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Plone Roadmap 2009
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Plone Roadmap 2009


Published on

(Make sure to turn on the slide notes) …

(Make sure to turn on the slide notes)

Plone co-founder Alexander Limi presents the roadmap for the coming Plone releases, Plone 4 and Plone 5.

This talk was given at Penn State University as part of the Plone Symposium East 2009 keynote, May 29, 2009.

(also, please note that Slideshare uses the wrong font for the slides, so that's why there is cropping on some slides)

Published in: Technology

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  • I’m going to take you through the vision for the next couple of major releases for Plone.
  • Goal of 3.x: Stability, predictability, maturity.
    3.3 ships Real Soon Now (currently at RC3)
    Stability comes at the cost of innovation. We cannot do innovate within the scope of Plone 3. That would break the promise of stability.
    So, happy as we are with Plone 3 — time to get innovating again.
  • Plone 4: a cleanup/infrastructure release
  • Plone 5: Redefine how content management is done

    (Until recently known as Plone 4 — confusing, we know ;)
  • Then, we invent faster-than-light travel, and…

    …OK, let’s talk about this one over a beer tonight. ;)
  • So, let’s talk about Plone 4 first.

    This is mostly a cleanup release, with some infrastructural changes.
  • We decided to make a Plone 4 release, goal is end of 2009
    Not as radical as the work on Plone trunk
    Will have new features — but stuff that has stabilized through community usage.
    Features that are too big for a 3.x release. (i,.e require migration, compatibility changes, might break addons)
  • With release manager Eric Steele, who should take special care to make sure there are more high-resolution images of him available on the web.
  • This is a list of what has been PROPOSED at this point, not what will necessarily land. :)

    As there is a formal proposal and review process, code to be written on a volunteer basis, and a general lot of uncertainty here — let’s see all of this as speculation, guesswork and hopes.
  • BLOB support is the big deal in 2.11

    Python 2.6 if we go for Zope 2.12, which I think we should aim for (better unicode memory management in Python, eggified Zope, etc)
  • Bug fixes and updates
  • Widely used visual editor.
    The new editing UI for Plone 5 will also be based on TinyMCE.
    Plone integration already exists.
    You will still be able to use Kupu with Plone 4, of course. We’ll just switch the default. Also, we won’t change your existing setup when you upgrade — unless you want us to.
  • Proper support for BLOBs
    Store binary objects outside the ZODB, on the filesystem
    Tested. Jarn has this running in a 7000 employee intranet.
  • BTree-based folder implementation, supports ordering
    Scales better
    Replaces Folder, ATFolder, Large folder, etc
  • Fewer hacks like SecureMailHost.The built-in Zope mailhost is now more advanced than this one. Better for us to have less custom stuff to maintain.
    Upgrade machinery. replaces the suboptimal reinstall button in the current add-on quickinstaller.
    Makes it simple for product authors to define upgrade steps between versions.
  • Newbie (limited/restricted user) — possible to make adjustments to UI and otherwise for certain users.
    Site admin is a not-fully-fledged admin that can do things like manage users, but not things that can affect the site configuration (ie. install add-ons).
  • Stuff like Gloworm
  • Commenting is one of the original cool features of the CMF and Plone — but it is way overdue for revision.

    Currently a Google Summer of Code project.
  • Martin has made some interesting improvements here, ability to require a revision note, etc. Simple, non-intrusive, low risk.
  • Port over the typography from the new design
    Make it color-neutral, so simple customization like adding a company logo always looks good
  • OK, time to talk about the exciting release, Plone 5

    (I refuse to call this Plone trunk ;)
  • Release manager Hanno Schlichting
  • Three pillars of Plone 5:
  • Approachability means that it should be easy for new developers to pick up
  • Replacement for Archetypes.
  • Theming fast and simple. Write html, poke holes in it for your Plone content.
    XDV is deliverance reimplemented as compiled XSLT.
    Currently has less features than Deliverance, but has much better performance.
    Laurence’s goal is to have it compile down to a single XSLT transform that can be placed in the pipeline. No special software required to host it. Used on current
  • Transcript

    • 1. Plone Revised Roadmap Plone 3, 4, 5 and beyond
    • 2. 3
    • 3. 4
    • 4. 5
    • 5. 6
    • 6. 4
    • 7. Plone 4 Q4 2009
    • 8. Man of
    • 9. Disclaimer Contents may shift during transportation
    • 10. Zope 2.11 (or 2.12)
    • 11. CMF 2.2
    • 12. TinyMCE editor
    • 13. BLOBs
    • 14. plone.folder
    • 15. KSS optional
    • 16. Fewer hacks
    • 17. Improved upgrade machinery
    • 18. New roles/ permissions Newbie Site admin Trusted
    • 19. Plone Developer Pack
    • 20. Improve Comments
    • 21. More workflow features
    • 22. New theme
    • 23. 5
    • 24. Simplicity
    • 25. Approachabilit y
    • 26. Performanc
    • 27. Approachability
    • 28. Dexterity
    • 29. Dexterity Through the web schema editing Web-to-filesystem round-trip(!) Pluggable schemas Pluggable behavior Separate packages Faster
    • 30. Deliverance xdv Theming done right
    • 31. Your theme Plone output Navigation Search Awesome, Inc. Search Navigation Sidebar Sidebar Content Sidebar Content Sidebar Footer Footer
    • 32. Grok-like directives for Plone
    • 33. Content type View Form Tile
    • 34. plone.registr y
    • 35. Performance
    • 36. Plone needs to be faster… …out of the box …for logged in users …in high-end scenarios
    • 37. Reduce and simplify the code base
    • 38. LINES OF CODE 1200000 1144322 1147545 1122261 1100000 1000000 960456 916360 887059 900000 867263 800000 3.1 ) ) ) 3.0 3.2 ) -26 -17 -14 -09 -02 -03 -01 -05 09 09 09 09 20 20 20 20 k( k( k( k( n n n n Tru Tru Tru Tru Lines of Code/Tempates for Plone including the CMF and Zope stacks
    • 39. 1,200,000 1147545 867263 800,000 400,000 0 3.0 nk tru
    • 40. Reduce dependencie
    • 41. ZPT is slow
    • 42. Chameleon
    • 43. 50.0 Anonymous page view 45 37.5 25.0 18 12.5 12 0 Plone 3.3 with ZPT Plone 3.3 with Chameleon Plone trunk
    • 44. Logged in view 30.0 24 22.5 15.0 10 7.5 7 0 Plone 3.3 with ZPT Plone 3.3 with Chameleon Plone trunk
    • 45. Lacks support for restricted Python Currently works with views Still some way to go for skin templates Works with Plone 3.3 (some caveats)
    • 46. Search Less dependence on Catalog Fewer indexes Queryplan Collective.SOLR
    • 47. CacheFu re-imagined
    • 48. Simplicit
    • 49. Deco A new approach to page editing
    • 50. Pages Layouts composed of Tiles
    • 51. Tiles Persistent Stores configuration and data Form for configuration Live at a unique URL Renders to HTML TILES ARE THE NEW APPS
    • 52. Example tiles HTML text Image with caption Lists / stored searches Flash movie/app Form, poll etc. File attachment Fields (AT/Dexterity)
    • 53. Deco Full-page editing interface Replaces Kupu DOM manipulation Drag/Drop of Tiles TinyMCE inside text tiles NO GRID MANAGEMENT
    • 54. Deco Demo
    • 55. Remove “display” menu
    • 56. One content type! A page is also a folder is also a collection
    • 57. …even an event
    • 58. Not the end of content types Custom types still have many uses
    • 59. Choice of types Dexterity or Archetypes or NONE
    • 60. Plone 3.3 May 2009 Plone 4 End 2009