registration to an open course, or contact for more information on a customized course. The expected user path evolves around four key attributes WS Interactive
  6. 6. content strategy Unique Value Proposition WS Interactive What one value defines you above the rest AirBusiness Academy sells learning programs for the aviation and aerospace industry. They have three general categories : Aviation Management | Leadership | Operational Management Our mission is to be a global learning platform to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours for Airbus and its community of customers, suppliers and partners worldwide. 
 Our portfolio of services encompasses training development and delivery, consultancy, coaching, facilitation, auditing and programme management in three management areas. ABA’s value added lies in three distinct features : Proximity to Airbus In-house Faculty Industry specific
  7. 7. content strategy Target market Direct target market Indirect target market Partners Employees ... Who is your audience WS Interactive Aviation companies Airbus suppliers Financial organizations Authorities Airports Potential partners Airbus Group
  8. 8. content strategy Brand traits Emotionally Professionally This but not that ... Define your company qualities WS Interactive ABA is not like other learning institutions, and can express its qualities as follows: Inspirational but not superficial Serious but not tense Professional but not inaccessible Proud but not pretentious Fun but not silly Relaxed, but not playing
  9. 9. content strategy Core message Guides the content writing Focuses on the branding Captivates the audience Construct your core message WS Interactive AirBusiness Academy is in the business of education.We teach aviation and aerospace executives to become better managers and leaders in order to improve operations and their company’s financial return. ! AirBusiness Academy is about people who care and find fulfillment in transferring knowledge to others. ! AirBusiness Academy offers an exciting place to work and learn that nurtures an individual’s well-being. It can be relaxed, even fun, but above all it fosters a creative environment around an active community who share ideas.
  10. 10. content strategy Personas A fleet manager, based in Paris, for a European airline. He is in charge of managing a mix of Airbus and Boeing jets that fly between France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, and Ireland. He has an MBA, and has worked in the aviation industry for 10 years. He started work with an airport, in charge of logistics. He has a team of 8 assistants who help organise the fleet management program. Define profiles who come to your site.
 With whom are we conversing WS Interactive
  11. 11. content strategy User journey map High Stars ? Low Cash cows Dogs High Low marketgrowth market share Your market : WS Interactive
  12. 12. content strategy User journey map knowledge engagement Inactive Uninterested Unaware Willing Prospect Interested Active prospect Inactive client Active Client advocate Advocate User Question Inactive WS Interactive
  13. 13. content strategy Search engine visibility What are the referencing objectives What is your actual traffic What increase in traffic do you expect On what expressions would you like to position the brand name Define the SEO strategy WS Interactive Describe briefly the company in 7 words maximum (this is the title of the home page that will appear in the search engine results pages (SERP). Write a complete description in 20 words maximum. This description may appear in the SERPs.
  14. 14. content strategy Search engine visibility Define the SEO strategy WS Interactive Title AirBusiness Academy aviation and aerospace learning centre Description AirBusiness Academy is an aviation and aerospace learning centre for Airbus and its community of customers, suppliers and partners worldwide. Keywords aviation management training, training school toulouse, aviation leadership training, aviation, aerospace training programs, airline management, Airbus school, aviation courses.
  15. 15. content strategy Inspiration and competition Competition Indirect industry competitors Similar structures Partners Benchmark different sources: WS Interactive
  16. 16. content strategy Inspiration and competition WS Interactive A Selected Training and Development Institute ! Our professional training covers all critical areas of the aviation business. Find training for every step of your career. ! Voice : keen understanding of the aviation industry (methods and regulations) ; flexible training courses to meet all budgets and needs. Structure : Organized by subject areas. Registration with promos. Competitive advantage : has certification programs. Other : Has a mobile app for catalogue.
  17. 17. content strategy Voice and tone What is the personality of your brand How would your brand speak How does your brand express itself through content WS Interactive The personality of ABA can be defined as a creative teacher. Applying and understanding the traditions and «rules» while asking students to explore innovative perspectives on the applied methods. ABA is a passionate teacher. There’s pride in what we do, based on customer learning. We want them to become advocates, but we must first convince them that our programs are fully suited to their needs, and if not, we can customize an offer. ! There should be an appropriate balance between a professional and industry-related language and an informal attitude. We want people to feel at home, welcomed, and in a relaxed environment. But we understand the stakes of each individual’s time and budget constraints, and the strict industry regulations. We must get to the point quickly. Though we are not on a cruise ship, we should have a good sense of humor and pleasure. Describe specific language traits Give copy examples
  18. 18. content strategy Mobile & social Layout and functions to meet all platform needs : desktop, tablet, mobile through a «responsive» or «adaptive» design. Linkedin Twitter Facebook Youtube Create a social media strategy: WS Interactive
  19. 19. content strategy Site structure WS Interactive Prioritize and structure the content Who owns the content What are the maintenance requirements Build the information architecture:
  20. 20. content strategy Site structure WS Interactive Build the information architecture Current Suggested Primary links About Us Learning Solutions Faculty -- Aviation Mgmt Customised solutions -- Leadership Open courses -- Operational Mgmt FAQ Core Knowledge Services Insights -- Grey matter (blog) Secondary links About us (with Faculty) Join our team News Omnipresent links Contact us Open courses registration
  21. 21. content strategy The story : a UX approach Do not tell people about features, 
 tell them about the benefits. ! Express in a user understood language and generate an emotional attachment
 WS Interactive
  22. 22. content strategy The story : a UX approach UX is about putting the user first.This can be applied to your content. ! Using a UX approach, the story at ABA is not about how the faculty loves their job, but about the experience felt by the user because the faculty loves their job. ! By focusing on the user benefits in choosing ABA, we can move from a corporate-speak passive marketing, to more of a UX approach that puts ABA in the shoes of the customer. WS Interactive
  23. 23. content strategy The story : a UX approach Before: At ABA we love to teach about leadership. Our mission is to help users learn and acquire skills in order to improve their career and company results. ! After: We were to bring in 20 new A320s into a developing market. I needed to grasp all the logistical and marketing factors to make the program a success. 
 The ABA learning program ‘Aircraft asset management’ allowed our team to identify the risks and the impact on our global assets to insure a well executed plan for entering a volatile market. ! The goal is to express in user understood language and generate an emotional attachment. WS Interactive
  24. 24. content strategy So, what is the result ? WS Interactive
  25. 25. content strategy Thank you WS Interactive How to reach me: mail: twitter: @alexmccardell linkedin: blog: WS Interactive: