MTV - peter von satzger - rejuvinating communication


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Peter von Satzgers presentation från Cisions seminarium den 15 oktober 2013.

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MTV - peter von satzger - rejuvinating communication

  1. 1. Rejuvenating Communication Staying Relevant to a Youth Target Group Peter von Satzger (@petervonsatzger) 1
  2. 2. Video Communication Explosion • We see all over Europe the vast need for all media to use video. Video is easier and more popular to consume than reading • Growth in Picture and Video Communication • Heavy increase of Web-TV • • • Technique has made web-TV fast expanding High demands for short video clip PR produced material Many of the papers we know today will be TVChannels online tomorrow. 2
  3. 3. Bloggers and influencers • Bloggers are getting increased power • Not bound by Ethics • Celebrities increased influence • Podcasters are the new columnists • Importance of a fast response • Less controlled communication • Comedy is high value • Comedy also have a very strong communication aspect in making information easy to understand
  4. 4. Normbraking Communication • • • • • • The new tools of communication need stunts! Bloggers thrive on norm breaking communication All media, bloggers and influencers need more video content Dare to stand out - and dare to be daring Local connection will always win Emotion, emotion, emotion
  5. 5. PRESS RELEASE RYANAIR SLAMS SWEDISH MP'S CALL TO BOYCOTT EUROPE'S LOWEST AIRFARES th Ryanair, Sweden’s only low fares airline, today (14 Oct) laughed off the stupid comments by Swedish MP, “Boring” Birgitta Ohlsson, when she called on Swedish passengers to boycott Ryanair and fly on high fare, fuel surcharging, SAS in protest at Ryanair’s use of a sexy model to advertise its “hottest ever” back to school fares. (IMAGE BELOW) Ryanair claimed that Boring Birgitta should be defending the rights of Swedish women to take their clothes off (if they want to) and protecting freedom of speech in the Swedish press. Ryanair once again defended its ad by pointing out that its model was wearing more clothes than the models used in many Swedish perfume and fashion advertisements. Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara, said: “This really is a storm in a D cup! What Boring Birgitta does not appreciate is that the only shocking feature of the ad was the incredible low prices our beautiful model was helping to advertise. We are amazed that an MP has called for a boycott of the only airline which guarantees passengers the lowest airfares and no fuel surcharge. The only real alternative for Swedish passengers is the high fares, fuel surcharging and frequently striking SAS so there is not a hope in hell of this boycott of Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest fares and no fuel surcharge succeeding. We’re sure that Boring Birgitta will be overrun by the flood of right minded, liberal, people who support Ryanair’s determination to defend the rights of girls and boys to get their kit off – if they want to. To celebrate Ryanair’s sexy Swedish ad and to show Boring Birgitta that people will continue to flock to Europe’s guaranteed lowest airfares we have launched 1million, €10 mid week seats which are available for booking on We will also be sending free tickets to Boring Birgitta so that she can take a nice relaxing break, loosen up a little and stop calling for silly boycotts.” 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. RIP Jersey Shore • • • • • Objective: Communicate last season JS. Problem. Last season was already in media when it was aired in the US Idea: Bury Jersey shore on campuses Double value in visibility in areas with high number of target group Attitude: 100 percent positive!
  8. 8. • MTV Show Kesha • Press kit with urine sample • Information • Screeners 8
  10. 10. SWEDEN
  11. 11. 12
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  13. 13. Daniel Paris Blogg Läst: 2847
  14. 14. Daniel Paris Instagram 15
  15. 15. MTV Online • • • 1008 unika besökare varav 638 har sett klippen Page Views 1450 Streaming page views 2610 (Många har alltså sett klippen många gånger!) Nummer 6 i tittarlistan över video 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Hollywood Heights Geordie Shore Hollywood Heights season 1 Snooki & JWoww Teen Mom VALBORG I UPPSALA Snooki & J-Woww season 17
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