IAB NZ Mazda Mobile Site Presentation Aug 2012


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IAB NZ Mazda Mobile Site Presentation 2012

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IAB NZ Mazda Mobile Site Presentation Aug 2012

  1. 1. Mobile & the automotive industry Wednesday, 29 August 2012
  2. 2. ⋅ Mobile & the automotive industry ⋅ 9 .99 learnings for fast mobile solutions What we’re talking about today @alexleece @romidex
  3. 3. High involvement purchase - online platforms key in research phase of path to purchase
  4. 4. Old Context
  5. 5. New Context – more mobile, more sources
  6. 6. Our brands are everywhere, just like your mobile
  7. 7. Smart phone penetration growing
  8. 8. The 99%: iOS & Android
  9. 9. The 1%: Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Opera, Bada, Web OS
  10. 10. Always On Retail - We want people to have a positive experience of the Mazda brand when & where they want it
  11. 11. Deliver most important functions to an on the go user Models Book a Test Drive Find a Dealer Mazda On Call Special Deals
  12. 12. Rich experience & depth of information in a mobile optimised format
  13. 13. Connect people to our dealer network along the path to purchase
  14. 14. Incentivised prices has bred comparison shopping – even on the go
  15. 15. Integrate with other channels to extend engagement & drive sales leads
  16. 16. 57% of users say they won't recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. 40% have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience.* Do you need to support mobile? *Compuware. “What Users Want from Mobile.” 2011.
  17. 17. Yes! Yes you do! And the sooner the better! .99 have focused on fast to market mobile solutions for our clients. 9 .99 learnings for fast quality mobile solutions… Do you need to support mobile?
  18. 18. Identify what your customers want to do with your business on mobile: ⋅ Research what mobile users are currently doing on your site. ⋅ Survey your customers, review competitors & overseas. ⋅ Review current content & tools. 1. Set clear objectives & goals Why would someone use this on a phone? How can I enhance this for mobile or tablet users?
  19. 19. 2. Build approach? Standalone site? mazda.co.nz Mobile Site ⋅ Users are automatically redirected to m.mazda.co.nz when visiting from a mobile device. ⋅ Mobile site is a custom build specific to a mobile audience on the move. ⋅ Built on-top of the existing mazda.co.nz site & CMS. ⋅ 4 week mobile specific build.
  20. 20. 2. Build approach? Standalone site? Considerations • Sharing & search is harder. • Bit more work for future enhancements. • Do users want all content? • Internal links added via CMS. Recommended if you’re… • Adding mobile to an existing site. • Mobile experience needs to be unique from desktop. • Wanting total flexibility of your mobile experience. • Desktop site uses large images & files.
  21. 21. Screen Width 2. Build approach? Responsive? farmers.co.nz New Season Redesign ⋅ Fluid flexible design template that changes dependent on screen width, ⋅ Mobile site is part of broader site template. ⋅ Entire project (full redesign of entire site, creation of responsive design templates, apply to existing site templates – 3 weeks. 1,600px 768px 320px
  22. 22. 3. Build approach? Responsive Design? Considerations • Page size & speed. • Increased initial build costs. • Access to non mobile version. • Forget about pixel perfect! Recommended if you’re… • Redesigning everything. • Can spend more now to future proof & reduce ongoing cost & effort.
  23. 23. 4. Build approach? RESS/Adaptive? Future: Best of both worlds RESS (Responsive Web Design + Server Side Components) ⋅ Build in device only features. ⋅ Optimised page size & speed. ⋅ Built for the future. ⋅ Is sharing & SEO friendly. ⋅ Still only appropriate if you are starting design from scratch.
  24. 24. Engage further with a mobile app, but only if you can offer a compelling experience. ⋅ Utility, entertainment or both. ⋅ A tool to customers that requires device specific functions, e.g. upload file, gestures, etc. ⋅ If users need to view information while offline. 5. What about native apps?
  25. 25. ⋅ If possible design with “Mobile First” in mind. ⋅ No hover states. ⋅ Minimise requests for users to input text. ⋅ Multiple points & less precise. 6. Focus on content, design for the thumb
  26. 26. ⋅ COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere Centralised content management. 7. Central & seamless CMS
  27. 27. ⋅ 71% of mobile phone users expect websites to load as quickly on their mobile phones as their desktops. ⋅ 60% of mobile phone users will only wait 3 seconds or less for a page to load.* ⋅ Optimise your images. ⋅ Don’t load things you don’t have to. 8. Optimise, make loading fast *Compuware. “What Users Want from Mobile.” 2011.
  28. 28. ⋅ We’re right at the beginning & user behaviors and patterns are still emerging. ⋅ Ensure you can view mobile traffic separate from your main site traffic. ⋅ Continuously experiment, test & improve. ⋅ Ensure mobile is a key metric on your management dashboards. ⋅ But most importantly if you haven’t started already, get going now! 9. Measure & improve
  29. 29. @alexleece @romidex Thank You!