Sqx Presentation Edge Storage Q3 2012


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  • exacqVision server application is very resource efficient – requires little memory or CPU powerexacqVision edge is existing server application compiled for ARM instead of Intel CPU’sServer functionality is identical to Intel based servers, but without cost or single point-of-failure of a serverClient interaction is identicalLicensing is enterprise only, estimated $200MSRP per cameraReasons to buy: 1) Lower cost for very low density systems (2-4 cameras) 2) Redundancy (no single point of server failure) 3) Ease of deployment (centrally configure, then ship for mounting)
  • Many Axis cameras support the “Axis Camera Application Platform”.
  • Users download an ARPTEC-3 or 4 executable from exacq.com and load through the camera web browser
  • - Once the application is loaded on the camera, all future configuration is performed through the thick client- Identical to PC based server configuration!
  • exacqVision edge is another product to provide full functionality at a lower cost
  • Same software, same features, different hardware platform!
  • exacqVision edge is ideal for highly distributed locations where installing a physical server isn’t cost effective, necessary or idealNo space for serverEliminates costly outdoor server enclosureCost savings with 10 camera or less (enterprise license premium + SD memory card = ~ $100/camera, EL-mini = $1000 cert + reseller)Can be centrally configured (minimal remote labor and skill necessary for installation).
  • Sqx Presentation Edge Storage Q3 2012

    1. 1. Edge StorageSimple & PowerfulForget the analogue DVRGo Digital & MegaPixelPowered by :
    2. 2. Edge Storage - Introduction Recording DIRECT to: • On SD Card, or, • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Two cutting edge solutions: • Axis Camera Companion bundled with Iomega NAS • Suitable for 1 to 16 channels system • ExacqVision Edge software installed on Axis cameras • Suitable for small to large system • Can co-exist with ExacqVision VMS systems
    3. 3. Axis Camera CompanionThe easiest way tonetwork video surveillance
    4. 4. Axis Camera Companion
    5. 5. Axis Camera Companion HDTV image quality Easy to install and user No central PC or DVR needed Free Client software (for LAN) Apps for iOS (for LAN and Internet) @HKD58.00 Perfect solution for single site 1 to 16 cameras Recording on SD or NAS Corridor Format Useful information: • Installation Tutorial Video • User Tutorial Video • Camera and SD card compatibility
    6. 6. Axis Camera Companion Bundle Starter Kit for resellers • 1 x Axis M1014 HDTV 720p Cube Camera • 1 x Iomega IX2 2 Bay NAS • 1 x 2TB Hard Disk** • Total : HKD3,688.00 • Additional M1014 @1,638.00** Seagate 7200 Barracuda/Grenada 2TB, Model ST2000DM001 (subject to change without notice)
    7. 7. Iomega® StorCenter™ NAS Family Iomega StorCenter network storage devices are ideal for Axis Camera Compansion and shared storage need of small-to-medium businesses and remote offices, like distributed enterprises. Built on enterprise class EMC storage technology, the StorCenter family of Network Storage devices at it’s core offer content sharing and advanced data protection. With up to 36TB of Storage, the StorCenter family is easy to use and manage, and affordable to own. Plus, makes video surveillance easier and more affordable than ever. Desktop and rackmount form factors PC, Mac and Linux environments Capacities ranging from 2TB to 36TB Fast, three step set up with an intuitive web-based interface Certified for Windows, VMware and Citrix Advanced data protection with RAID capabilities
    8. 8. ExacqVision EdgeEnterprise VMS server on a camera
    9. 9. ExacqVision Edge Enterprise VMS Server on a Camera VMS (Server) Operating System Processor Storage
    10. 10. ExacqVision Edge Enterprise VMS Features • Multi-layer Maps • Event Notifications • Multi-Monitor & Video Wall • Simultaneous Video Export • LDAP / Active Directory integration….. Etc.. Do without the server hardware, without sacrificing any function. Most flexibility choice of client operation:
    11. 11. ExacqVision Edge Model FW Version Processor RAM SD TypeStep 1: Find a compatible AXIS M5013 5.25 ARPTEC-3 256MB microSDHC AXIS M5014 5.25 ARPTEC-3 256MB microSDHCcamera AXIS P1346 AXIS P1346-E 5.40.4 5.40.4 ARPTEC-3 ARPTEC-3 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC AXIS P1347 5.40.4 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC AXIS P1347-E 5.40.4 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC• ARPTEC-3 processors AXIS P3346 AXIS P3346-V 5.40.4 5.40.4 ARPTEC-3 ARPTEC-3 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC AXIS P3346-VE 5.40.4 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC support one 3rd party AXIS P3367-V AXIS P3367-VE ARPTEC-4 ARPTEC-4 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC application AXIS P5512 AXIS P5512-E 5.25 5.25 ARPTEC-3 ARPTEC-3 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC• ARPTEC-4 processors AXIS P5522 AXIS P5522-E 5.25 5.25 ARPTEC-3 ARPTEC-3 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC AXIS P5532-E 5.25 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC support multiple AXIS P5534-E 5.20.1 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC AXIS Q1602 ARPTEC-4 256MB SDHC simultaneous 3rd party AXIS Q1602-E AXIS Q1604 ARPTEC-4 ARPTEC-4 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC applications AXIS Q1604-E AXIS Q1755 5.2 ARPTEC-4 ARPTEC-3 256MB 256MB SDHC SDHC AXIS Q1755-E 5.2 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC AXIS Q6032 5.25 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC AXIS Q6034-E 5.20.3 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC AXIS Q6035 5.25 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC AXIS Q6035-E 5.25 ARPTEC-3 256MB SDHC
    12. 12. ExacqVision EdgeStep 2: Browse camera and load exacqVision edge
    13. 13. ExacqVision EdgeStep 3: Proceed with normal eV configuration!
    14. 14. ExacqVision Edge Performance exacqVision Software on: • COTS ServersPrice • Server with iSCSI support • Linux appliance • exacqVision edge
    15. 15. ExacqVision Edge The same exacqVision VMS software on all exacqVision client server platforms software running on a personal computer Max server connections (Windows, Linux, Mac) per clients is 512 for thick client or 16 for web client VMS Server VMS Server VMS Server Camera Server
    16. 16. ExacqVision Edge Distributed RecordingIdeal for:• Small remote offices• Outdoor wireless cameras• WAN based locations• And more!
    17. 17. ExacqVision Edge Enterprise VMS Server on a Camera • ExacqVision Edge introduction video • Camera compatibility ExacqVision Edge Compatible with : 2012 Inc 5000 list • #826 • 412% growth 2008-2011
    18. 18. Contact your account focal point for detailsWebsite : www.SecuRex.hkEmail : sales@securex.hkPhone : +852 31043323